24 December 2007

Portuguese police breaking Portuguese law

Any evidence or leads in a police enquiry should be kept away from the public due to the fact that they are integral to the search for truth in a criminal investigation and the subsequent court case leading from the evidence gathered which is presented to the jury.

In the case of missing Madeline McCann the Portuguese police have accused the parents of a crime that they have no evidence took place and the Portuguese Justice system have supported the police accusations by making the parents official suspects (arguido's).

Mr & Mrs McCann were made official suspects based on DNA evidence that has been analysed and proven not to be that of their daughter Madeline, yet they are still official suspects.

There is not one piece of evidence that supports the theory that the parents were involved in any crime, with substantial evidence stating to the contrary but we the public are being led to believe that the parents are guilty of a crime that the Portuguese police have created as a theory as to what happened to Madeline.

There are many reasons why the Portuguese police would want to lay blame at the parents feet, one of them being that the biggest business in the Algarve is tourism, the economic damage to the country would be significant if it was proved that a gang of child kidnappers stole Madeline.

Who will want to go on a family holiday to Portugal if there are child kidnap gangs operating on Portuguese soil?

Is a few children going missing in Portugal each year a price worth paying to keep this criminal activity covered up and the tourism industry booming?

It is better for the Portuguese State to blame the parents and try to limit the damage caused to the Portuguese economy and the biggest business the country generates - Tourism

Is there proof of State sanctioned cover ups concerning this type of crime?


The innocent Portuguese woman who was terrorised and beaten into giving a false statement by the initial chief investigator of the Madeline McCann case who is now serving 16 years for a crime that never happened that is exactly the same as the Madeline McCann case.

Would the Portuguese Establishment cover up a similar crime for economic purposes, like in this case with Madeline McCann?

The Portuguese State have created a trial by media to convict the parents in the worlds eyes because they believe that once this case is closed and no Madeline is found, then a large part of the world will believe it was the parents that committed this crime and not child kidnappers operating on Portuguese soil.

There has been 8 children this year alone who have disappeared from their families, the same as Madeline McCann.

How can the Portuguese State secure a conviction in the Worlds eyes and make people believe the innocent parents are guilty?

Create a trial by media and release misinformation into the public domain that will bolster their accusations, whether that information is a blatant lie or real, either way it creates a perception in the readers mind.

“The secrecy of justice laws means that officers are not at liberty to disclose details of their investigation but they remain very focused.”

If the secrecy laws are so strict in Portugal then why has every piece of information relating to this case that is either true or false ended up in the public domain?

Is it not a criminal offence to leak information from a criminal case into the public domain?

Why have these supposed leaks not been stopped, with the sources discovered and arrested for breaking the law in such a high profile case and brought before the courts for breaking Portuguese law?

Whose purpose does leaking supposed information from Portuguese police sources into the media serve?

Not hard to work that one out is it!

Over the course of the Portuguese police investigation into the theory the parents committed this crime, every single piece of supposed evidence has been proven to be false, yet people still believe the parents were involved in a crime because the Portuguese police have done such a good job in creating a guilty verdict in the worlds eyes through the media especially when we see this leaked information from Portuguese police sources plastered across our front pages as if it is fact.

If Mr & Mrs McCann started leaking their side of the story into the media or speaking publicly then they would be arrested for breaching their arguido status, so this is a little one sided dont you think?

A couple of Doctors from Leicester England against the full force of the Portuguese State, lucky they are Doctors with influential friends dont you think, imagine if it was me, you or an innocent Portuguese couple who faced the full force of the Portuguese State.

The only way that truth and justice will prevail will be once Madeline is brought back home, until then the Portuguese State want blame pinned on the parents for the sake of their economy and will keep leaking false information into the media to bolster their case against the parents in the World eyes.

Once Madeline is brought home then the Portuguese State must have an immediate enquiry into this case and find the sources of these leaks and sack all those responsible for this State sanctioned cover up of the kidnap of an innocent little child - There is nothing more abhorrent

I personally believe that there are good forces within the Portuguese police who want to get to the bottom of this crime who are fighting a daily battle against negative forces within their own organisation.

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