14 December 2007

Metodo 3 - We know who has Madeline

Amazing news for the McCann family as their detective agency has now stated that they know roughly where Madeline is being held and with who, and also that they know Madeline was alive the day after she vanished and her movements.

That sort of information and certainty could only come from one source.

Let us hope and pray that those who have her cannot read English and do not read the Daily Mail otherwise if Metodo 3 are right in their belief, then those who have Madeline now, know that Metodo 3 know they have her, and that their door being kicked through by the police is imminent.

If you was them what would you do under those circumstances?

Metodo 3's director Francisco Marco has stated that 'God willing' he will have Madeline back with her family for Christmas.

That has got to be the hope and prayer of everyone who wants to see this nightmare ended for the McCann family, their friends and everyone around the world who cares about this situation.

Daily Mail:
Madeline home for Christmas

Father I pray that you will continue to move and align people to bring Madeline home to her family, you see all things and know all things and have within your hands the complete scenario of how to bridge the gaps and join people so that Madeline can be brought home safely. I pray that you will continue to place a divine hedge of protection around Madeline so that no matter what those on the outside do, no harm will come to her. I pray for the family, that you will give them peace in their hearts as they enter Christmas and that you will continue to release them from the injustice that has been levelled against them so that they can be free to concentrate and focus on leaving 'no stone unturned' in their pursuit to find their daughter. I pray for the detective agency, that you will continue to lead them to the truth and give them the wisdom they need to take the steps in bridging the gap between the known and the unknown.

Father I pray that as this little child sits away from her family who love her and need her back I pray that within that innocence you will comfort her and I pray that whoever has her will make this Christmas a special Christmas under the circumstances, sometime people get mixed up in things they wish they hadn't but by then it is too late, I pray that those who have Madeline will feel the burden to return her to her family, that your overbearing presence will bear down upon them and that they will make the steps to reunite Madeline with her parents and receive the reward money, please let that money motivate them to make their moves.

In Jesus name - amen

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Anonymous said...

Indeed Lionheart, Amen, Amen for the rescue of little Madeleine alive and UNHARMED.


Anonymous Lady