21 July 2008

The British Statement to Iran

Has Gordon Brown finally seen the light and come to his senses and turned back to his first love because that is going to be the only saving grace for his failed premiership and the destruction that has caused to the British homeland.

I should imagine that he overruled everyone in his government to make this statement to Iran and become the first British Prime minister to visit Israel and deliver a speech to the parliament there on behalf of the United Kingdom because the present British government is full of Liberal traitors with many being raging anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi’s who have no problem selling Israel and its Jewish people out on behalf of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, just so their necks aren’t the first on the chopping block.

They have two enemies now though; the Islamists who want to subjugate them and the British people who they are committing treason against.

How dare any leader of any Nation within the 21st Century call for the total destruction of Israel and another Holocaust against the Jewish people after the trauma they went through as a people group at the hands of Hitler during the Second World War.

Any leader of a Nation State who does declare such abhorrent words should be held account by all Nations who stand with Israel. Last week America led the way by stating in no uncertain terms that they will support Israel by all means necessary, and now Gordon Brown has passed a similar statement on behalf of the United Kindom.

The World is aligning itself for what is to come.

It is only a matter of time now until Israel destroys Iran’s Nuclear facilities for the safety, security, and the preservation of their homeland, and as a Nation and people they have the backing of America and Britain.

This is a turn around of events from such a liberal left wing British government that surrenders and appeases the Islamic World at every single opportunity so either Gordon Brown has over ruled his underlings or Israel and America have both put it on the British Government and said: ‘Where do you stand’!!!! ‘With us or against us’!!!!

Under those circumstances what would Gordon Browns response be considering the events that will unfold upon the Earth after the bombing of Iran occurs?

God knew the seriousness of this question that would be placed in Gordon Browns lap as the Prime minister of Great Britain at this point in time, so when he was a boy sitting under his fathers Christian ministry his father taught him the importance of Israel in God’s plans for mankind because it is scriptural and prophetic. His father was a solid staunch supporter of Israel because of his God, so how could Gordon Brown when faced with such a perplexing question now in his lifetime be anything other than just as staunch a supporter when the Nation of Israel, Gods Nation is now at risk from the devils of the Islamic Nation of Iran. God made it this way, and believe me this has dire dire consequences, where we are really truly damned if we do and damned if we don’t so we must decide where we stand and get ready for what is to come, which is what Gordon Brown has just done, so it could be close.

Nations need to get their priorities right on the World stage because once Iran is attacked the future for all Nations is going to be uncertain because the War that rages upon the Earth now is going to go to the next level and another phase.

World War III

Sanctions against Iran aren’t working and will never work, this is an Islamic Nation that believes it will be the Nation to lead the revived Islamic World and be the precursor to the Islamic Apocalypse, it is willing to lose as many of its population in the course of its present actions as a price worth paying for the total annihilation of the Jewish people and to wipe Israel from the map.

And this is an Islamic Nation in our world today that is working towards the A-Bomb that is already at War with America by proxy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and at War with Israel by proxy in Lebanon and Gaza.

People think to themselves ‘its over there, its not our problem, it doesn’t effect us’.

Believe me that when Iran is bombed it is going to effect every Western Nation on Earth, the Islamic World and its military wing the global guerilla army that is blended into our societies will no longer hold back their restraint and will have the backing and support of every Islamic Nation on Earth to destroy our Western Judeo/Christian civilization.

Osama Bin Laden will have a green light to fulfill his aim of destroying Christendom and killing 4 million Americans, men, women and children.

The pit of hell is soon to be unleashed against us and we are counting down the days until it occurs.

This isn’t a dream and it cannot be stopped, the cogs are in place on the World stage and the wheels are in motion, it is just a matter of time now.

America and Britain have both made their positions clear, Israel has conducted a practice run in the event of bombing Iran, and Iran have test fired its missiles.

All we are waiting for now is the inevitable, and once that happens the World in which we live is going to change again.

In War there can only be one winner, them or us, no middle ground, and America the most powerful Nation on Earth is at War with the military wing of the Islamic World, Israel is being forced to defend herself from a suicidal apocalyptic Nation and we live in the 21st Century – The Nuclear age

Wake up because these events are unfolding in the real world outside your front door and they are going to change our world forever just like 9/11 did.

The War has to escalate, it’s a natural progression to conflict unless one side accepts defeat and surrenders and I know America are not going to surrender and the military wing of the Islamic religion aren’t going to surrender because to them there is no higher or greater honour and nothing more pleasing to Allah than to die fighting Jihad, it’s the only sure way of reaching their paradise with 72 virgins waiting for them, so this really is a battle to the end now.

The coming Apocalypse to planet Earth, dig in, play your part, enjoy the ride and hope and pray for your children and grandchildren because they are the ones who are going to face the consequences of this generation, unless Jesus returns sooner rather than later.

Iran have already stated that they have studied some of our most sensitive sites meaning that they are ready to attack us if we attack them, so we could be in for a British Chernobyl or the like.

Just one thought; We have illegal immigrants flooding into our Country, we have lost total control of our borders so how many of Iran’s specially trained military operatives, well versed in the art of urban warfare, and Al Qaeda trained terror cells do you think are now in our country blending into the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain waiting for the orders from the helm to go into attack stage.

The Iranian butterfly effect unfolding as you are reading this and most people are totally oblivious to the seriousness to planet Earth that this means.

No body wants this other than the Islamic World, it is just inescapable just like Hitler and his Nazi party in the 1930’s, this is now our era.

(I am writing a post about the National Security of Great Britain at the moment so please come back if your interested in reading it)

If you’re a new reader to this blog all I will say is go do some research, look at the facts and then draw your own conclusion but make sure you open your mind.

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Anonymous said...

Its a sure thing that iran will be bombed soon and that will throw the world into turmoil.

You are so spot on with your thinking Paul.

Islam would like it to be a bit later, so it could take more of a foothold, but i hope the actions of people like us delay it enough to enable logical thought to hit the masses.

God bless


Anonymous said...

Don't agree.
Gordon Brown is still doing the will of his paymasters, the Saudi Royals.
They are shitting it that Iran will become regional "superpower" ha ha.
If they do then Saudi will have to spend more billions to get the Nukes as well.
Who will sell them to them, in that case.
America, Russia, China, UK?
C'mon down to the best auction in town.
Isn't this about the West protecting one face of Islam from the other.
Shia versus Sunni?
Gordon Brown is digging himself a trench.
He couldn't tackle even an 80+ year old dictator called Mugabe.
He lost that argument over Zimbabwe, and he sure isn't gonna win this one.
He is all wind, and I bet that the Israelis know that.
It's another sop to the Arabs to keep the oil prices down.
Gordon Bullsite.