16 December 2007

Michaela Walczuch - The Questions

Michaela Walczuch who is the girlfriend of the chief suspect Robert Murat in the abduction of Madeline McCann has given an interview to the Mail on Sunday stating that she is being maliciously accused of involvement of Madeline's abduction to protect the McCann family.

Now that the Portuguese police have admitted that there is no proof that Madeline died in her holiday apartment at the hands of her parents they have had no choice but to take a U-turn and look into all other leads of enquiry and Robert Murat and all of his associates including Miss Walczuch will naturally be in the spotlight again considering Robert Murat is chief suspect after all - It is only natural isn't it?

Miss Walczuch is either completely innocent or an accomplice to Robert Murat, so it is the Portuguese police's duty to investigate her.

Miss Walczuch is complaining about the Portuguese police investigating her and is putting the blame on the McCann family and their team of investigators Metodo 3, stating that it is to take the blame off of themselves.

The McCann family are guilty of nothing so why would they try and place the blame on somebody else?

If Miss Walczuch was guilty of involvement what else would she say, she is not going to admit involvement is she, she is going to try to deflect blame and deny everything isnt she? What would you do?

There are many questions surrounding the investigation into Madeline's abduction that place Miss Walczuch in the frame for this crime along with her boyfriend Robert Murat and her ex husband.

In my personal opinion Miss Walczuch is the controlling influence over Robert Murat and her ex husband so if this group of people are guilty of the crime, then she is the brains behind it.

It is said that Robert Murat lived with Miss Walczuch, her ex husband and daughter for several months or he stayed there frequently, Miss Walczuch has said that this arrangement with her ex husband and new boyfriend was in the interest of her 8 year old daughter.

How can living in the same house with your mother, your father and your mothers new boyfriend be in the interest of your 8 year old daughter, do you not think that it is abnormal behaviour to force and innocent child to endure because you believe it is good for them?

Daddy where is mummy, oh she is upstairs in bed with Robert!!!

Not normal behaviour for an innocent child to witness and learn is it?

Which one of the three was able to make this living arrangement transpire?

Would you as a father allow your daughter to witness this abnormal behaviour? definitely not, but the ex husband tolerated it, how could he tolerate such behaviour unless Miss Walczuch was the one in charge and told him to put up and shut up?

Robert Murat obviously did not care, he is another man to be controlled by Miss Walczuch.

They have said that they allowed this domestic situation to happen in the interest of their daughter, you tell me if this was in the interest of the daughter, and if you think like me that it is not in the interest of the daughter then whose interest is it in?

Who has everything to gain? Mss Walczuch from where I am sitting, seems like she had everything exactly how she wanted it and shows without doubt who is in control of that group doesn't it.

I wonder just how far the men in her life would go to please her?

There are questions in the investigation that need answering to remove her from the frame, and if they are unanswered then alarm bells should start ringing.

A witness has come forward stating that a woman fitting Miss Walczuch's description and a man entered the holiday complex Madeline was abducted from, and knocked on her apartment preaching her Jehovah's witness faith - good cover dont you think?

Have the Portuguese police interviewed this witness to see if she is credible and if she is, have they found out exactly who from the local Jehovah's witness community it was who was knocking on doors in the complex, it shouldn't be too hard to find the exact man and woman considering the size of the local Jehovah witness community.

If no one comes forward then you have an unanswered question; who was the man and woman?

The night that Madeline vanished Miss Walczuch was at a prayer meeting with her daughter, this left her husband free for the evening and gave her a perfect alibi for if she knew something was transpiring.

No wonder Robert Murat had to change his alibi, he could not say he was with her that evening because she made sure she was safe and secure with her daughter at a prayer meeting - Thats if it is true?

Was she at the prayer meeting each week before this day or was this a one off after a few months absence?

Being a Jehovah's witness you go round knocking on doors all around the area, its good cover to go spotting for children and working out how to abduct them dont you think.

I wonder if any of the other incidents of child abduction in that area of the Algarve had Jehovah's witnesses knocking on their doors in the months prior to their abductions?

These are the background questions and depending on how they are answered determines how the witness sightings of a woman fitting Miss Walczuch description with a child looking like Madeline should be viewed.

These are all real questions that need answering to get to the bottom of the truth, these questions have arisen for a reason.

Have the Portuguese police exhausted these leads in their quest to get to the bottom of Madeline's abduction?

Robert Murat, Miss Walczuch and her husband are well and truly in the frame for Madeline's abduction, the picture based on witness statements which is the only evidence investigators have paint a picture and these three people are on that picture whether they like it or not, the question is; why are they in the picture?

Miss Walczuch and Robert Murat had just set up a business so there is definitely financial motivation to commit a crime, and they both had access to properties all over the Algarve because of the line of work they are in.

I wonder how many extremely wealthy property owners and developers they knew from their years working in the business?

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