31 December 2007

Jihad - The British Moslem passport scam

A shocking expose by the News of the World of passports being supplied to Islamic extremists by British Moslem lawyers who work in the heart of the British justice system.

Read the article and then imagine just how serious a threat to the National Security of Great Britain this type of Islamic activity is that is operating at the highest levels within our society which is another form of Islam's Jihad that is being conducted against us by Moslems who are living in our land, whose ultimate aim is to destroy our British homeland.

After you have read it think to yourself how many Al Qaeda operatives there must be now who have
free unrestricted access to our country to plan plot and facilitate acts of mass carnage against us in their modern day global Jihad (Holy War).

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TODAY the News of the World exposes a shocking seam of corruption right at the heart of Britain's legal system—a string of unscrupulous lawyers ready to aid terrorists in return for cash.

One bent solicitor, a regular at the High Court and a member of prestigious Lincoln's Inn, even supplied a FAKE PASSPORT to an investigator he believed to be a fugitive Islamic terror boss.

This vital document would allow its holder to pass in and out of the country unchallenged.

Crooked advocate MOHAMMED KUTUB UDDIN handed the bogus ID to our undercover man in an east London Burger King on the day Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a suicide bomber in Pakistan.

Incredibly traitor Uddin then suggested we join together in a scam to DEFRAUD High Street banks out of £30,000 a time to fund yet more terrorist atrocities. He is one of FIVE dodgy Muslim solicitors we unearthed in a three-month investigation into treachery hiding deep inside the UK's legal establishment.

We found Uddin working among a group of unsuspecting and honest lawyers at the Syed Shaheen firm in London's East End. We called there seeking immigration advice. But after a consultation with one innocent solicitor, our investigator was followed out of the building by Uddin.

He approached our man in the street and said: "Brother, I understand your problem. You are completely illegal in this country but I can help you. If you have money to pay I can arrange everything for you. I have helped lots of brothers."

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This is really disgusting ! he should be hanged till death .