10 December 2007

Portuguese police - A fine example for everyone

To now hear that the Portuguese police are making a U-turn in their investigation into missing Madeline is a massive sigh of relief for everyone who knows that Mr & Mrs McCann were not involved in anyway, and must be an incredible feeling for them to now have this cloud of suspicion finally removed and the unbearable weight now almost lifted from their shoulders completely.

For the Portuguese police to take the steps to publicly declare that there is no proof Madeline is dead and that all other lines of enquiry are now well and truly back alive is a very humbling thing to do considering the case that has been presented in the media over the past 6 months with the whole world watching on.

There can be nothing but praise for each and everyone of the Portuguese police officers who have made those steps, those within government and Portuguese high society, either in the public eye or behind close doors - God knows who each of you are and He will honour your humility, now that truth and justice can prevail through you.

There should be nothing that stands in the way of getting to the bottom of what happened to Madeline the night she was stolen, catching the culprits so that they cannot put another family through this, bringing Madeline home to her family where she belongs and allowing the Portuguese couple who are imprisoned for a crime they did not commit under similar circumstances receive the justice they deserve - The darkness will be brought out into the light!

God hears their cries to Him every day.

Any criticism from British authorities should not be taken badly, the British police are leaders in the field of finding missing children and catching those responsible for the crime as we have witnessed time and time again on British TV where innocent children have been taken in similar circumstances to Madeline, they have a wealth of experience that they can share to help the Portuguese police in this crime and in other crimes, exactly as we use American experts.

The bridges have been built and friendships made that could help, not just for this crime but for the future of both countries.

Any professional criticism is good criticism because it helps us learn as long as we are humble enough to accept it.

The Portuguese police by their own admission are not equipped for such crimes, so is it not best for everyone to receive help from others who are?

I just thank God for the Portuguese U-turn and pray that He will glorify them through all of this and that there will be a positive outcome for everyone.

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