31 December 2007

Madeline McCann - A living window on the crime scene the night she was abducted

The two new 'star witnesses' who were in the vicinity of the holiday complex that Madeline McCann was abducted from have now spoken publicly about what they saw on the night in question.

These 2 sets of eyes that were present that night give those of us who are following this story an insight into the crime scene and the questions that need answering.

At this moment in time there is no literal tangible evidence to support any theory for a crime the night Madeline vanished, that we hope is on its way though, but there are many witnesses who can give the Portuguese police and us an insight into the time frame of history in which this event took place.

In a British court of law this is called witness evidence - Do they have this in the Portuguese courts?

It is these witnesses who can provide the Portuguese police the leads that they need to crack this case open so that the truth can be discovered.

But the corrupt and incompetent Portuguese police who have been involved in this investigation do not seem to see these witnesses as evidence, they would prefer to believe that the parents committed a crime and have covered it up, even though there is no tangible evidence that this is the case and no witness evidence to support this theory other than a barman who was present during the first moments it was discovered that Madeline was gone.

Can you imagine the sheer craziness and shock horror of those first moments of discovering your 4 year old daughter was missing from her bed?

Who knows how you would have reacted or what you would have said.

It is abhorrent, criminal and inhumane that considering the amount of witness evidence there is that points towards Madeline being abducted, that the Portuguese police have pursued a criminal case against the parents even though there is no credible evidence to support this theory and the Justice system has made them official suspects 'arguidos' based on the police case.

Either this is part of a 'master plan' to keep Madeline alive or there is something seriously wrong going on - Cover up - brush the dirt under the carpet of reality and pretend its not really happening by painting a false picture for the world to see, the only thing is, is that there are innocent Christians in the middle of this, with one of those a 4 year old child who is still missing.

Only those involved know the answer to that thought.

The real question that cannot be ignored now by the Portuguese police because the whole world is watching is why did Robert Murat lie about his movements on the night in question? What does he have to hide?

If it is true there is also a British Barrister who was holidaying on the same complex that Madeline was abducted from who supports these two witnesses claims, including seeing Robert Murat outside of the complex.

This Barrister obviously knows what he is doing and his name and information has not been leaked by anyone until now, but those who are involved in this investigation must know of him though.

To have all of these witnesses stating you are lying is inescapable, so why has Murat not been arrested and charged with perverting the course of justice?

Him, his mother and his lawyer have all come out after these recent revelations stating that everyone is lying about him being there.

Eight witnesses to say your lying, including a Barrister, to your one saying your not is a bit compelling do you not think?

Robert Murat has inside information on this case so knows exactly what the Portuguese police have on him and he obviously believes that under Portuguese law they cannot charge him with anything based on just witness statements, this is why him and his mother are still fighting against the truth.

I personally believe that it is only a matter of time now until a factual link is discovered, the factual link is there, the Portuguese police might even already have it and are either holding it back or covering it up, once this link is brought out into the open this case will all then unravel, and when that happens there should be no leniency on Mother Murat considering in the face of this overwhelming evidence, her and her son are still sticking to their story - The text book alibi that is no longer water tight.

Let her drown with the sinking ship considering an innocent little child's life is at stake.

The two witnesses whose information is integral to this investigation have also pointed out that there were two blond men using an unused apartment that overlooked the whole holiday complex on the night Madeline was abducted.

Who are they, whose apartment was it and did Robert Murat have access to it?

I am sure that someone with an ounce of intelligence within the Portuguese police investigation could join up the dots and come up with a theory based on the facts that are now staring everyone around the world in the face.

I should think the Portuguese police already know exactly what happened on the night in question based on all of the witness evidence that they have gathered, but for some reason are not revealing this picture to the world.

No, they would rather blame the parents and keep them as official suspects!!


Paulo Rebelo is not a stupid man, I am sure he knows exactly how to crack this case and reveal the truth.

If this is a cover up within the Portuguese Establishment then there are two sides who are fighting internally, those who want to see truth and justice prevail and those who want to suppress the truth no matter what injustice prevails.

Luke 8:17
For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

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