23 December 2007

Mr McCann & The Sports bag theory

There is now another claim in the media that Portuguese police are searching for a blue tennis bag that was owned by Mr McCann that has not been seen since May 3rd the same day Madeline disappeared.

The claim is that the kidnapper could have hidden Madeline in the bag during the abduction or Mr & Mrs McCann used it to dispose of Madeline’s corpse.

Obviously the Portuguese police want everyone to believe that this is how Madeline’s dead body was disposed of, and is a bit more information true or false that has been released into the media that helps support the Portuguese police’s claim that Madeline’s parents killed her and that them and their friends helped dispose of the body and created a fantasy based on lie’s for the whole world to believe.

One question to any detective looking at this case; if you thought the parents were involved in this crime and there was a bag missing from the parents possession that was big enough to carry a body in, would this not be one of your first pieces of evidence to find or prove that it existed? and if it did exist then you could arrest the suspect in question.

How many witnesses are there to say this bag existed and is there any CCTV footage of this bag in Mr McCann's possession?

When Mr & Mrs McCann were questioned by the Portuguese police and made arguido's do you not think that the where abouts of this sports bag would have been a pivotal piece of evidence to base the arguido status on?

The arguido status was based on the pathetic piece of DNA that was no good to man nor beast and the dogs that were coaxed to find something on the Scenic.

Why wait 8 months and then start spreading this supposed piece of evidence around the world through the media, would this not be the bedrock of your criminal case if it ever reached a court of law?

Instead we have a trial by media.

With the amount of false information and lie’s that the Portuguese police sources have released into the media, you have to seriously ask the question; who is the one creating the fantasy based on lie’s for the world to believe?

Jane Tanner has given a witness statement stating that she saw someone walking away from the holiday apartment complex with a young child in their arms on the same day and at the same time that Madeline was abducted.

I do not remember her ever mentioning a blue sports bag in her statement so there is no way that this was used in the abduction of Madeline, so in reality the Portuguese police want us to believe that the parents disposed of Madeline using this bag and that Jane Tanner is lying to cover for them thus perverting the course of justice in the murder of Madeline McCann and putting herself in the position of spending many many years in a Portuguese rat and cockroach infested hell hole – Would you help cover up the murder of an innocent little child?

Mr McCann has said that this is a blatant lie, that he never took any tennis equipment with him to Portugal in any blue bag and a friend who was obviously with the family on holiday has categorically stated the same.

I cant see it being that difficult to find out the truth to this can you?

So who is lying Mr McCann, or is this blue bag a convenient piece of ‘evidence’ placed in the media by Portuguese police sources that will never be found that adds credibility to their case against the parents in the trial by media that the whole world is watching and passing judgment on?

Considering how tight security is in all British airports, with cameras everywhere filming everyone, I am sure that it would not be too difficult to find out whether Mr McCann is lying or not, then we will know whether this is a credible piece of evidence in this case or a figment of the Portuguese police’s imagination like all the other figments they have created that has helped convict the parents in the worlds eyes of a crime that never happened.

Should it not be the Portuguese police’s very first job before anything else to find out whether Mr McCann is lying about this bag, so that they can pursue this as evidence in any criminal investigation?

Why 8 months on have they still not proved or disproved this vital piece of evidence?

Is Mr McCann lying – Yes or No?

Is Robert Murat lying about his alibi – Yes or No?

It cannot be that difficult to find out the truth to these questions can it?

We have had Madeline killed in the holiday apartment and then placed in a freezer and the body then disposed of at a later date, we have had her dead body stashed in a Church and then moved at a later date and we have had her dead body transported in the family hire car 25 days after she went missing - Now this sports bag that has magically appeared from nowhere, with not one piece of evidence, not one, to support any of the theories in 8 months of investigating this crime.

What does this say to you about the theory and the investigation?

Either the McCann family and their friends can perform miracles and have committed the perfect crime in front of the whole world or the Portuguese police are wrong in their thinking and line of enquiry.

Jane Tanner saw a man walking across the street from the apartment with a child in his arms on the night Madeline was abducted, and if it is true there is CCTV footage that the FBI now have, of 3 people acting suspiciously outside a local business that is 50 – 100 yards away from the apartment Madeline was abducted from on the night she went missing, and the night before, with one of those captured on film fitting Jane Tanners description of the man she saw walking away from the complex. The Portuguese police dismissed this as evidence at the beginning stages of the investigation because they could not see what the people looked like. You have Robert Murat the chief suspect in this case living a stones throw from the apartment Madeline was taken from, who walks past this apartment everyday, who has given a false text book alibi about his movements on the night in question, and about other pieces of key information concerning this case. There are also photos if true of men watching the McCann family whilst they were out holidaying who have also been captured in photos with Robert Murat the chief suspect.

Who within Portugal does not want the truth to be told about this crime and would prefer for the blame to rest upon innocent people who in the midst of all of this have had their innocent 4 year old daughter taken away from then.

The initial chief Portuguese investigator of this crime is the same man who beat and terrorized a confession out of an innocent Portuguese lady and her brother whose little girl went missing in exactly the same way as Madeline McCann and who are now both serving 16 years for a crime they never committed that has exact same parallels as this tragic case.

The question has got to be; how far would the Portuguese authorities go to cover up this type of criminal activity that is operating upon their shores considering tourism is the countries biggest form of income?

Who will want to take their children to the Algarve if there is proven to be gangs of paedophiles and child kidnappers operating in this holiday haven?

Would the highest realms within Portugal want to lay blame at innocent people’s feet to deflect the truth from being told?

We know for a fact that they would because there are innocent people in prison at present for a crime they did not commit, and if you take a non biased view of this case you can see exactly the same unfolding again, even to the point of the initial chief investigating officer being the same one as in the innocent Portuguese couples case.

This is a fight that the corrupt Portuguese authorities cannot win because the Living God is the one who is in charge of this event that is unfolding and has been unfolding over the past year.

When Madeline is brought back home heads will roll and rightly so within Portugal, with a new civilized type of law and order based upon truth and justice for the innocent, with detectives like Paulo Rebelo if he makes the right decisions and choices going down in Portuguese history and the annuls of international criminal history.

There is an abhorrent side to Portuguese justice that God is showing to the world and I look forward to the day that Paulo Rebelo and his team changes that, and for the Portuguese Knights to become who God has called them to be in this modern era in their part of the World.

Deus Vult

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Anonymous said...


Is this Gerry’s blue holdall? Third row from bottom. I would describe this as a flight cabin bag. A holdall would be wider than the one in this picture. Third row from bottom.

Why is this holdall relevant evidence? We did not see this flight bag when the McCanns returned to the UK.


Anonymous said...

There's also a Youtube of Gerry with a dark (perhaps black) sportsbag


Lionheart said...

If you are implying that this sports bag 'was' and i stress was because they have been exonerated, evidence then with all the pictures and video footage i am sure there would be a timeline of when there was a bag present.

And considering they travelled all over after the event, how easy is it to leave a bag somewhere on your travels?

I am sure they had other things to worry about rather than a bag.

Atleast now they can seach for their daughter and hope and pray that Almighty God brings her back.