30 December 2007

A Sign of Islam's Holy War - Benizir Bhutto

Foreword: It makes you laugh how the Liberal Left Wing thinkers try telling everyone that Islam and its Moslem followers are peaceful and that those who carry out such atrocities have nothing to do with Islam - No wonder the Moslem mind looks at us as apes and pigs, with leaders forcing this lie upon us and people believing it, it shows that many from amongst us have the intelligence of apes and pigs.

Islam is eternally at war with with the non-Islamic world, as laid down by Mohamed in the fundamental teachings of the Koran, Moslem's have to conduct Jihad (Holy War) against the non-Moslem on behalf of the false god allah until they are victories across the whole Earth and have subdued it under Islamic rule.

It is an abomination for Moslems to be ruled over by non-Moslems because allah tells them they are superior to us, that we are nothing more than apes and pigs that allah's Earth needs cleansing of.

The same devil driven spirit and motivation that was behind Hitler and his Nazi party except these (Moslems) human monsters who are an affront to the human rights of every civilized person living upon planet Earth, are driven by a religious belief that they will be rewarded by their god for killing us and dying in the process - A global army of suicidal mass murderers who are intent on nothing less than complete and total global domination because their false god commands it through their supposed religious death manual the Koran, something Hitler could only dream of.

Wipe the Jews from the Earth first and then everyone else is next - The same intentions as Hitler.

It has been like this since the 7th Century when the lie of Islam (the death cult) was first birthed amongst us, and is the reason for the Christian Crusades, they were formed and started for the protection of pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land who were being robbed and murdered by Moslems - A little like today dont you think?

And we in this generation are forced to accept these murdering Moslem paedophiles living amongst us and our children by our governments propaganda machine that is indoctrinating the masses into a suicidal false sense of security by claiming "Islam is a Religion of Peace", if you believe that then you might as well be an ape or a pig because that is what the Islamic mind thinks of you, you gullible fool.

Dhimmi in other words - go do a google search and see what that means.

The time of appeasement within British politics like in Chamberlains era is coming to an end, so the British people whose Country this is look forward to the new Churchill who will stand up for the British homeland and its people in the face of this global menace, the global menace that Churchill himself warned us of.

When you look outside of your false Labour government enforced bubble of 'peace & security' at the society outside of your front door, remember that you are now surrounded by Moslem encampments the length and bredth of Great Britian, large alien communities who have Mohamed and the teachings of the Koran at the core of their communities.

Scary thought when you take a step back and think about your children and grandchildrens future within their homeland dont you think?

The homeland your forefathers fought and died for on the battlefields of the World, so that you, your children and your grandchildren could live in a free civilized society.

The time ticks upon what the future holds!

Deus Vult


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Taken directly from - Sons of Apes & Pigs

Benizir Bhutto’s assassination kind of changed the priority of what I was working on to post. But this is the nature of following up with the Islamic death industry; you never know what you'll have on the plate the next hour. However, Benazir Bhuto’s killing was hardly surprising since she returned to the jihadist jungle. And we'll try here to see through it and assess what implications it will have on America and globally.

She had everything against her in the eyes of the devout murder addicts. Being a woman, Western educated, liberal secular and a pro-Western politician, she was anti-jihadist, fearless, charismatic, committed to shutting down the madrassa terrorist factories. She was campaigning for the office of Prime Minister of Pakistan with America’s support and blessing, in a country dominated by the most backward tribal mentality, male chauvinism, religious fanatics and sectarian hatred.

Gone with the wind are the expectations of America and the Western world that were blown off with Bhutto by the Muslim suicide bomber, shattering U.S. policy makers’ hopes for the democratization of a country that is crucial to U.S. foreign policy and efforts to fight the War on Terror.

The strange thing would’ve been for her to stay alive. She knew that an explosion was waiting for her somewhere. She knew that a suicide bomber was looking for her and the death penalty fatwa had been announced, and awaited only the moment of execution. Her fears were justified. It’s a done deal for the Islam death industry.

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