24 December 2007

Madeline McCann & The British Beast

Romans 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

I wrote a post Saturday titled: Who has Madeline then the day after it was revealed that British and Portuguese police are hunting for one last pedophile from a list of 52 who have already been found and eliminated from the enquiry.

I had no idea that this information was about to be released before writing my post about Madeline McCann, her abduction and who has her.

This one last human beast who is yet to be traced, who preys on innocent children for his own warped human desires is obviously guilty of horrendous crimes against humanity and is why he is untraceable, you are only untraceable if you don’t want people to find you for a reason – Its not hard to work out what his reasons could be?

The police should issue an international arrest warrant and place his picture up around the world like they did with the beast caught on film in Thailand who thought he could get away with his horrendous depravity by doctoring his picture by swirling the image of his face so he could not be recognized.

This human beast the police are now trying to trace is obviously a clear and present danger to children and is another suspect in case of Madeline McCann.

Children around the world have a right to be protected from this man and he needs to be caught so that he can be interrogated about Madeline, so putting his picture in the international press is the least the police can do.

Let us hope for his and his family’s sake that he comes forward before his picture is plastered all over the news because of how important tracing him is to this investigation.

I personally don’t believe he is involved in this case, I obviously know nothing about the investigation but if the Portuguese police had any evidence on him then Mr & Mrs McCann would not be arguido’s still. It is said that this beast is into making films and sending them to Belgium and the Netherlands, so if that is the case have any been found with Madeline in them? NO

I bet he is in other films though with other children and is the reason why he needs to be caught and removed from society.

Detectives believe that Madeline was stolen by a pedophile gang and not kidnappers because no ransom demands have been issued. They forget that people steal children to sell on to rich families around the world who want to buy a child, especially a young Western child with blond hair and blue eyes, it’s a status thing in some lawless backward countries.

Blond hair and blue eyes obviously worth more money.

If a paedophile gang had stolen her then in my mind she would never be found because of their intentions towards her which are not financial, she clearly was not stolen for ransom because demands would have been made and the parents are not multi millionaires, and if she was stolen to sell then she was worthless to her abductors because of her eye, they could not sell her to anyone, but over night she became worth 1.5 million, probably 3 – 4 times what she was originally worth to them.

No one had to make any ransom demands because 1.5 million was placed upon her head, and these people would not know how to pull of a kidnap transaction because they are not kidnappers who ask for financial demands so would sit out their time and work out the best way to transfer her for the money.

Did the initial kidnappers pass her on before she became worth 1.5 million or are the initial kidnappers still in possession of her that is a real question?

Pedophiles want children for human depravity; where as child traffickers want children for monetary gain.

In my mind human depravity would not hold onto the child because of the danger of being caught, where as those seeking monetary gain will hold onto her because it is a risk worth taking, especially if after 8 months no one is even close to finding her, even to the point that the parents are being blamed for the child going missing.

Perfect scenario!

I personally believe God knew exactly what was going to happen to Madeline McCann and He would not let harm come to her, if harm was to come to her then her body would have been revealed by now.

Pedophiles are some of the most intelligent people whose whole lives revolve around their depravity, they work to get themselves into jobs and position of trust that they can abuse and try their hardest not to get caught.

A lone pedophile like the suspect in question targeting Madeline McCann whilst on holiday in my mind does not fit the picture because he would know that there is no way of getting away with it because of the instant media and police attention in a holiday resort, and if this was a spur of the moment act of madness in which he committed this crime then he would have killed Madeline straight after like what happens in England and her body would have been found by now, and if this abduction was carried out by the one person then he would have been carrying Madeline down the road against his chest or over his shoulder and she would have been awake kicking and screaming.

She was not; she was asleep in someone’s arms, as if lifted from her bed by one person and passed to the next without waking – How hard is it to pick a child up from their bed whilst they are asleep and then move them to another location without waking them?

What is the likely hood of a lone paedophile spotting this family, watching them over a few days and then pouncing when in the back of their mind they know the type of attention this will cause, is it not easier to abduct an innocent Portuguese child who the authorities will not really care about, and where there will be no international outcry?

Why else is Portugal classed as paedophiles paradise!

Former detective Mike Hames, who helped to set up Scotland Yard's paedophilia unit, said: "It's always been my view that Madeleine was the victim of a paedophile who took her and probably killed her soon afterwards.

You cannot view this crime through the eyes of what happens in Britain because it is a different part of the world with different factors to consider that do not happen in Britain, like children being stolen and trafficked to order for sale on the black market to families who want to buy a child.

Has there ever been a case in Britain of a child being stolen from London and sold to a family in Manchester?

Has there ever been a case of a Child stolen in Europe and sold to a family somewhere else in the world?

This family was followed and watched by a gang not a lone paedophile.

So was it a paedophile gang or a gang or child traffickers?

This was a specific targeted abduction of a Western child, I cannot imagine a paedophile really cares where in the world his target comes from because of his reasons and intentions, but I can imagine that a family who wants to buy a child would be very specific about where the child comes from and a blond haired Western child is probably worth a lot of money on the open market to the gangs involved in this trade.

Little did they know that this child was blessed by the Almighty and had a mark that made her worthless to sell to a family, so they were left with this child who they had stolen who was worthless to them, then overnight she became worth 1.5 million, I expect 3 – 4 times more than she was worth in the first place.

Madeleine was only three at the time of her disappearance and Professor David Barclay, one of Britain's leading forensics experts, told the documentary it would be 'really, really unusual' for a child of that age to be targeted by paedophiles.

One of Britain's leading forensic experts says that it would be really really unusual for a paedophile to abduct a child around Madeline’s age, I wonder if he thinks it would be unusual for child traffickers to steal a child around the age of 3 – 4 to sell to a family somewhere in the world?

I think it is a very realistic thought, and in my personal opinion I believe that is the reason Madeline was targeted and stolen.

Madeline being in the hands of paedophile gangs is a horrible thought, one that does not bear thinking about, and if this was the case there is no way they would hold onto her, so that being the case I believe that God would not let harm come to her so what is the other logical scenario?

I know nothing about this case so I might be completely wrong, but I hope that I am completely right.

Daily Mail: British paedophile


Anonymous said...

What a load of bollocks...Kate and Gerry migjt know what happened.

Lionheart said...

How do you know???

That statement says that you have passed judgement on the family without knowing that facts.

You say i am wrong and then do not back it up with anything other than 'might', 'might' is not a very convincing argument to totally discount my thoughts with is it.

Next time please say something a bit more intelligent if you are going to say anything at all.

Shows your just a bad mannered, bad mouthed, opinionated fool.


God bless