5 July 2008

Top Lawyer says we must adopt Sharia

They are all lining up to hand our country over to our Islamic enemies

At least we know who is who, what is what, and where people stand within the highest realms within our society.

Foreword: The Deputy Head of the Church of England the Judas Archbishop, the Countries Top Judge Loony Lord Phillips and now one of the Countries Top Lawyers are all lining up to support one another over the introduction of Sharia Law into our Country.

Grafting in an alien religions law into our English tradition so that they can govern their own affairs now they are living in OUR land.

Live like a State within a State until you take over” were some of the comments spoken by a Moslem leader in the Undercover Mosque expose, and if I am not mistaken this same person who passed this statement is on the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain’s board that is seeking to graft in and implement Sharia Law into our Country.

By their own words they stand convicted of their ultimate intentions towards us and our land so why are these people in such powerful positions trying to force us and our society to graft in these alien religious laws?

Scared of the consequences if they do not give in to our enemies demands, the wolves who come to them in sheep’s clothing.

They talk about integrating the Islamic Religion into our tradition that has been built over the Centuries by the blood sweat toil and tears of our ancestors, when in reality they are giving the ‘green light’ for the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain to legally separate from the rest of society and function independently of the British State.

Living like a State within a State.

If they do not like the way we run things here in our land then they should start looking and thinking about finding a Country in the World that will allow them to live how they want to live and then move there if they hate how we do things so much.

If you don’t like it here then get out, no one is forcing you to stay.

Why should the United Kingdom allow this bloodthirsty murderous religion to break away from English law and become its own functioning Kingdom upon our Island?

Everything starts with the first step, whether you are about to climb Mount Everest or take over control of Great Britain, the first step has to be taken or you will never reach the summit, and this action sanctioned by those who should be protecting us is giving the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain its first steps towards independence, the first State sanctioned flag of conquest upon our soil.

Do you really think that the Islamic Religion will just accept these first steps and then not force more upon us through threats of violence and mayhem?

Everywhere we turn now within our society if we do something that offends Moslems they create a furor and we have to change things and our way of life to suit them, exactly like the recent Scottish police media campaign.

The list of pathetic minor offences and then the subsequent changing of our way of life is endless. This is what is commonly known by those who see what is happening, as the Islamification process, where Moslem work tirelessly on every front to change society and its way of life so that it eventually becomes Islamic, whether that be tomorrow or in 100 years.


Adopting Sharia Law as the law of our land for the alien Islamic Kingdom is the first major breakthrough in their war of conquest against us because the British State has surrendered and given into their demands peacefully with not much loss of life on both sides.

What does the future now hold based upon the present facts?

This lawyer has said that unless we give in to their demands of running their own affairs upon our land then we will alienate them which would end in dangerous results.

He must have been living on mars when 9/11, the Madrid train bombings, and 7/7 happened. Those dangerous results have all ready occurred with many many more thwarted by our security services.

We are in a War with the military wing of Islam that is seeking to take our country over and destroy the Civilised World on behalf of their religion, they seek to force their Islamic Religion upon our way of life, so what do our leaders do?

They surrender and give in to our enemies demands!

'No surrender' is the British motto so greatly phrased by Sir Winston Churchill, and we the English people are the children of Sir Winston so you few in positions of power might want to hand our country over to our enemies but we the English people do not and there are more of us than there are of you.

So whose side are you on in this coming Civil War that has been declared against us because by your actions you show that you are appeasers, bowing down to our enemies demands which is in direct conflict to those whose Country you currently reside over.

The Queen has the final say about what happens within her land as she is still currently the Sovereign ruler of our Nation, she is the ‘Crown’ of which you are all subservient too, so just because you say it is a good thing does not mean it is. We all know the Queen is aged now and is used against her will for the political purposes of those who govern our land, and those who govern our land have shown they are all appeasers, surrendering our Nation and committing Treason against the people, so we can only hope that within the ‘House of Windsor’ the family sit around the table discussing what is right and wrong for their Country and its people, and that someone from amongst them has the backbone to stand by what is right for all of us at such a critical time as this.

There is an army across the land awaiting their Kings Sovereign divine leadership.

The military wing of the Islamic Religion wants to kill them and chop off their heads after all, and British Moslem leaders captured on the Undercover Mosque expose openly call for their over throw.

So where do you stand and who do you stand with?

Where are the top lawyers and judges to come out in defence of our land?

Bishop Nazir Ali currently stands alone except God on His side, whilst the Judas Bishop now has the Countries top judge backing him and now one of the Countries top lawyers.

The writing is on the wall, can you read it, and can you understand it is the question because it speaks very clearly about now and the future.

