21 December 2007

Portugal's living Sherlock Holmes in the making

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is the creation of Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess, and is renowned for his skillful use of "deductive reasoning" while using abductive reasoning (inference to the best explanation) and astute observation to solve difficult cases. He is arguably the most famous fictional detective ever created, and is one of the best known and most universally recognizable literary characters in any genre.

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Sherlock Holmes

It was excellent to read in the news recently that the lead investigator in the case of Madeline McCann's abduction Paulo Rebelo has gone back to basics in the search for the truth about the events on the night Madeline disappeared.

This proves that there is still hope that the truth will be told about this horrendous crime and the perpetrators will be caught and removed from Portuguese society for the protection of the innocent and vulnerable who these depraved people target in the warped personal world in which they live.

This crime happened in our world so the evidence is there to be found, reality contains the facts it is just a matter of looking in the right places and talking to the right people for the picture of truth to be painted.

This development proves that Paulo Rebelo is a man of honour and integrity and rightly deserves the title of Portugal's top detective, he could have let this case lye or continued with laying blame at the parents feet but instead he has delved deeper into this case in the hope of cracking it open and revealing the truth for all to see, not just for his office as Portugal's top detective, or for the McCann family who are the ones at the receiving end of this human barbarity but also for the whole world who are looking on in anticipation for the truth to be told and the perpetrators caught.

From where I sit it looks like there are dark forces within the top echelons of the Portuguese Establishment who are working tirelessly to prevent the truth from being told about this case and the perpetrators caught, those within the heart of this investigation will know the truth to those words more than anyone because they are the ones fighting internally against these dark forces who want this stain to be kept hidden because they themselves are a part of the human stain that scars Portuguese society.

Light will always prevail against darkness so the truth to this case will be brought out into the light for the whole world to see, no man can stop the Living God when He speaks over a situation to reveal the truth!

This whole tragic tale has happened for many reasons and at the heart of it lays the battle between the dark forces within Portuguese high society who use their positions and influence to abuse life, with those good forces like those with Templar hearts seeking to bring Portugal into the civilized world where nobody should be above the law when they commit horrendous crimes against humanity.

In the midst of that battle for the heart and soul of Portuguese life is God's daughter Madeline McCann, the one He Himself chose to be used for a purpose.

Those in Portugal should not take this situation as an affront to their respectability in the eyes of the world, they should thank God that He would want to move upon them and their land in front of the whole world, that makes Portugal a blessed land, living under the shadow of the Almighty.

The United Kingdom has its own problems with treasonous traitors who threaten the very future of the British homeland.

This is not criticism of judgment about Portugal this is about revealing the truth and getting Madeline McCann back to her family who love her and need her.

I once wrote that the Knights Templar's are emerging upon the world stage once again, and there is no older part of the Order than the Portuguese Knights, and this tragic tale concerning an innocent defenceless child and the heart and soul of their Nation is now in their hands whose responsibility it is to do what is right and exercise their Godly Christian authority over this affair that has been unfolding within their society over the past 8 months and even longer with untouchable paedophiles having a free reign, protected by corrupt officials and police - Let Christ's light shine through His Knights in the face of this injustice so that truth and justice will prevail over the forces of human darkness who stain Portuguese affairs with human depravity within the Worlds eyes.

The darkness and stain can no longer be hidden because Gods light from Heaven has shone, it has shone for a reason!

Look back at the case in 2003 of poor innocent children being systematically taken from children's homes over the last 30 years and sexually abused by leading figures within Portuguese society, this human horror that was perpetrated by judges, politicians, policemen and TV personalities is a fact that your society faced and faces so my words are a reality to the Portuguese Establishment, those in the know know exactly what I am writing about and that includes Paulo Rebelo who was the lead investigator of this heinous criminal network within the top echelons of Portuguese society, he knows from first hand experience what goes on within the life of high ranking officials and he knows exactly what gets covered up, and in my personal opinion he finds it just as abhorrent as the rest of us because this is a man with humanity and light in his soul, he just sits on the opposite side of the darkness, the darkness that seeks to control him and his personal work which is finding the truth out and getting to the bottom of criminal activity within Portugal.

Ask yourself this those who are reading this and have inside knowledge to the children's home affair; how many people ultimately escaped Portuguese justice and are still sitting in their seats of power and influence?


Corruption and cover up at the very highest levels.

Now that Paulo Rebelo has put himself back into the heart of this crime, is looking at the real kidnap scenario, and is himself leaving no stone unturned in his detective work at getting to the bottom of what happened as this new development shows, he will find out exactly what happened or better words are are that he will get the infallible proof so that those who committed this crime cannot escape justice - The Living God is guiding Him into that truth

He knows in his mind what happened that night but the question is; how powerful are those forces that control him and his job?

After all he is just a policeman with a family to feed and protect!

Paulo Rebelo is said to be going back to good old detective work and is looking into the abduction theory as what happened that night but other senior officers still believe in the parents murdering Madeline and covering it up - Who are those other senior officers influencing Mr Rebelo's investigation and placing lie's in the media for the gullible masses to consume and pass judgement?

This man should be given complete protection so that he can carry out his duties without fear or oppression from the dark forces so that he can bring the truth out into the open and to the world.

This man reminds me of the Great British detective Sherlock Holmes and once he completes his duties he should be lifted up as a great man in the eyes of World who are looking on as he stands before Almighty God, he has it in his hands to bring the truth of what happened to Madeline McCann on that night in May to the world and catch those responsible for this depraved crime.

At this moment in time I cannot believe how blind he is to Robert Murat, or is Robert Murat a protected species by the forces of darkness who he used to work for?

Father I pray that you will guide Mr Rebelo into all truth, as he immerses himself into this crime seeking to understand the hows and whys I pray that you will speak and show him that which he cannot yet see, then I ask that you will give him the strength and courage to bring that truth out into the light no matter what the cost or consequence, I pray that you will give him divine protection and send your Knights to stand by his side, I pray that if he has been threatened or warned off then this will all be revealed so that goodness for the Portuguese people will come from this tragic tale, I pray that confusion and fear will go out and into those who committed this crime, that mistakes will be made so as to trap them and that those dark forces who seek to supress the truth will be silenced, I pray that the Spirt that struck down Annanias and Saphira will strike down those who stand in the way of your justice as a sign for others who also seek to surpress the truth.

Father I pray that you will move swiftly that you will release your Angels to help paint the picture of truth for the world to see and I pray that the bridges will be built between the known and the unknown to Madeline so that your blessed little daughter can go back to her family and live the rest of her life as a beacon of light in this dark modern world.

Father all things are in your hands and I pray that by your power, by your might and by your infinite knowledge and wisdom you will move upon this human story and bring glory to your name.

You are the God of miracles and I ask that you will show that to the world by reuniting Madeline with her family, her friends and those around the world whose hearts and cries go out on a daily basis.

I pray that you will give the family something before Christmas that will mark your heart for them and this situation that you have placed in their hands, we look at Job as an example and know that you know what you are doing even when we are at the depths of despair.

In Jesus name - amen

Daily Mail: Detectives back to basics

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