6 July 2008

British Moslems driving us BARKING MAD

Foreword: The new masters of the house sit back comfortably barking orders at us when we do something they do not like or disagree with, and those in charge of the asylum give in to these whims that are detrimental to us like terrified servants who bow down cowering in fear in front of their aggressive abusive masters because of what will happen if they do not do as they are told.

Beaten into submission through fear.

Islam has well and truly taken over our society, and is the dominant force across the land, with their subservient political masters carrying out their will for them under the guise of political correctness or community cohesion.

Not only do we, the innocent British citizens have to tread on egg shells whenever it comes to our Moslem neighbours living upon our land, it has now been revealed that our highly trained police dogs that are used for the prevention of Crime & Terrorism within our society are being forced to don boots when entering Moslem homes when carrying out their important duties in protecting the public safety.

The Islamic master barks and our Dhimmi leaders bow down.

Another similar story of Moslems telling us how we can and cannot raid their properties originated from Bedfordshire police where I am from. Police officers were told that they had to take their shoes off before entering a Moslem home and that they could not conduct a raid during prayer times.

Who is now the new Boss and the new slave within British society?

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Oi dirty infidel in uniform take your shoes off!

Slowly but surely the Islamification process is having its desired result upon our way of life, but in the process the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain has now well and truly over stepped the mark of knowing its place upon the British Isles, and is making some seriously powerful enemies within our Land. I should imagine the most powerful enemies anyone could ever make when they threaten the peace, safety and security of the ‘Realm’, who I should think have had just about enough of this ‘madness’ that is being inflicted upon British society who are lining up now with one another, showing where they stand, getting ready for the overthrow of this old decrepit regime that is destroying the British homeland bit by bit, piece by piece!

The stiff upper British lip is only tolerable for so long, then when it breaks God help those who it falls upon because history bears witness to the iron will, resolve and commitment of the British people!

Children of Sir Winston remember.

The enemy is not in a distant far off land any more; it is now 3 million strong encamped within our own land the length and breadth of our beautiful green shores. You missed the big land and sea invasion so didn’t realise the War had come because it happened by stealth over the past 50 years. A birth explosion amongst the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain and mass uncontrolled immigration gave our Islamic enemies a front door key to our Nation while we were either asleep upstairs or sitting back watching TV whilst all around being surrounded by aliens who pitched up their tents, built their fortifications, set up their armies and trained their communities ready for when the inevitable was to come.

That Islamic community over there beyond the horizon from where you live who you knew nothing about because the two communities do not mix, unlike all other peaceful communities upon the shores of Great Britain, left to grow unchecked and now look at the results.

Chalk and Chesse

In this article from the Daily Mail, the Imam quotes: "we Muslims should do out bit to change out attitudes." He can obviously sense that we have now had enough, the breaking point has been passed so they are putting on the cloak of moderation again for the gullible brainwashed masses who believe Islam means peace, preaching to claim back ground within the public eye.

Its too little way way too late!

Daily Mail

Police sniffer dogs will soon have to wear bootees when searching Muslim households to avoid causing offence.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) has drawn up guidelines, due to be published later this year, urging religious sensitivity when using dogs to seek out contraband.

The recommendation was originally drawn up to cover police searches of Mosques but has now been extended to Muslim homes, The Sunday Times reported.

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Barking mad


Anonymous said...

The aready mad government just loves the power.
"Islam has well and truly taken over our society, and is the dominant force across the land, with their subservient political masters carrying out their will for them under the guise of political correctness or community cohesion."

The politically correct zionist government was already proto-despotic. They have taken a shine to Islam, they aren't subservient of it. Despots look at tyrants as brothers.

Lionheart, you know nothing. Nothing will liberate you or the people who think like you...
Wait what's that... your "Christianity"? .... including your piss-poor understanding of the Bible ("All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him." = Israel is a Christ denying state, there is no covenant AT ALL WITH THIS PERVERSE HEATHEN PEOPLE OF USURY, jews = muslims, get that though your head, loser)

Christians are not "buddies" with jews. Not "allies" against Islam. Judaism is not within western civilization.

Lionheart said...

Neocommie is ducky in disguise.

He is a neo-nazi anti-semetic scum bag.

The Jewish people are freinds and Allies of the British people.

Thank God for Anonymous Jewish Lady who is forced to rebut this bum before i delete him.

Anonymous said...

NeoconsAreCommies @ 06-Jul-2008 20:30:00

Another cut and paste job?

Anonymous said...

Yes. But does recitation and memorization of the exact word mean anything if it's liberally interpreted? If lionheart equates "freedom" drugs-pornography-free-love-capitalism-Israel, with the west and "Christianity"?

Anonymous said...

LH here is my contention on the dogs have to wear boots to not offend the muslims. Or the police have to remove their shoes before entering upon a raid and can't conduct a raid during prayer time.

In america the police would say too bad, no one dictated in how we do out job.

First of all if muslims dont want dogs entering the homes and the other demands. They should simply follow the laws and be good citizens and then the problem is solved.

