8 July 2008

The Pakistan terror connection

Foreword: There is upwards of 3 million Moslems within Great Britain which forms the newly established Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain. The majority of that 3 million are of Pakistani descent who because they were born upon our shores hold passports with the Crown stamped on them which gives them a free reign to travel around the international community.

There are 400,000 who travel between the UK and Pakistan every year and amongst that group there are those who end up in the Madras’s there, indoctrinated with Islam’s Holy War against the non-Islamic World that is taken directly from the pages of the Koran from the words and example of their false child molesting bloodthirsty prophet who then return to Great Britain and blend back into our society with these new thoughts and perceptions of the World around them.

Amongst that 400,000 there are also those who end up in the Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan/Afghanistan who then return to Great Britain as trained guerilla soldiers versed in the art of urban warfare to further Al Qaeda’s aims upon our shores.


The War of OUR times is here…

The article below is from an American Congressman who spells the reality out in plain terms based upon the facts, so you should listen to what he says and relate that to what is happening within Great Britain.

There can only be one winner at the end of this long War, them or us, no middle ground.

"Decide where you stand and who you stand with"

I hope that the Americans know there are people on the ground in Great Britain ready and willing to defend their Civilisation, even though their leaders are gladly handing their homeland over to the Islamic World and putting the American homeland in grave jeopardy in the process considering we are just a stepping stone into your Nation, the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century.

If the military wing of Islam is successful in neutralising America then it is 2 - 0 over the Earths 2 most powerful Super Powers, the rest of mankind will fall into line when threatened with this new axis of Evil who can strike at will.

The Global Caliphate will then be Established.

Over my dead body they will have to climb first, so who stands with me and who supports me?

One will chase 1000 and 2 will chase 10,000.

July 8, 2008
Contact: Mike Rosen

Congressman McCaul Urges Musharraf to Free American Children Held in Islamic Institution

AUSTIN - In a face to face meeting in Islamabad, Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX) urged Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf to help free two American citizens from an Islamic religious institution in the Middle East - the type which have been directly linked to the spawn of anti-American terrorism in the region that is the front line of the global war on terror. In their July 4 meeting President Musharraf assured Rep. McCaul that the teenagers would be released. The US Ambassador to Pakistanalso gave assurances that they would be released, as early as this week.

"This demonstrates why we need to focus our resources on the epicenter of the war on terror in the Afghanistan/Pakistan region," said Rep. McCaul. "The madrassas come to America and recruit children to indoctrinate them into Islamic extremism."

"These American boys should be released immediately. Pakistan has a policy to exclude foreigners from these madrassas including Americans. However, the policy has failed so far."

Within hours of Congressman McCaul's meeting with President Musharraf, Pakistan's new civilian government announced it would continue Musharraf's madrassas' reform policy which includes expulsion of foreign students, registration with the federal government, control of their funding and standardization of their curricula.

Noor Elahi Khan, 17, and Mahboob Elahi Khan, 16, of Atlanta,GA, are being held at the Jamia Binoria Institute in Karachi, recognized by both the U.S. and Pakistani governments as one of the most radical madrassas in Pakistan. Exit visas issued by the Pakistani government are holding up their departure. The boys enrolled in Binoria in August 2004, and have expressed the desire to leave Pakistan since their arrival. Despite attempts to free these children, and Pakistan's policy that madrassas must expel any foreign students, including Americans, Mufti Muhammad Naeem, the head and founder of the Binoria madrassa, continues to hold these Americans in a show of political strength against the government.

According to Naeem, the Khans are among 80 Americans enrolled in his madrassa. It is believed that there are 600 American boys being educated in 22 madrassas inPakistan. The sole curriculum is to memorize the Koran. Well into their high school years the Khans have been denied a formal education.

Madrassas have come under intense international scrutiny for their anti-Western sentiment and links to terrorism since 9/11, and since the London subway bombings three years ago today, July 7, 2005. Three of the four suicide bombers who carried out the London plot were British nationals of Pakistani descent. Two attended madrassas inPakistan. The Binoria madrassa is known to recruit Americans most aggressively. It prominently displays a banner supporting the Taliban. And it is documented that Osama bin Laden spoke to students at Binoria before the 9/11 attacks.

While these religious schools purport to serve a purpose and educate Islamic children, great concern has grown over the increasing number of "political" madrassas. They mass-produce extremists with a political agenda, including a narrow view of society and no tolerance of Western culture. They radicalize Muslims and are seminaries for jihad.

"Most disturbing is that Americans and other westerners who are trained in these madrassas to hate America, have unfettered access to the United States. They leave the madrassas with intent to come back home to spread their message of hatred toward our country. Worst case they intend to kill us," Congressman McCaul said.

"The 9/11 terrorists had to work to infiltrate the United States to plan their attack. These madrassas are creating a new breed of terrorist that can come back to our country, work in our businesses, live next door, and teach our children with no questions asked. They are potential time bombs planted in our communities waiting to explode."

