14 July 2008

Join in the 'Defence of the Realm'

I recieve alot of emails from people which I am unable to reply too, so here is the opportunity to come together and do something positive.

Join the Facebook group:
Defence of the Realm

Britain’s foremost military think tank RUSI have analysed the current security threat facing Great Britain and are that alarmed at their findings and the imminent danger and threat facing the life of the homeland that they have publicly told the British government that they must make the “Defence of the Realm” its No.1 priority.

Daily Mail: RUSI

RUSI is a collective group of some of the best minds in different fields of military and security brought together to analyse the current threats facing Great Britain, the organization is one of the most distinguished military think tanks in the World with our Queen as its Patron, so if this group that has access to the highest levels of information that is not in the public domain are that alarmed at the dangers and threat facing us and the very existence of Great Britain that they have told the government that it must make the “Defence of the Realm” its No.1 priority, then we and our Country must be in very serious danger do you not think?

The blinkered liberal “Islam means peace” British government have flatly rejected RUSI and their findings, with known Al Qaeda terrorists with links to Osama Bin Laden, including his European Ambassador who is linked to the 9/11 atrocity freed from prison back out into our society recently, with the good honest decent hard working innocent British tax payer now forced to foot the bill for this National suicide, to house, clothe, feed, and heal these people who are our sworn enemies working towards our ultimate destruction.

How can that be “Defending the Realm”?

Allowing our mortal enemies who want to murder us, take our Country over and transform Great Britain into an Islamic State to live their way of life freely side by side of ours whilst all along working towards subjugating us and our children under Islamic dominance and rule.

The Labour Governments State sanctioned Treason.

The Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain is working towards transforming our Nation from the Dar al-Harb (House of War), into the Dar al-Islam (House of Islam). They do this through Jihad on every single level of daily life, either non-violently which is called the Islamification process, or through violence and terror.

The ultimate aim: To implement Sharia Law as governance over the land.

Look at the recent statements from the Judas Archbishop, the Countries Top Judge, and one of the Countries Top Lawyers who have each supported one another in saying that we must accept Sharia Law as part of the English justice system. Giving the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain the first State sanctioned building blocks for their Kingdom to break away from English rule so as to be their own newly formed autonomous Kingdom with its own governance upon the British Isles.

This religious military enemy who wants to destroy us and our way of life is not over there in some distant foreign Country anymore, the enemy is 3+ million strong here living amongst us within our own Country, living side by side of us professing to be good Moslems, moderate Moslems, while all along working from within to destroy our society, its way of life and the very future we want to hand to our children and grandchildren. Helped along by this present British government who are so terrified at this bloodthirsty suicidal monster now living in our midst that they have helped create that they will do literally anything to keep them quiet and prevent them from spilling and feeding on our blood even if that means handing over parts of our society so that we and our way of life fall in line with them and their Islamic Religion – Surrender and Appeasement!

2 Kingdoms on the 1 tiny Island – Only one will survive into the future!

The Clash between the 2 Kingdoms is coming, it is unavoidable now unless Moslems pack their bags and return to their ancestral homelands because the British Isles is the ancestral homeland of those who were here first and they will fight to the very end to defend it for the sake of their children and grandchildren, mark my words on that.

If you are a Moslem then it is your obligation as a Moslem to work towards implementing Islamic supremacy over the kuffar (non-believers) because this is a fundamental teaching at the core of your religion. It is an abomination in the eyes of Islam for Moslems to be ruled over by non-Moslems. If a Moslem is not working towards this goal of Islamic dominance and rule then they are not Moslem and should not carry the label Moslem because the label carries all of the ingredients, not just some of them.

There are no moderate Moslems in Islam, there are just different Moslems playing out different parts of the same agenda with Mohamed and the teachings of the Koran at the core of each of them.

If a Moslem does not want to live under Sharia Law then he/she is not a Moslem.

This conquest of OUR ‘Realm’ is the religious agenda of a very large section of our society that cannot be changed so we must face the facts and start digging in to defend ourselves and our way of life from this planned conversion of our Nation for the sake of the future generations who are born and yet to be born who are relying on us in this generation to “Defend the Realm”.

No body wants what is coming except the military wing of the Islamic Kingdom who are openly calling for it, training for it and conducting it in our midst. Sometimes certain things are just unavoidable so you are forced to have to face the facts and do what is right before it is too late, because if you do not then the consequences do not bear thinking about.