But when the police are going to raid a home...the element of surprise is most important. As well as, by removing their shoes they lose traction and unable to even pursue a person if they run outside. No one has the right to tell a police agency or company in what tools are acceptable and non-acceptable.

Also, the police cannot raid a place or mosque during pray times. Sure give the muslims that time frame to get guns, drugs or money out of the dwelling before the cops arrive. Just doesnt make sense. Hopefully your police agencies didn't give into these foolish demands. And if they did, then they are contributing to dhimmi.

Like I said in america no police agency would do what the muslims requested. We would tell them that we will do our jobs in accordance with the laws and if you don't like it then don't get involved with illegal activities. A cop needs his shoes probably one of the most important tools he needs. Without good foot wear then a cop is rendered useless.

No wonder the muslims in America don't try this shit. Because they know we wouldnt even both with it. We would say your request is duely noted and at this time we regret to comply with your request. And being offensive to someone or a religion is NOT against the law. Cops always look for the upper hand when it comes to making arrest. So, it minimizes anyone from getting hurt. Informing someone ahead of time. Gives the prepetrator time to prepare and you lose the element of surprise. Just crazy in what the muslims keep demanding. I believe the do this to become a thorn in the side of whomever is trying to go after them for legitmate reasons.

Oh and being in law enforcement for almost 19 years now. If I was told by my superiors I would have to remove my shoes upon entering a muslim home or establishment. Or couldnt conduct a raid during their pray times. Then that is the time I would put in for early retirement and take my pension to another land.

And since police of all levels are constantly on alert. Even if I was to go to a muslim home to interview someone who is not a suspect I would refuse to take my shoes off. Because what if I got an emergency call and now I have to take time to put my shoes on and lace them up (depending on what I am wearing that day) and now I respond to my radio call and 1 minute late because I had to put my shoes back on. And someone told me if you just arrived 1 minute earlier the person would be alive.

Well, in America a person can be held culpable for their action in prevention an office from being the most procient. Hence the muslim who made me remove my shoes could be sued for wrong death. See the logic behind these stupid muslims. They're trying everything to see what they can and cannot get away with. And appears to me they are getting away with alot more than expected. Keep this up and your nation is doomed. Never would america fall for this BS. ANd we would tell them if they don't like or things are too offensive for them. Then, move somewhere else. Since no one is forcing them to live amongst us. When your in a different nation. It's that persons duty to live by the rules of the hosting nation and even assimilate to the hosting nations ways. And if they don't like it...too bad, they can go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

neoNazi: Just what is your problem? Have you ever met a Jewish person, or an Israeli person? I bet you haven't, although with your pinhead brain and sponge for a heart, even if you have and even if they did you no harm and even if they were the nicest, kindest persons in the world, you would still hate them and blame them for all your own ills and that of the world.


Which means nothing more than you should be pitied because you are suffering from a very dangerous, infectious disease, far more deadly than Aids or typhus or syphilis - a disease that destroys your soul and propels you straight into the fires and brimstones of Hell with no hope ever of redemption or mercy from God Almighty.

You could be saved if you wanted to be, but you're too far gone for that, so I guess you'd better get ready for the worst because that's your fate.

And because it's all your own fault,I will have to suppress my inherent feelings of love, warmth pity & forgiveness and, instead, hope you get your 'just' deserts in due course. Till then, have fun in your racist, perverse little world.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

If Neoconsarecommies deleted the word "zionist" in his statement that

"The politically correct zionist government was already proto-despotic. They have taken a shine to Islam, they aren't subservient of [to] it. Despots look at tyrants as brothers"

then there is truth in it. Look how Putin sent arms to Islamic regimes.

I also agree with him that most Jews currently deny Christ and that the Israeli State is a secular State today. But I disagree that this means there is no covenant between Jews and God today. Jeremiah (31:35-6) said the covenant was as long as the earth endures. God does not break his word even if man does. And Isaiah (11:11-12) said that there would be a second return of the Jews to the land, from all corners of the compass. The first return was from 70 years of exile in Babylon, about 2550 years ago. A second return, from all corners of the compass, has taken place in the last 100 years. God is still fulfilling prophecies today that he made about the Jews long ago; he has not forgotten them. Another prophecy (Ezekiel 36:22-32) is that they would turn to God AFTER that return, not before it. There are at least 100 congregations of Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) in the Holy Land today, an area no larger than Wales...

St Paul made it clear that Christians should be grateful to Jews for the Messiah, and I for one am.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that America's Police Force will remain unbound by cowardice and moral shame, by abasing itself to one group of people over the others.
If the Law is for all, then so too is the Police Force.
I have no doubt that this nonsense is perpetrated in Government Offices, and put into action by the Politically Correct Chiefs of Police against the will or the common-sense of most officers on the beat.
Where is it all going to end up?
I hope this gets challenged by some person in the right position within the Police, but I doubt it.

Joanne said...

Bwhahahaha! This is so bloody hilarious. I wonder if a fireman would have to remove his boots before running into a burning Muslum home to save a Muslim child? Let's face it; the British are being played as fools. Get a backbone; millions worldwide support you. We are all just waiting patiently for you all to finally hear the laughter, hoping we all don't hear it first.