10 July 2008

American children freed from Pakistan Madrassa

Following on from: The Pakistan terror connection

Two American Children Escorted from Taliban Madrassa by American Consulate in Karachi for Flight to NYC"Karachi Kids"

Documentary Spurs Action(July 10 -- Atlanta, GA) - Two American children were escorted by the American consulate officers in Karachi, Pakistan Tuesday night Pakistan time and boarded a flight to Dubai, UAE and then boarded a direct flight to NYC, Noor Elahi Khan and Mahboob Elahi Khan are expected to arrive in Atlanta on a Delta flight this afternoon at 4:30 PM.

The two brothers have been in a Pakistani madrassa for four years and are the focus of a newly released documentary entitled "The Karachi Kids".

"I have been working for months to secure their exit from the Madrassa and from Pakistan," said Imran Raza, writer, director and executive producer of the Karachi Kids documentary. "This is great news, but we need to get the other American children out of there, now. There are nearly 80 other Americans currently at this Jamia Binoria madrassa -- that teaches Deobandism -- the religion of the Taliban. Our government, and the Pakistani government, has more work to do to get the other American children out of there.

"Raza discovered the two children from Atlanta while filming a documentary about madrassas. He returned to the madrassa three times in four years to film their transformation in the hands of the radical mullahs. Children in the documentary film "The Karachi Kids" describe beatings and human rights violations for those who reject the radical teachings of their Taliban masters. Children from California and Georgia are interviewed in the film from inside the madrassa and discuss coming back to the United States to spread extremism within our borders.

The trailer of the documentary can be seen at

The headmaster of the Binoria madrassa personally recruits American children to his institution during Ramadan, and says on camera that: "We work on altering the mindset of the students we are training, so when they return to their home countries, their mindset is such that they will work on altering the minds of others. That is why I'm appealing to you that at least 1000 to 2000 boys come to us so we can train them and they will go back to their home countries and do the work and make people understand." The headmaster of the Binoria madrassa also states that he has already graduated 100 American children from his madrassa.


Findalis said...

What they now need is deprogramming the way that is done after one leaves a cult.

In time these children can become good Christians and lead productive lives.

Anonymous said...

Funny and pathetic in how the headmaster stated "work on altering the minds," which is just another word for "Brainwashing." These muslims are freaking crazy. And we all know these kids who attend aren't going to spread the word of their type of islam. These kids we do everything to put together several cells and radicalize others into committing violent terrorist crimes against America and other western nations.

Anonymous said...

The comments from the 'christians' on this blogg don't seem too different from the radical taliban in control of the terrorist school the kids attended. Also, isn't the picture at the top of this news article of a 'christian' european girl probably belonging to a 'christian' radical group in good old US of A. If people don't adopt a correct approach to a global problem of terrorism which by the way is taking more Muslim victims than any other, then the wrong approach will only cultivate radicals and exterimists that will plunge the world into chaos and violence.

Lionheart said...

Another liberal dimwit or moslem apologist, can you not see that the world is already in chaos and crisis and the Christians are only now just responding to it.

And how can you compare the comments on this blog with the Taliban who blow womens heads of in football stadiums for sport?