30 July 2008

How Long?

How long before the ultimate weapons of 21st Century Warfare are used in this present global conflict between the Islamic World and the Judeo/Christian World?

The battlefield is no longer restricted to the Middle East with swords and shields riding on horse back. The battlefield is planet Earth the art of modern warfare is guerrilla war and the weapons we face are human bombs carrying Nuclear, Chemical and Biological capabilities on their backs in rucksacks.

Its not a matter of if, it is a matter of when!

How long until this present War escalates?

Video: Nuclear Jihad

Further reading: The Nuclear threat to Britain


Anonymous said...

All these videos are scary because of the implications of these bombs to civilization...meaning western type democracies..not islamic areas
But...if it comes down to us or them...we need to bomb first...

Anonymous said...

How long? Not long. Consistent with the fact that man is fallen, every more powerful weapon ever devised has soon been used. When the suicide bomber mentality gets hold of nukes, mutually assured destruction will no longer deter - although the other side will not be Judaeo-Christian civilisation but politically correct secular humanism. Let us be under no illusion in a land where fewer than 1 in 20 go to church: secular humanism is the system in power in Europe (including Britain) today.

Joel 2:30 prophesies "blood and fire and pillars of smoke" (not "billows of smoke" if you check the Hebrew). What weapon does that describe? Revelation 17,18 speaks of the destruction by fire of a great city (and an associated godless oppressive system) in one "hora." This is often translated "hour" but it just means quickly. And Isaiah (17:1) speaks of Damascus, the world's oldest continuously inhabited city, being reduced to rubble.

Nuclear war is coming, but sometime after that so is Jesus. Trust him and you will be resurrected and saved. No-one else can do that.


Lionheart said...

U.S. Intel: Iran Plans Nuclear Strike on U.S.


Anonymous said...

The idea of EMP attack on America from a ship based Scud launcher is definitely feasible, however, one should not over blow it's potential for damage.
America is thousands of mile across and the EMP pulse will decay over a few hundred miles.
o be successful they would have to launch multiple simultaneous attacks.
Of the potential enemies to do such an attack, only Pakistan and Iran have anything like the capability.
Russia and China do, but they have a large conventional Military, and may suffer all out retaliation if discovered.
Goodbye World.
And do they have the motive?
Iran has to be unstable enough to consider such a gamble.
What remains then, is an America with parts of it damaged and in need of evacuation and aid.
This would cripple the normal functioning of the economy and cause America many problems of humanitarian nature for it's citizens.
This is a strength of America and we would see "all hands on deck" and a can-do attitude turning the situation around.
The rest of the world would be de-stabilised as America would have to concentrate on it's own problems.
Would this lead to further shorter range attacks on European targets?
Would we have the will-power to counter-strike?
How would we do it?
A massive retaliatory EMP strike would damage Eastern countries far worse than a single Iranian/US attack, but they rely less on modern technology than we do, therefore would cope better.
The only answer for the Western military, given enough political will to respond, would be an attack that would disable all potential military threats in the region.
Selective use of nukes and great use of nonnuke strikes, and this time without the concerns of humanitarian issues as the the Gulf and Iraq wars were waged.
We have all it takes to respond, there remains the question of will.
These will be the times when our Cities will erupt in the much vaunted "civil-strife."
We can expect Martial Law and internment, plus starvation and street warfare.
All this could occur within a few days of the beginning of the attack on America.
This is the plan of the religiously motivated Iranians, who believe in the return of the Mahdi, that heralds the "end times."
There are Islamic web-sites that detail these events in a complex manner, equating the predictions of times to come with the Sunnah and Quran.
Islamics expect these events, as do many Christians expect similar.
The whys and wherefores of it happening will be forgotten in the struggles to survive.
The Western Liberal political leaders have led their people into a false worship of materialistic goods, and have exposed us to the events that may soon unfold.
Their names will be cursed by their people.

Joanne said...

I'm not sure why, but the Page cannot be found for the above news article.

Joanne said...

Jesus will fight those who come against the land of Israel. Ezekiel 38-39

Just pray that God will protect you is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Yup that video has gone from YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Hi joanne.It must be lunchtime there.
Rarely one comments on blogger and someone else is also, at the same moment.
Shame the video is missing.
Prayer is what we all have when everything else fails.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that MEMRI video link,

Anonymous said...


Jeg giver aldrig op!



Anonymous said...

oh Ducky dident you hear... he is not going inside. HA, HA, HA you must have missed that one. and that makes me happy to be the one to tell ya !every one here has known this for a long time Gods word does not come back void.so piss off.ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

now the video is working again

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, you are a fake.

All you care about is the jews. So you say nothing of fellow Christians, fellow nationalists, and nothing against the EU.

You try to form a new kosher nationalism, but the kosherists of littlegreenfooballs still condemn you.

Lionheart, fjordman, and Gates of Vienna are all, as the dark-dark-dark black as night skinned immigrants they welcome as long as they aren't muslim say, "punk azz bitches".

You are Kosherist, kosherists stand for Israel and not their own nation period. Your St. Georges cross pullover is simply chav gear, nothing more.

Euro Nationalists, Eurosceptics: don't you ever trust any of these fools who "stand with Israel". They are not acting in defense of Europe. Their stance on Israel is all you need to know that they will never stand with the patriots of their nations.

