28 December 2007

Robert Murat - The poisonous spider caught in his own web

2 more credible witnesses have come forward to say that they saw Robert Murat on the night Madeline was abducted, this puts the number of independent witnesses who say they saw him on the night in question to 8.

How can he escape justice now and why has he and his mother not been interrogated yet to find out why he lied to Portuguese police about his movements?

He has placed his elderly mother in the position of 'perverting the course of justice', which is a charge punishable by a lengthy prison term of which Mother Murat would never see the light of day again if charged.

Is it about time Robert Murat told the truth for the sake of his mother?

If not lock her up and throw away the key so that justice will be served on those who are complicit in the abduction of an innocent little 4 year old girl whilst she slept innocently in her bed.

Nothing more abhorrent.

I watched the sky news documentary on this case and a local witness stated that there was no way Robert Murat was in the area on the night in question because all of the locals were searching and never saw him, and that it was only 3 people who did see him, accusing 3 of the Tapas 9 of lying, this adds another 5 independent witnesses to the Tapas 3.

How stupid is the local woman who supported Robert Murat on the Sky news documentary, how will she feel for the rest of her life when she supported this man on camera? She stated that many locals were out searching the night Madeline was abducted and none of them saw him, were all of the locals looking for Madeline at or outside her apartment all night or were they looking in the local community no where near the apartment?

Robert Murat was not standing outside the complex all night with a sign around his neck, he was there and gone during the course of the evening hoping no one would see him.

I doubt any local who knew Murat spent any time near the complex that night, Robert Murat was not out in the local town searching, he was seen loitering around the vicinity of the complex, were none of the locals went, so it is quite obvious that no locals saw him on the night in question, the ones to see him were those on holiday in the complex and those who worked in the complex.

Helped support the Sky new documentary makers theory of the parents guilt though for the world to watch dont you think - Those terrible lying Tapas 3, lying for the parents to cover up their crime

Trial by media and Sky news' guilt.

The Sky news documentary was another poor piece of journalism that inadvertently laid blame at the parents feet again, those who made it believe the parents are guilty so used this documentary to state that fact and then showed it to the world - Using this case for their own ends

I hope that once this is ended if there are any grounds for the McCann family to su that they will, for the sake of their daughter.

We await the next bit of news stating that Robert Murat has been arrested.

If you ask my opinion, the ex husband of Murat's girlfriend is the one to crack out of that group.

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