28 December 2007

British beast eliminated & 2 years for leaking information

It has now been reported that the British beast Dj Shifty has been eliminated from the investigation into missing Madeline McCann.


At least any children in his vicinity will be safe now.

In the same article from the Daily Express it states: Few official details about the police investigation are known because the country’s strict secrecy laws, which cover all criminal inquiries, mean it is illegal to talk publicly about a case. Breaching the laws can be punishable by up to two years in prison.

For anyone following this case in the trial by media, you have to seriously ask the question; who has been leaking information into the international media that originates from Portuguese police sources, especially when it is an offence punishable by 2 years in prison?

Does that not mean Portuguese police are breaking the law?

In such a high profile case that reverberates around the World is it not the Portuguese Establishments responsibility to find out where these official leaks are originating from, stop them and charge the offenders in question, especially when the Portugal's justice system' reputation is at stake?

Or are all the supposed Portuguese police leaks that have been released into the international media lies originating from another more sinister source?

I know that there have been many false pieces of information released from supposed Portuguese police sources over the months this investigation has been running, the question is; who are the sources?

Cant be too hard to find out for the sake of the Portuguese Establishments reputation can it?

Whose names are on the articles releasing the lies and who are their Portuguese police sources?

Who ever is in charge of this disinformation project on behalf of the Portuguese Establishment, they have done a very good job of convicting Mr & Mrs McCann of a crime that never happened on evidence that never was in a large portion of the Worlds eyes.

No one can discount the fact that information true or false has ended up in the public domain, and one thing for certain is that it has not come from Mr & Mrs McCann because all I have ever heard from them is 'no comment' because that is what their lawyers have advised them to say because they are arguido's, can you imagine if they started talking to the papers, the Portuguese justice system would come down on them like a ton of bricks and lock them up quicker than their feet could touch the ground.

A bit one sided dont you think?

The Portuguese Establishment releasing lie after lie into the international media from supposed Portuguese police sources and Mr & Mrs McCann unable to say anything in defence other than their man Mr Clarence Mitchel stating that they are lies.

The Portuguese justice system cannot touch him because he has a legal team surrounding him, he stands in the gap for Mr & Mrs McCann while the Portuguese justice system keeps the arguido status on Mr & Mrs McCann.

Very well orchestrated by the Portuguese Establishment dont you think, slap arguido status on the parents and then create a disinformation campaign against them causing a conviction in the worlds eyes, then close the case through lack of evidence and then blame will always be at the parents feet rather than this dark secret that is operating upon Portuguese soil.

Tourism is the biggest business in this part of the Algarve, so has the economic future of this part of Portugal come into the thinking of those in the Establishment charged with defending the reputation of Portugal.

We dont care about reputations, we just care about getting Madeline back and catching the initial kidnappers so that they can be removed from Portuguese society.

Daily Express: Dj shifty eliminated

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