Watch the Undercover Mosque expose for yourself: Undercover Mosque

They are even preaching to their people to get prepared because the Jihad is coming where people will not be killed unjustly. The people he refers to here are me and you who refuse to submit and bow down to Islamic dominance and hand our country over. So when I talk about Civil War on this blog it is the response to their actions and rhetoric towards the English people whose country they presently reside in.

What response do people expect when there is a military force in our midst daily conducting and preaching Holy War against us?

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Daily Mail

Stephen Hockman QC said legal reforms to incorporate Islamic principles are 'inevitable'

A leading lawyer yesterday called for sharia rules to be written into English law.

Stephen Hockman QC said legal reforms to incorporate Islamic principles are inevitable. He warned that 'otherwise we will find there is a very significant section of our society which is increasingly alienated, with very dangerous results. '

Continue reading: Top lawyer says we must adopt Sharia


Anonymous said...

Shari'a law is in some respects closer to Mosaic law than is our present secular system. Mosaic law is God's model for much of a legal system. (We should not adopt the Mosaic laws about relations between individuals and God, because we are not a covenant nation and apostolic Christianity is an opt-in religion). So not all such change would be bad.

But any change would certainly not be for a good reason. Hockman is forgetting that the first generation of Muslim immigrants came here for a better quality of life than in Islamic lands. How does he think it got that way?

Above all, 40% of British Muslims want Shari'a law. In one sense that is alarming, but it also means that 60% DON'T - let alone the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

Quote from article:

Mr Hockman said: 'Given the world situation and our own substantial Muslim population, it is vital that we look at ways to integrate Muslim culture into our own traditions.'

We have been traditionally a Christian country that over the last 4 decades have decided to become a secular country by the steady removal of Christian element from our institutions which are too well known for the need of me to link. Whether you agree with this or not, this is today's Britain.

This country has chosen to become a secular society and turned its back on traditional Christian values then why is the need to introduce another religions values back into it?

Another point. He says it is to help moslems to integrate into British society. How can he be right in saying for a religious group to fit into a secular society they need religious laws incorporated?

Before the likes of boredluton cries hypocrisy, it is well known that Christian charities have been refused Government funds because they are not inclusive yet moslem charities get them.

Pardon for the pun but there can't be one law for one and one for another.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another terrorist let loose:

To quote from article:

A 45-year-old Algerian described by American prosecutors as the mastermind of an abortive plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport during millennium celebrations in 1999 has been released on tight bail conditions after seven years in British jails, court officials said Thursday.

The release of the unnamed Algerian is the second time in a little more than two weeks that a suspect named by prosecutors as having close ties to Osama bin Laden, but not charged, has been let out on bail in Britain pending a final court ruling on government deportation proceedings.


Anonymous said...

The government will introduce Sharia law wether its citizens agree or not, but just because they introduce it it doesn,t mean that you have to recognize or abide by it. The day that we all have to bow down to this backward satanic cult is the day that they will find that tolerance only goes so far.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 05-Jul-2008 20:45:00

There are small but sure signs that as the government does not have the cash to bribe voters that they are going out and out to get the minority vote through introducing so called equality laws as can be seen by the one just passed recently.


There is no doubt that they will try to pass this into law unnoticed and with their current majority it will get introduced.

If it gets passed it will be a slippery slope to an inevitable two law system operating in this country.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it makes no sense to turn from our own religious background to secularism only to turn to another alien religion.

The answer to not alienating a large portion of the population is to shut the door to the country. Nothing good is in the offing in a Muslimized Europe.

Anonymous said...

guy marcher @ 06-Jul-2008 01:15:00

Many people think that religion has no part in today's life and that secularism is an answer to the world's problems which they equate to be the caused by religion. The thing is that secularism can be considered as a competing faith and it is too weak with no solid foundations to base it's faith on to stand the onslaught of a sure and conservative religion like Islam.

As can be seen here in Europe and the UK, Islam will be eventually embraced by a large party of the secular population especially when it can be argued that most of the idealogical aims of the liberal left is similar to Islam in particular the dissolution of nation states in preference to internationalization. The only difference is in implementation.

Anonymous said...

So if the government incorporates Sharia into the British legal system, let's hope the Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, Druids, Greek and Russian Orthodox, Ethiopian Christian, Voodoo, Flying-Saucers- Are-God, Flat Earth believers also demand that their laws be incorporated into British Law.

Won't that be fun, then, Smiley Face Hockman, Rowan Williams & other Sharia fans?

Actually, it will so muddle up British law that prisons will be full to bursting (probably with innocent victims instead of criminals), lawyers will start committing suicide because of the work load and the impossibility of studying the new British Combinations Law, meaning that students would be graduating at the age of 55 - if they live that long.

Hopefully Hockman will so regret his nonsensical, unpatriotic, illegal suggestion, that he'll end up in a straightjacket, banging his head on the walls of his padded cell 24 hours day in the Asylum for Stupid, Irresponsible Lawyers, Judges, Police Persons and Other Legal Nutters (which is most of them...!)