Documentary filmmaker Imran Raza, who is of Pakistani descent, discovered the Khans in the Binoria madrassa in 2005. He embarked on his documentary "Karachi Kids", www.karachikids.com, immediately after the London subway bombings. Raza has spearheaded the effort to remove the Khans from Binoria and bring them back to America.

Congressman McCaul just returned from an official visit to the Middle East with U.S. Representatives Gene Green and Henry Cuellar. They also visited wounded U.S.military personnel at LandstuhlMedical Center in Ramstein, Germany. And they toured the front line of the war on terror with U.S. troops in Afghanistan charged with rooting out Taliban and al Qaeda terrorist cells which have sought safe haven in that region.

Congressman McCaul is a member of the House Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs committees. Before he was elected to Congress, McCaul served as chief of Counter-Terrorism and National Security in the U.S. Attorney's Office in Texas, and led the Joint Terrorism Task Force charged with detecting, deterring and preventing terrorist activity.

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Anonymous said...


Melaine Philips was posted a great article in the Daily Mail against Osborne's article last week.

To quote part of her article:

' Three years after the London Tube and bus bombings, it is alarming beyond measure to record that Britain is even now sleepwalking into Islamisation. Some people will think this is mere hyperbole. However, that's the problem. Britain still doesn't grasp that it is facing a pincer attack from both terrorism and cultural infiltration and usurpation.

The former is understood; the latter is generally not acknowledged or is even denied, and those who call attention to it are pilloried as either ' Islamophobes' or alarmists who have taken up residence on Planet Paranoia.

Certainly, the police and security service have been foiling plot after plot and are bringing to court a steady stream of Islamist radicals - an improvement without doubt from two years ago. And so, particularly within the British elite, people think that things are broadly under control.

They fail to realise that the attempt to take over our culture is even more deadly to this society than terrorism. They are simply blind to the ruthless way in which the Islamists are exploiting our chronic muddle of well-meaning tolerance and political correctness (backed up by the threat of more violence) to put Islam on a special - indeed, unique - footing within Britain. '

The rest is here:


RG said...

Heads Up



THIS is Osama Bin Laden’s school-age son, who yesterday continued his father’s mission of hate — with a POEM begging for Britain to be destroyed.

Baby-faced Hamza Bin Laden — just 16 but already dubbed the Crown Prince of Terror — also ranted in his evil ode that the US and our other allies must be wiped out.

The teen declared in his demented ditty to fanatics: “Accelerate the destruction of America, Britain, France and Denmark.”

He continued: “Oh God, reward the fighters hitting the infidels and defectors. Oh God, guide the youth of the Islamic nation and let them assist with the fighters’ plans.

“God, be pleased with those who want to go for jihad — and blind those who are watching and want to capture them.”

The vile verses, by the youngest of the al-Qaeda warlord’s 18 sons, appeared on an extremist website to mark three years since the 7/7 London suicide bombings killed 52 innocents. The poem urged: “Grant victory to the Taliban over the gangs of infidels.”

His words — believed to be recited by the lad himself — accompanied a short video clip featuring old footage of his dad.

A short introduction announced: “We now offer you a new poem by Sheikh Hamza Bin Laden, may God protect him.” Hamza — thought to be hiding on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border — is Bin Laden’s only son by his Saudi wife.

Respected terrorist expert Chris Dobson said: “Despite his youth he is emerging as Bin Laden’s likely heir.” Tory MP Patrick Mercer, a member of the Home Affairs Committee, said: “The sins of the father are being visited upon the son. We now have the Crown Prince of Terror taking up his father’s mantle.”

Findalis said...

Pakistan is suppose to be an ally to the US, but from these actions we in the US see exactly that they are just trying to keep the US from doing to them what the US did in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many of us in the US are standing next to our comrades in the UK. We cry when we see the steps your government is doing to ensure your Dhimmitude and cheer when you fight against it. Remember you have a staunch ally in the US.

RG said...


from the same article above regarding Hamza Bin Laden...

Author and internet terror expert Neil Doyle warned: “There’s been a rising level of extremist chatter online about attacks on Britain. The comments will add fuel to that.”

Anonymous said...

The figure for the No of paedo worshippers in Britain is usually given to be 1.7 million. Please tell me that figure of 3m is wrong!

Anonymous said...

Urban, more like 5 million if you could ever count the illegals that have disappeared into the woodwork, like burrowing wood-beetles.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan and India are at a renewed height of tension.
Each accuses the other of trying to spark the long running border disputes.
Pakistan claims Indian agents are working in Afghanistan, towards destabilising the Pak/Afghan border region.
Pakistan soldiers have fought against allied troops in recent weeks.
Both countries are heavily nuclear armed, with battle plans drawn many years ago and casualty predictions already made.
It is just as likely that the nuclear conflict will start here, as it is in Middle East.
Any major exchange between Islamic countries and coalition forces, could spark events that will drag the Himalayas into escalating war scenarios.
In China, the authorities have arrested substantial numbers of terrorists planning acts of violence against the Beijing Olympic Games.
The terrorists come from the Islamic dominated province of China.
It is indeed, a global jihad.
A war to eliminate all Cultures except that of the Mohammedan.