Where is Lionheart's defense of Simon Sheppard, brought up on the same bogus charges he faces? As a zionist he thinks the charges against himself are only bogus. Lionheart is pure disappointment. He stands for free-speech of the right opinion, exactly the British government's position.

Anonymous said...

neocons, you are a Nazi.
You are a Hitlerist.
You are living in the past.
You are a Jew Hater.
You blame them for everything.
Because Lionheart supports Israel, you say he isn't patriotic.
Well his work has given you somewhere to come to, to scrawl your graffiti.
You quote that Simon Sheppard is brought to court on the same charges as Lionheart.
Simon Sheppard is a Jew hater belonging to an extreme right-wing Party.
LH is not political, what he talks about is.
You call him a chav, well that's just another racist slur, this time about indigenous white Brits.
What are you then?
Israel is the last stronghold against the growing Islamicist threat to the West.
They will take the brunt of it, when it all kicks off.
And it will, big time.
Whose side of the barricade will you be on?
LH has always said his blog started due to the personal impact on his life from the Luton Muslim crime Mafia.
An anonymous Muslim made a complaint to get him shut up. It didn't work though, because now his voice is heard Internationally.
Simon Sheppard and I know nowt about him, made racist anti Semitic remarks in a magazine, and was complained about by a Synagogue.
He was investigated and a case formed.
He shouldn't have made such scurrilous comments then.
This blog is a presentation of facts, coloured by one man's life-events, presenting a view of what is happening within Britain to the world. Would you care to tell us what your defendant said.
Be careful not to re-print what has proven to be criminal though.
You could always leave the folks a link to the website couldn't you?
Let them make their own minds up.
You could even find some new friends among Lionheart's enemies?

Lionheart said...


You are a blatant racist, i am not the same as you so thats why you dont like me and come on here trying to put me down.

It doesnt work though because there is nothing you can say that bothers me and anyone who knows my blog and has been here reading it know the truth.

Your one of those people with their minds stuck in the past, where Jews were the target of your hate.

I have good Jewish friends and the Jewish people mean me no harm so why wouldnt i like them?

I know nothing about this person you talk about so why would i write anything about him, and if i did not like what he has to say i just wont say anything.

I know my blog must be working because it obviosuly strikes a cord in that dark hatefilled heart of yours that you just cannot help yourself from commenting here, and you keep coming back.

There must be something you like about my words.

Lionheart said...

And by the way, the enemies of the Jews and my enemies because the Isamic World is calling for another Holocaust whether that be with the likes of neocon's or the one brought up on hate charges.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart why do you shower praise on Richard the Lionheart? I mean yes there's a war with Islam but Richard the Lionheart was a horrible example of a Christian and he lost the war against Saladin and is looked down upon in History because of the fact that Saladin showed much more chivalry than he ever did. Saladin at least didn't kill the prisoners of war he captured and even released them while Richard massacred all of his prisoners of war and didn't even give them a chance to accept christ. So Richard wasn't trying to start a debate, he was in the holy land to conquer.

Anonymous said...

moreover, the Muslims are calling for the subjugation of Jews not really their holocaust

Anonymous said...

To the last comment.
Oh supporter of Salladin, get thee gone.
Richard Cueor de Leon was the warrior feared most by Salladin's forces.
It was the Lionheart's fierceness that inspired Salladin's respect of him and brought the truce.
If Lionheart had continued to Jerusalem, it would still likely be Christian to this day.
How does the Lion fight?
That is what you must expect when you walk into the Lion's Den.
Are you Daniel?
Lionheart was the one that caused the bulk of Salladin's men to run from the battlefield, back to their wives.
You are such a dunce at history. Have you not heard of what terror was wrought upon the Templars and the residents of the Fort at Acre?
Your beliefs in Salladin do not do his warfare justice.
Both sides committed atrocity.
This was the Middle Ages when men fought with bare steel and blood flowed copiously.
Just like the ways of the mudjhadeen, when they capture Americans.
You have watched the videos n'es pas?

Anonymous said...

to 'anonymous': The Jews of England contributed generously to the huge ransom demanded by the Duke of Austria for freeing Richard the Lionheart from prison.

Unfortunately, their admiration and loyalty to the English throne was not reciprocated and many were
put to the sword by hotheaded knights when they came to London carrying gifts for Richard Lionheart.

However, it is said that Richard was most displeased at this uncalled-for massacre.

Anyway, OUR Lionheart is more closely related to the Ivanhoe-type of Crusader than to the infamous massacring-type, most of whom were Germans.

We shouldn't forget that massacres were carried out not only on Jewish communities in Germany as the motley hordes of Crusaders from all over western Europe made their way to the Holy Land, but also on East European Orthodox Christians - Bulgarians, Greeks, etc.

And, of course, the worst massacre of all took place in Jerusalem, were the streets ran with torrents of Moslem, Jewish and even Orthodox
Christian blood.

But that is the history of mankind
...wars and bloodshed, bloodshed and wars, over and over again. And that is how it will be until the Messiah arrives, puts an end to humanity's bloodlust and ushers in a world grateful to be at peace at last.

Anonymous Lady