No need for the Sanhedrin (ancient Jewish) Law to be incorporated as British(US and even some European) law is based on the 10 Commandments.

Messiah you better hurry as things are getting outta hand faster than any believer ever imagined.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Lady

You wrote: "Messiah you better hurry as things are getting outta hand faster than any believer ever imagined."

Not so - Daniel (9:26) foretold that the end would come like a flood. With the Jews back in the Holy Land, necesary for fulfilment of the endtime prophecies that Jesus Christ will return bodily to this earth (Acts 1:11) to save Israel from a world dictator and then rule (Rev 13 & 19 and Old Testament prophecy); and with the spiritual World Cup Final obviously approaching between secular humanism and Islam, we are clearly in those times.

Do not fear when times get rough, for God told us that they would at this time. He predicted the return of the Jews and globalisation more than 2000 years ago and he is in full control. Love your country but love God more, for every land other than Israel is going to become a hateful place in these times.


Anonymous said...

PS British Law based on the Ten Commandments? That was King Alfred's idea, but the first three Commands violate the New Testament approach that to follow God in Christ is a personal choice. (Those laws were part of a covenant agreed between Israel and God, not Britain and God.) Regarding the last Command, you can't pass a law forbidding envy of what your neighbour has.

I do regard the Mosaic laws governing interpersonal relations as models for gentile legal codes, but we haven't executed murderers for some decades now, and we don't even prosecute adulterers, let alone execute them.

I used to worship in a church that had the Ten Commandments up on the wall. As a Christian I would have liked to replace them by Christ's own summary of how to live, "Love the Lord your God and love your neighbour as yourself".


Anonymous said...

Dear Friend Gospeller,

I agree with 99.9% of what you say and believe in, so I hope you won't be offended when I sometimes point out differences between us.

Let's say you are correct that some (the 1st 3) of the Commandments are not part of the basis of legal laws, but some of them certainly are: (6) You shall not MURDER (not "kill" which is an incorrect translation for the Hebrew "lo tirzach"); (7) You shall not commit adultery; (8) You shall not steal"; (9) "You shall not bear false witness (lie or libel) against your neighbour."

Of course, adultery is no longer considered a 'crime' but once it was.

The meaning of the 10th commandment doesn't just mean one shouldn't feel envy, but to beware of committing crimes because of envy (theft, murder, adultery, etc).

I would also like to point out that Christ (who assured his followers that he had no intention of changing a single word of the Torah but rather of preserving the words of the Torah) was not the originator of the commandment
'love your neighbour as yourself.'

You will find the exact commandment in Leviticus 19:18 -"You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF..." [Hebrew-English Bible (Old and New Testaments) pg. 183, I.A.D.B.W and B.S.I, Jerusalem, 1997 and The Bible, Revised Standard Version (Old and New Testaments), First Paperback Bible, pg. 104, Collins Fontana Books].

I believe that Jesus did originate
"Turn the Other Cheek" and maybe also "Love your enemies".

Best Wishes,
Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Lady

I am glad that some of the prohibitions in the 10 Commandments that concern moral relations are included in our legal system, even if the penalties differ.

I agree that the King James translators mistranslated the Hebrew as "Thou shalt not kill" rather than "Thou shalt not commit murder" - perhaps their biggest error, though they may have been influenced by the more ambiguous Greek verb where the command is quoted in Matthew 5:21.

When I said that Christ's comment "Love the Lord your God and love your neighbour as yourself" was his own, I meant that it was said by him rather than by (for example) Peter or St Paul. I am sorry that this was unclear. I know that it was Christ's response to Pharisees who asked him which were the most important bits of Mosaic Law. Bet they were surprised!

Every blessing


Anonymous said...

I notice that one of many criticisms used by Muslims to recruit Christians into the jihadic cult, is the disparity and proliferation of many differing branches of chritstianity, such as the J. Witnesses, Mormons, Methodists, baptist, not to mention the big two.
To the Muslim, difference is a sign of weakness.
So how shall the Churches unite if even the Anglicans fight amongst the pews.
Perhaps it's time for the congregation to seize the Churches in Christ's name, depose the usurpers of clergy and run the Church for themselves.
Maybe then the Churches would be full again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon of July 8th, 11:26

How shall the churches unite? The original, scriptural church structure was a congegation in each place. Then a hierarchy grew between the congregations and God. Then the hierarchy split into rival hierarchies. Answer to your question: Get rid of church hierarchies!

Not many people vote their own jobs away, though. God can remove the hierarchies through persecution - which has historically been how he kept his people pure.

Incidentally Islam is at least as divided as Christianity. Sunni (itself subdivided), Shia, Sufi, Ahmadiyya...