17 December 2007

Portuguese police - The historic mistake

I wonder how far the initial Portuguese police officers in the investigation of Madeline McCann being stolen would go to cover their most serious historic mistake that would go down in infamy?

Allowing the now chief suspect to sit in on witness interviews as a translator.

This most serious breach of an investigation into the kidnap of a little child would have had to have been spoken about at the highest levels within the Portuguese police after Murat was arrested, and the thought would have been; what is everyone going to think about us letting the chief suspect know the heart of the investigation?

Has this influenced the Portuguese police's decision to hound Mr & Mrs McCann and convict them in a trial by media in the worlds eyes?

I hope and pray that those with Templar hearts within the highest echelons of Portuguese society are allowing the light of Christ in them shine through them upon this case so that 'truth and justice' will prevail for Madeline and her family, and for the poor innocent Portuguese couple who are imprisoned for a crime they did not commit that has exact parallels to this case concerning Madeline and her family.

Robert Murat could not have put himself in a more central role in the target area of the crime to deflect blame dont you think, exactly the same as Ian Huntley.

The noose around Robert Murat's neck is inching closer to choking point and the clock is ticking upon his elderly mother sitting in a Portuguese hell hole for perverting the course of justice.

I am surprised the initial chief investigator has not been sacked yet considering his mistake that will go down in the annuls of Portuguese police history, his totally incompetent handling of the initial stages of this crime and his actions in beating and terrorising a confession out of the Portuguese couple, it all adds up against the one who set the ball rolling upon blaming the McCann family and the Tapas 7 for a crime that never happened.

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This picture speaks a thousand words, have a guess who the one is not in uniform?

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