3 December 2007

Portuguses police magic and their uncontrollable media beast

In my post Trial by media - Guilty verdict I wrote how evidence against Mr & Mrs McCann appears daily in our newspapers and then dissapperaces just as quick, but it is this evidence presented to us as facts that seals the Portuguese police's case through the media against Mr & Mrs McCann even though it's lies.

So when they close this case the suspicion will not be on the Algarve and the incompetent Portuguese police, the suspicon will well and truly be on the parents.

A right Royal stitch up by the dark forces within the Portuguese establishment who are seeking to preserve their image and prestige if you ask me.

When we see this type of so called 'evidence' presented to us as facts how can we not think Mr & Mrs McCann are guilty?

The uncontrollable magical Portuguese police media beast.

We have had bloody footprints, drugged up children, a body hidden in a freezer and now a towel found with blood on it with fibres from the Renault Scenic along with a loaf of bread.

Did this miracle evidence drop from the sky or was it put there by dark forces within the PJ?

Thats if it is even real, who knows with the garbage spewn from the Portuguese media beast and reported in the respected 24 Horas.

This new magical evidence that is easy to have been planted is said to contain blood, is the blood Madeline's? if it is inconclusive which means they cannot tell then how easy is it to put contaiminated blood on a towel that cannot be traced along with fibres that can?

This is the magical link that is now linking Dr O'brien to the Portuguese police's theory of Madeline being killed by her parents and their friends helping cover it up.

Stitching Dr O'brien and Ms Tanner up to support their theory.

If this evidence was true then would there not been arrests and charges? A bloody towel with Madeline's blood on it along with fibres from the Renault Scenic, is it just me who thinks that that type of evidence is damning - doesnt get anymore damning than that.

So why no arrests or charges?

Maybe because its a fabrication of the truth!

I question why the loaf of bread, and from a Christian perspective we know that Jesus is the bread of life, take a look at the verse for the day at the online bible that I use - Online bible

Miracle's do happen...

Info on new evidence courtesy of
Joana Morais

Mccann's Expess News



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