8 December 2007

Robert Murat - Running scared

Robert Murat's lawyer has now publicly stated that the case concerning the abduction of Madeline McCann is going to be closed by January 3rd and that the Portuguese prosecutor will have to charge or release his client by then.

He obviously knows that the heat is now well and truly on his client now that it has been proven that Mr & Mrs McCann are not guilty of any crime other than making an irreversible mistake of leaving their children alone at night, an irreversible mistake that many many people do when on holiday in what they believe to be a safe environment.

Mark my words, Robert Murat will be charged for this crime because from where I am sitting he is guilty and now that the Portuguese police have done the honourable and admirable thing and accepted that there is no proof that Madeline died in her apartment, they are now going to turn the Bright light on all other scenario's and Robert Murat fits each of them, so it is just a matter of finding the right one now before January 3rd.

Daily Mail:
Murat's lawyer

Someone is now trying to discredit the prime witness in the case against Mr Murat - I wonder who?

Photo's have emerged of the nanny in question on a drunken night out with friends, posing pole dancing in fancy dress.

Anyone will know that this is normal behaviour in Great Britain with 19 year olds, every weekend up and down the country young people let their hair down and go out on the town and binge drink and are involved in drunken antics and fun exactly like what is shown here.

The majority of mothers out there might not agree with their daughters behaving like this but will know that this is the fun that girls have on a night out - You cannot crucify her or discredit her for that, this picture shows she is a normal 19 year old girl - this picture was a fun picture in fancy dress whilst out on a girls night out, she was not entertaining laywers of politicians in a strip joint, if she was you could question her reliability - she was not.

Why do you think the police are trying some how to put a stop to binge drinking, its because we have an epidemic of it in Great Britain with young people getting drunk and going beyond what they would normally do because of being intoxicated on alcohol

This young lady is not a Nun, has never professed to being a Nun, she is a normal British 19 year old girl who has been caught up in one of the biggest media crimes in history and this photo shows her humanity and normality, at least she is not in hospital having a nervous break down.

This picture does not change the facts of what she witnessed the night Madeline disappeared, all this picture does is try to discredit her as a witness and shows the rest of us that she is a normal 19 year old British girl - Any one disagree?

I'm sure that this picture and its content will make her take a serious look at her drunken binge drinking antics and hopefully show her and her friends that there is alot more to life than this way of life.

We all make mistakes that we later regret!

Daily Mail:
Key witness

Now that the Portuguese police have taken the humble steps towards accepting that Mr & Mrs McCann have no case to answer and that the real culprits are still out there, the media beast will be used for other people's purposes now, like Mr Murat and his lawyer as this new information released into the public domain shows. The only difference is is that Mr Murat and his lawyer are in no way as influential as the Portuguese police so their defence will be weak and insignificant as this picture of the nanny shows, also because he is guilty nothing he says in defence will stand up - Look at his alibi as a prime example.

Mr Murat's lawyer should take a leaf out of the Portuguese police's book and accept the truth and start negotiating a deal for his client, they were offering Mrs McCann 2 years for manslaughter that she never committed so I wonder what they would offer Mr Murat to own up to his part and finger his accomplices?

Mr Murat should be seriously thinking about his elderly mother who he has roped into his depravity because once it is proven, and it will be, that he lied to police about his movements of that night he instantly places a charge of perverting the course of justice in a child abduction case over his mother head.

We know that the Portuguese police are humane and just to criminal offenders as long as they tell the truth as was shown with the deal they offered Mrs McCann.

I'm sure that if the truth was told so that this case could be closed that deals could be struck for all concerned.

Think about your elderly mother serving 5 years in a Portuguese hell hole for giving you an alibi in a child abduction case, she would be one of the most hated people in that prison for that offence and probably would not survive the ordeal - Is that what you want for your elderly mother? for her to live the rest of her life in a Portuguese hell hole.

If she is an innocent party who loves her son and believes her son that is why she gave the alibi then that can be forgiven, but if she was complicit in the abduction and cover up of Madeline McCann then she deserves to go to prison and be the most hated person in there for her crime against an innocent little 4 year old girl.

Please think very seriously about your next move because alot depends on it, not just for you but for your mother too.

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