The “Defence of the Realm” is the responsibility of those living within it, me and you, not just the government who are nothing more than a small group of people who reside over the reigns of power that goes towards the functioning of the State, the same State they are destroying and handing over to the Islamic Kingdom bit by bit, piece by piece. It is the governments responsibility to use the functioning of the State to actively support the ‘Defence of the Realm’ at all costs, and if it is not doing this then it is failing in its duty towards the Queen and the people who put them in power, so that small group of traitors to the Crown should be removed from their positions of power so that others can take their place who have the ‘Defence of the Realm’ as their No.1 priority. It is not me saying that the ‘Defence of the Realm’ must be the governments No.1 priority, it is the Queens military think tank that has told them too, and I should imagine that Sir Winston Churchill at the start of his leadership received the exact same mandate for his government from a similar or if not the same, think tank.

We now have a government of appeasers who are surrendering our Nation to our enemies, the same as Neville Chamberlain before the Second World War. Then Sir Winston arrived and led us to Victory, so I wonder who carries that mantle in this generation?

The blue blood that once ran through David Cameron’s family veins seems to have run yellow over the centuries, I wonder what the ancestors who had pure proven Templar blood would think of a weak indecisive relative scared of upsetting Moslems living in his back garden in this generation?

I would imagine they would cut him loose and turn their backs on him and class him as a traitor to their Christian Order.

We will have to wait and see whether or not that blood truly is now yellow or not.

What is the consequence if the government does not make ‘Defence of the Realm’ its No.1 priority?

It doesn’t take Einstein to work it out based on all the information in the public domain, and I am sure that RUSI have a very good idea that’s why they issued the government with their dire warning.

Britain’s future will be an Islamic State.

We can choose to listen to RUSI or we can ignore them.

This Facebook group is a way for people of like mind who are willing to ‘Defend the Realm’ peacefully to come together. This is not about taking to the streets and burning the Islamic Kingdom out and hanging their political facilitators from London bridge, this is about people coming together who agree that ‘enough is enough’ for the sake of our futures and are willing to stand up and form a pressure group.

English Rose gathered 250,000 signatures on a petition against the London Mega Mosque which sent a shiver down the spine of those wanting to build it and those supporting them like the blatant racist ex-London Mayor Livingstone. It showed that their was large enough public opinion against the Mega Mosque in the heart of our Capital City to make those who were pushing this abomination through think twice about what they were doing.

The Islamic Kingdom are well versed on putting pressure on our society through their pressure groups that have been set up specifically for this reason. Get as many Moslems together to show their disgust at something and the kuffar will bow down to our demands, its called manipulating society through public opinion for their Islamic purposes.

He who shouts loudest.

If enough people complain to an organization about something then you can make a difference and you can bring about change, it’s a peaceful proactive way of “Defending our Realm” from intrusion by the those who seek to destroy it and their politically correct facilitators.

A way for everyone to say “Enough is Enough” just by simply putting your name down and standing with your fellow country men/women and friends from around the World who support us as we support them in this struggle each of us face today against the planned global take over of Islam and the establishment of the Caliphate that is unfolding in our midst.

What will you say you did to take part in the ‘Defence of the Realm’ when your children are older and they are living in an Islamic State or wiping the sweat from their brows after the Civil War?

Will you be proactive or a lousy coward couch potato watching Eastenders, Big brother and the X factor when you could have done a little something to make their world a better safer place for them to live in.

The past generation each played their part in ‘Defending the Realm’ against the Nazi’s and now its your turn in this generation to defend it from the Moslems and their political facilitators.

RUSI have told us that the ‘Defence of the Realm’ is OUR No.1 priority for good reason, so it is each of our responsibilities to defend it.

Play your part and put your name to the list, no one can arrest anyone for supporting one another and our way of life peacefully can they? and the more people standing together in unity and solidarity sends a clear message to all those who are watching.

The British people have had enough!

Take the recent case of the school children punished by their teacher for refusing to bow down and pray to Allah in class. I sent an email to those responsible and I should expect everyone else who was reviled at the situation did the same. The teacher has now been suspended pending her discipline with a generic letter sent out by the local authority to everyone who complained. Can you imagine the headache that they faced when presented with a public angered by this outrage, and all it took was 2 minutes to write and present that outrage to those in charge? This could not then be swept under the carpet like everything usually is in today’s society in which we live. They could not ignore the righteous anger of public opinion.

It takes 2 minutes to set up a facebook account and join the group and if you can use the internet which you obviously can because you are reading this then you can set up a facebook account, just follow the simple instructions.

Please send this post and a link to the facebook group to everyone on your email list because the more people willing to stand together saying ‘enough is enough’ of what is happening to our Country and Way of Life then the harder it will be for Labours totalitarian State to silence our discontent at the way they are handing our Country over to our Islamic enemies, and it will show the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain that we will not tolerate their hatred, murder, aggression and War against us upon our land anymore.

The time has come to make a stand before it is too late!

Join your Country men/women: '
Defence of the Realm'

Watch this Video below and you will see that even the police cannot truly protect us in today’s British society, so if this is what they face what do we the common man/woman with no authority face?

'Enough is Enough'

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