29 December 2007

Paulo Rebelo - Some questions!

There is a large portion of the worlds population who have been watching this tragic case unfold concerning an innocent little girl who was stolen from her bed whilst on holiday in Portugal with her parents.

The chief suspect in the abduction of the little girl is Robert Murat who has given Portuguese police a false alibi about his movements on the night in question which is supported by his elderly mother, even though there are 8 witnesses to say he is lying compared to his one witness, his mother who is also lying to cover for her son.

Who do you think a jury would believe?

The two more witnesses whose identities and stories have just been released into the public domain, are not witnesses who have just come forward after 8 months of watching the media coverage of this case, these two people both gave detailed statements to Leicetershire police in May after returning from their holiday in Portugal, approximately a week after the night Madeline was abducted.

Their information has now been released into the public domain because the Portuguese police investigating this crime have done absolutely nothing about their evidence even though what they saw makes them 'star witnesses' and sheds light onto the events of the night in question because they were there with eyes observing their surroundings in the time frame of history that Madeline McCann was abducted.

There is no literal evidence yet linking anyone to any crime, but there are witnesses whose perceptions help paint a picture of events for us to drawn a conclusion from.

8 different sets of eyes observing the same person in the vicinity of a crime scene during the course of the evening of the night in question is pretty damning evidence do you not think?

What they viewed is factual evidence because their eyese saw it and their brains saved the information!

You can try to discount several of the witnesses as unreliable but out of 8 witnesses you have to be utterly stupid to try and discount your clients guilt Mr Pagarete, do you not agree?

Is it not now your responsibility to limit the damage to your client and his mother Mr Pagarete, meaning the charges they are now going to face over this crime and negotiating a deal so that the truth will be told, if not and you would happily go to trial on behalf of your client Robert Murat even though there are 8 witnesses against you, does this not call into question your suitability as a lawyer?

Robert Murat is sticking to his story though that he was at home with his elderly mother all night.

We know for a fact that Robert Murat has access to inside information relating to this crime because he worked as a translator for the police at the beginning stages of the investigation, he has worked with the Portuguese police before and he has friends on the inside of this investigation.

There comes a point though when the whole world will say "Come on, what are you playing at?", and people of great influence will hold those in charge of this investigation to account in view of the whole world so that justice will prevail.

There is an innocent little girl missing and her innocent parents being blamed when you have this man who is chief suspect in this crime lying to the police - Why am I a nobody from nowhere having to write my thoughts down because of such an injustice?

I stand in the knowledge that if I can see it, and am speaking it then the Living God can see it too, and I rest assured in the fact that He knows more than me and will make sure that justice and mercy will prevail.

These two new witnesses have stated that they saw two men in an apartment that overlooked the swimming pool on the night Madeline was abducted, they believed this apartment was empty because the shutters were down (you can tell if an apartment is empty or not).

Ideal location to survey the families with children in the complex without being seen dont you think?

The only thing is, is that one of the people who was seen in the empty apartment is not your master criminal so went out onto the balcony to smoke and was thankfully spotted.

This puts two people acting suspiciously in the vicinity of the crime scene on the night in question.

The whole world who are watching this case unfold would like to know that these questions have been answered, because once the worlds eyes look into this investigation they are real questions that any investigator should have answered now they have arisen.

Portugal is a part of the EU so there will be eyes being brought to bear upon this case, with the truth being brought out into the light, rather than hidden under the carpet of reality by the corrupt Portuguese Establishment!

Was this apartment empty on the night in question?

Who owned the apartment?

Did Robert Murat or anyone who is associated with him have access to this apartment considering him and his girlfriend both work within the property industry in the Algarve?

Cant be too hard can it to answer those questions if you have not already.

If you have, good, if you haven't then shows more incompetence and you should hurry up and do it because EU eyes will be coming down upon you at some point in the future.


Anonymous said...

The McCann's should demand that Robert Murat be charged, arrested and brought to Britain for questioning. I don't know if that's possible, but if it is, it should be done. All the while he is in Portugal being protected by his pals in the police and by his mother, he will never break.

And his mother should also be brought back to Britain for questioning.

Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

Thanks for the comment anonymous lady..

The Portuguese police have levelled blame at the parents so they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Very well orchestrated by those in charge in Portugal.

Portugal is now a part of the EU so it is only a matter of time until the full force of the international courts comes down upon this case.

Those who live in the dark old way of thinking within the Portuguese Establishment forget the new way of life that is upon us in Europe!

You would have to have the intelligence of a 2 year old to not see that Robert Murat is lying, then the question is; why is he lying, with him and his mother both preverting the course of justice in a child abduction case that has brought the Portuguese under the internatinal limelite.

Him and his actions are what has tainted Portugal, not the McCann family, they are just the innocent people in the middle of this.

Is it not time that the Portuguese come down upon Robert Murat and his mother?

Look at what he has caused.

They should lock him up and throw away the key, let him sit in darkness contemplating his crime against humanity for the rest of his life, his mother also if she continues her lying path for the sake of her son considering an innocent defenceless little child has been taken away from her family by these depraved human monsters.

The Portuguese cannot escape the world knowing the truth about this investigation now.

They can either do the right thing and save face in front of the international community or go down fighting a battle they cannot win.

They should cut their loses and do the right thing now before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

This whole case has been shocking and the negligence criminal.

If Portugal wants to participate in the EU, then they should be up to policing as we see through the rest of the EU.

This man has lied from day 1. Why?

And the witnesses cannot be questioned by anyone outside of the PJ? So effectively, they have made it illegal for anyone other than themselves to look for Madeleine.

Hmmm.. I smell something.

Lionheart said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment prayingformadeline.

The old way of thinking Portuguese who are in control of the Police and Justice system font realise that there is a new way of thinking upon the peoples of Europe.

I am sure God has provided the McCann family with the best legal team possible who we hope will throw the full force of the EU laws behind their clients.

The dark forces within Portugal are fighting a battle they cannot win against the Living God, the one whose hands Madeline and her family rest in.

I believe by faith that God will be glorified upon the earth through this situation.

Alot has happened and alot is about to happen, and God uses these situations for His purpoese - Romans 8:28

God bless you


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder whether some of those Portuguese policemen who are so friendly with Murat, might also be involved in this mysterious 'disappearance'of a beautiful little British girl.

It is also interesting, or rather strange & frightening, that 11 Portuguese children have disappeared lately and not one has been found to this day by the hyperactive (ha! ha!) Portuguese police force.

I recall that in Belgium a few years ago, it was revealed that hundreds of perverts throughout Europe, including Belgian judges, lawyers, policemen and even a Belgique royal, were involved in a local & international paedophile ring which was uncovered only after 2 little girls were found starved to death in an underground dungeon in Belgium.

Working in the legal profession doesn't automatically mean that one obeys the law...In fact, some say that these sanctimonious legalists are often bigger criminals than the criminals they catch, charge, prosecute, defend and judge...!

Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

Hi Anonymous lady.

Take a read of this article, it explains exactly what you are thinking and puts things into perspective.


God bless