2 December 2007

Robert Murat & his Mother - The noose around their necks

The noose around Robert Murat's neck proving that he was involved in the abduction of Madeline McCann is tightening to the point that it is inescapable now, all that is left is for the Portuguese police to do their jobs properly and be as relentless upon him as they have upon Mr & Mrs McCann.

Or is there a reason why they don't want to?

It is now a proven fact with many witnesses which would hold up in a court of law to say that the alibi Robert Murat has given for the night Madeline McCann was abducted is false.

Why would he lie about his movements on that night?

He knows why and whatever the reason he went into his mother and said; they are going to fit me up with this crime you have to give me an alibi.

Lo and behold the text book water tight alibi appears - I was in the kitchen talking with my mum all night.

The thing is though is that it is not water tight, it is a text book alibi but there are 4 or 5 holes in it with witnesses saying they saw him loitering around the complex when he said he was in the house talking with his mother in the kitchen.

His mother is perverting the course of justice in a child abduction case!!!

How long in a Portuguese hell hole does that crime hold?

Let us hope that he does not do a Fred West on us and tighten that noose himself before the truth is told.

Daily Mail:
Murat's alibi falls apart

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