14 December 2007

Mother Murat – Perverting the course of Justice

If Mother Murat is still sticking to her story about her son Robert Murat’s movements on the night that Madeline was stolen from her family whilst she slept innocently in her bed and it is proven beyond doubt that he is lying about his movements then she should be held accountable for her actions in perverting the course of justice in a child abduction case.

There should be no grounds for compassion because of her age if she sticks to her story that is later proven to be a lie which she seems to be doing considering the opportunity she has had to come clean over the past 8 months.

The allegations that Metodo 3 are paying witnesses to lie about her son are ludicrous and slanderous considering the gravity and nature of this case and shows the mentality of this lady who has given a text book water tight alibi to her son even though from an outsiders perception it is a blatant lie based on the facts.

Do you really think that any of the witnesses who have spoken to the police would have done so because they were paid money when this case concerns an innocent little child, do you not think that they would have been the first to tell the police about this type of illegal approach considering bottom line this is about innocent little Madeline McCann and what happened to her that night in May?

Mother Murat wants us to believe that this is a big conspiracy against her and her son, she knows the situation her and her son are now in so is trying to create a fantasy based on lie’s for others to believe, at the expense of Madeline McCann and her parents.

Is this not what liars do, create lie after lie to cover the initial lie?

Lie upon lie to try and blind people’s eyes to the truth, except the truth is exposing her lies as truth always will.

A lie will never stand up under scrutiny especially in this instance when there is between 3 – 6 witnesses who can corroborate it being a lie.

Who is lying, the 3 – 6 witnesses who saw Robert Murat the night Madeline vanished, or Mother Murat and her son?

Who has something to gain from lying?

The independent witnesses who we are being told by Mother Murat are being paid by Metodo 3 to undertake the heinous actions of perverting the course of justice in Madeline’s abduction, or Mother Murat who gave a text book water tight alibi to her son who is chief suspect in a child abduction case.

Doesn’t take much to see the truth does it.

Confession time Robert Murat or there is no going back, seriously think about it if you have not already because its not just your life that hangs in the balance now it is your Mothers too because you roped her into your depravity, she is still standing her ground though in the face of overwhelming evidence against you both which proves her willingness to give you an alibi in the first place under any circumstance.

Like Mother like son.

If Mother Murat says one more thing in the public domain trying to force blame upon Mr & Mrs McCann then in my opinion under no circumstances should any deal be struck, she should be left to contemplate her heinous actions within a Portuguese hell hole after she is charged with perverting the course of justice in the case of Madeline McCann.

This will be justice being served for Madeline and her family.

At the moment in my opinion the most important thing is getting Madeline back and removing her initial kidnappers from society, I am sure that there would be leniency towards Mother Murat if they both came clean and told the truth about Robert Murat’s movements on the night Madeline was stolen if he has not already, if not Mother Murat should have the book thrown at her with the full force of the Portuguese justice system coming down on top of her for wasting their precious time over the last 8 months whilst they were searching around in the dark for Madeline with blame being pointed at the parents.

Why Mother Murat and her son have not been arrested yet and interrogated about their text book lie is anyone’s guess, you would think that this would have been the Portuguese police’s first point of call after they realized Madeline did not die in the holiday apartment and decided to take the appropriate action by doing a complete U-turn in the investigation.

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