26 December 2007

Anglo Saxon - This is England

Anglo Saxon. This Is England - Celebrity bloopers here


Anonymous said...

Very moving.

ECE said...

Im proud of you¡¡¡
Juan Ramón from Barcelona Spain.
Ejército Cristiano Europeo

Anonymous said...

it's now time for a Holy War to wipe off the face of the Earth the dirty stinking Savages known as Muslims!

Boudica HAS returned!

deano said...

great work its time to take our country back keep up the good work lionheart

Anonymous said...

Very well done! We all must save our lands from these savage hordes!!


Greetings from a German in New York.
I saw the beastly attacks on the World Trade Center up close and personal.

Yet moslems are still allowed to enter this land!

It is unprecedented in History that Nations allow their enemies to settle within.

Unknown said...

Great video. People of the west need to wake up.

Deus Vult!

Haakon - Norway

Jan said...

Arouses a lot of feeling in me but the strongest is disappointment!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Good and Very True