14 December 2007

Nearly the second greatest injustice in Portuguese history

The first injustice is in relation to a Portuguese couple who are currently in prison for a crime they did not commit that has exact same parallels to the injustice almost placed upon Mrs McCann.

It has now emerged that Mrs McCann was within an inch of being imprisoned and placed on remand for a crime she did not commit, never to see the light of day again, in relation to her daughter Madeline.

Surprise surprise another coincidence, the chief Portuguese police officer who was calling for Mrs McCann's arrest and imprisonment is the same officer who is accused of beating and terrorising a confession out of the innocent Portuguese lady who is now serving 16 years for the exact same crime that he tried placing upon Mrs McCann.

I say again for those people who read my blog, the Portuguese lady and her brother must cry out to Almighty God everyday about their injustice of being locked away 24 hours a day for a crime they did not commit, and within that mental turmoil and anguish the lose of their little girl who vanished the same as Madeline.

Imagine the dire hopelessness that these human beings must feel, locked away from society with no hope, I can only hope that those who care about Madeline McCann will care about this couple and their child and bring light upon this injustice too, who knows there might be two happy endings to the tragic tale on the Algarve.

If the McCann family were not who they are, and have the influential friends that they have, then as this article states, they too would be locked away for a crime they did not commit, as all the evidence in this case now proves.

Lucky in once sense that it was the McCann's and not someone of less influence dont you think, sad and traumatic for the family though who have had their daughter taken and forced to defend themselves from the full force of the Portuguese justice system.

Thankfully God is our source and comfort for those who believe.

Daily Mail: Kate McCann, an inch from being imprisoned

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