26 December 2007

Pope's private secretary warns about the Islamisation of Europe

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Daily Express July 2007

Georg Gänswein, the urbane Private Secretary of Pope Benedict XVI

POPE Benedict XVI’s private secretary has warned of the 'Islamisation' of Europe and demanded that the Continent’s Christian roots should not be ignored.

"Attempts to Islamise the west cannot be denied," Monsignor Georg Gaenswein was quoted as saying in a copy of the weekly Sueddeutsche Magazine published today.

"The danger for the identity of Europe that is connected with it should not be ignored out of a wrongly understood respectfulness," the magazine quoted him as saying.

Gaenswein also defended a speech Pope Benedict gave in Regensburg, Germany, last year linking Islam and violence, saying it was an attempt by the Pontiff to "act against a certain naivety."

In the interview with the respected German weekly, Gaenswein confirmed that the Pope wrote his own speeches and that the remarks had not been edited.

He said: "I believe that the speech from Regensburg, as it was held, is prophetic."

Asked if the idea of a serious dialogue with Islam that exists in the real world was naive, given that it was a religion where human rights were trampled under foot, he said: "Attempts to Islamize the West cannot be denied.

"The danger for the identity of Europe that is connected with it should not be ignored out of a wrongly understood respectfulness.

"The Catholic side is clearly aware of this and also says so. Particularly the speech from Regensburg should work against this wrongly understood respectfulness.

"It has to be said that there is no such thing as Islam and it does not have a voice that is obligatory and binding to all Muslims.

"Under this term (ie Islam) many different groups are put together, that are partially hostile to each other, some even extremist, who refer their doings to the Koran and who use rifles for their goals.

"On the institutional level the Holy See tries to make contacts and conduct talks in conjunction with Papal advice to create inter-religious dialogue and ties."

Muslims around the world protested against Benedict’s speech, with churches set ablaze in the West Bank and a hard-line Iranian cleric saying the Pope was united with US President George W. Bush to "repeat the Crusades".

An Italian nun was also gunned down in a Somali hospital where she worked and the Vatican expressed concern that the attack was related to reaction to the Pope’s remarks.

Gaenswein said: "We first learnt of the harsh reactions at the Rome airport after we had returned from Bavaria. It was a big surprise, also to the Pope.

"The huge fuss that arose was because of newspaper reports that took a certain quote out of context and presented it as the Pope’s personal opinion."

Recently, the influential archbishop of Cologne, Joachim Meisner, said in a widely-publicized interview on Deutschlandfunk radio that the "immigration of Muslims has created a breach in our German, European culture".

Video: Warning to the Catholics

Please remember that the British people do not fear these State (Labour government) protected 'Islamic soldiers' who are living in our midst, feeding from our land who threaten not just the global Catholic community, the British public, but the security of every innocent citizen of the Western World, because once that Islamic bomb goes off on that train, in that coffee shop, shopping centre, outside that night club or on that bus you are travelling on, there is no escape for your or your loved ones instant death or serious debilitating injury, you had better hope that if you are reading this that you are not anywhere near this event when it occurs or if you are, then you had better make sure you are ready to face eternity and the question that poses - Did Jesus die for you?

Anjem Choudry, the voice of Al Qaeda and the Islamic Holy War within Britain, your day of judgement swiftly approaches - As the arrow to its target from the archers bow

"The Pen is mightier than the Sword"


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Lionheart said...

Im afraid I believe there is only one true God and that is the Holy Trinty, which is definately not the god of Islam.

You can try to reform it as much as you like but from my perspective as a Christian you are wasting your time in a false god - an idol

You should just do the simple thing and reject Islam and study the life of the loving Jesus Christ, you might get somewhere then, instead of the murderous warmongering paedophile Mohamed.

If you have to take verses out that he put in, does this not say something about the whole religion being based on lie's that you say allah never said?

If he never said those few verses then who did? and then how can you be sure about the rest of it.

Its a joke!!!

You make it up as you go along just like your false prophet, and we in the civilized world have to put up with this rubbish.

You cannot reform Islam, you are nothing more than a 'good idea' to blind the gullible masses to the fundamental truth of your sick murderous pervers religion.

Remove verses from the koran and then it is not Islam, it is a whole new religion!

God bless you in the loving name of Jesus - The King of Kings and Lord of Lords