14 December 2007

The perverted spanish painter

How low can you go Enrique Marty?

I dont think there is anything more sick and mentally perverted than for a painter to paint pictures of the last moments Madeline was with her parents without their permission so that he can cash in on Madeline and her plight.

The art gallery that houses his work should be ashamed of themselves, and I personally hope ande pray that this man will reap what he sows.

The Sun: Maddie art shame


Obob said...

This will come off as a typical redneck American, but I'd love to see some painful images of this jackhole.
Sorry for the less than intellectual response, but somedays I let my emotional part of my brain take over.
On an odd note, I wonder if he has patron?

Lionheart said...

No, his actions are sickening obob

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't this artist make money out of Madeleine McCann? Everyone else involved with this case have done so.

More than anyone, her parents have been doing so. They have even made her name a trademark!

Even now, whilst being suspects in the possible murder and illegal disposal of her body, they are still peddling their tacky merchanise, using the money to find Madeleine? No, to pay their golf green fees, their mortgage, and their team of Inspector Clouseau pseudo-detectives, whose only function is to invent 'sightings' and deflect attention away from the real issue, which is that Madeleine is dead, and her parents - whether through criminal neglect, or something more direct - are responsible.