4 July 2008

Britain’s top Judge says we must accept Sharia Law in our Country

Foreword: Britain’s top Judge says we must accept Sharia Law in our Country

Loony Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers who is the the most senior judge in England has publicly backed the introduction of Sharia Law into Great Britain.

As he sits back living the life of luxury in his tax paid Ivory tower, we are the ones on the receiving end of his lunacy.

Another building block towards the Islamification of our homeland and it is the most senior judge in England who has sanctioned it.

Another Labour stooge residing over one of the most powerful positions in the land who is to become the Chief Law Lord and President of the newly formed Supreme Court next year. Are these elevations into ultimate positions of power the gifts for carrying out his political masters will’s and forcing us and our society to accept their destruction of our way of life?

You have got to keep the best man for the best jobs after all, and Loony Lord Phillips with his statement on human rights laws, and now his welcoming in of Sharia Law into our Country prove that he is this Labour government’s best man for the job.

What is the newly formed Supreme Court as well, is it a new Court to govern our land that the EU Super State in conjunction with the British government has created and placed over us so as to keep us peasant people in check?

I wonder what the peasant people of the land think of this modern Sheriff of Nottingham and the way he Lords it over us?

No wonder there is a modern Exodus of British citizens leaving the land for pleasnt pastures on other shore, jumping ship from the sinking ship!

He has now come out in support of another Labour stooge, the Queens Judas Archbishop who has also said that we must accept Sharia Law into our Country.

2 people sitting in the most powerful positions in 2 of our leading institutions in England that go towards the functioning of the State surrendering and handing our Country over to the Islamic Religion in our midst. One of those sitting in power is supposed to be the leader of Christ’s Church in England, and if you know anything about the Christian faith you will know that the Archbishop is acting completely against God and Gods word and he is the Archbishop, placed as the Queens Bishop over the Anglican Church by this Marxist government.

The puppets in the ultimate positions of power on the end of their Labour masters strings.

Step by Step the take over of the Western Islamic frontier that is the United Kingdom continues. The writing is on the wall and it is the blind leading the blind who cannot or are unwilling to read what is being written.

At least we now know, who is who, and what is what, as our internal powerful enemies line up together to support one another against the British people in the destruction of our homeland and way of life as they seek to transform British society into a Marxist Communist controlled Nanny State where a small powerful cabal run the affairs and dictate to the masses as they sit high and dry in their Ivory towers away from the ills of society that they themselves have created, and those who do walk about on our streets do so with armed protection and bullet proof clothing.

Is this extreme liberal left wing government fermenting Civil War for the British people, using the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain as a block vote for their power base, a weapon to fight those within the right of politics, and a distraction from their High Treason within the new EU Super State.

Why were the British people not allowed to vote on whether or not they wanted their Country to be handed over, swallowed up, and become a part of the new EU Super State?

The tiny Marxist cabal feared their plans would be scuppered so over ruled everyone and everything because they control the power and there is nothing we can say about it, and if we do their private army the police force is on hand to beat us back into our place through fear of arrest and imprisonment.

With what is unfolding within our Nation with the newly formed Islamic Kingdom is it any wonder that the UK is now one of the biggest threats to the American homeland in the War on Terror, seen as though we are a stones throw away and we gladly give all Moslem who have arrived upon our shores from the four corners of the Earth passports to travel freely around the World with the Queens Crown stamped on it..

What does the future hold?

This same Loony Lord living in his tax paid Ivory tower has also stated that human rights laws are a key weapon in fighting terrorism. That is why we now have 2 known Al Qaeda terrorists, one of them being Osama Bin Ladens European Ambassador freed back out into our society and funded by the good decent hard working British tax payer who are footing the bill to keep these ‘Enemies of the State’ in our midst. Human rights laws are only good for Islamic terrorists fighting Jihad, not for us trying to defend ourselves from the Jihad, so when he says they are a key in fighting terrorism he must mean he supports Islamic terror in our midst because the human rights laws have only gone to further Al Qaeda’s war against us and not the other way around.

And this is our Top Judge – The Asylum

I wonder what he would think if he was brought down to reality and into the real world with the rest of us British citizens who he governs over?

With his lavish lifestyle he does not have to taste what we taste in life, he eats and drinks from the fat of our land and feeds us peasants stinging nettles, and forces us to drink poison.

I wonder what those within the ‘House of Windsor’ who rule the British Crown think of this Judge and his open advocacy of Islamic terrorism in our midst, and the introduction of Sharia law as law for our Judeo/Christian land, they are the ‘defenders of the faith’ after all, and at this rate with this Marxist government and their stooges residing over the reigns of Power they are seriously placing the homeland in serious peril with the future survival of the British people and their way of life now at stake because of their pet Marxist project which is the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain and the British Islam they are trying to create and graft into our society which is completely contrary to the basics of the religion.

Chalk and Cheese do not go together.

Is it not time for the Crown to exercise its rule and authority for the sake of their people and Nation? Or are the Royal Family now nothing more than figures in society to brighten up the homeland within no power.

I would like to believe what history speaks about our English Kings and Queens and their special relationship with their subjects.

Those dark forces are nothing to Almighty God, do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul, but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell because we are all going to end up facing Him at some point, there is nothing more certain and it doesn’t matter who you are you cannot escape it.

Queen Elizabeth is the Patron Saint of RUSI which is one of the oldest most distinguished military think tanks in the World, and they have told the government that it must make the ‘Defence of the Realm’ its No.1 priority.

It seems that the British government and our justice system are not listening to them.

What hope have we when these are the ones who are sitting in the ultimate positions of power over the British State?

I sit and wonder what could change things because things are so bad, and I think that a major terrorist strike like a British Chernobyl or something similar maybe a strike at a Football ground will arouse the fury of the British people, then all these Marxist Labour stooges like this Loony Lord will be held to account for what they have done to us and our country by the Millions of British citizens spread throughout the land who will awaken and rise up for the safety and security of everything they hold dear.

The survival instinct is one of the most powerful instincts know to man, and those who are forcing things upon us and our society against our will that have a dire detrimental effect will be held responsible I should expect.

To my American readers you really don’t realize how bad things are now on the ground within Great Britain, we are both at war with the global military wing of Islam just different fronts of the same war, so different tactical military strategies being used against us by our enemies, and here we have Dhimmi’s running our affairs who are working hand in hand with our enemies who want the overthrow and conquest of our Nation. This is the ultimate aim of the Islamic Religion after all as laid down in the Koran by Mohamed himself.

The Neville Chamberlain effect and the new Nazi’s.

Those in power want to hope that a major terrorist attack doesn’t happen, but considering the plans that have already been thwarted that hope will be false so their positions of power over us are passing by the day. It seems that they are just trying to cause as much damage as possible now before they go, maybe in the hope that the Islamic Kingdom will shelter and protect them once the storm hits. They probably will when you think about it but they will no longer be sitting in positions of power in ivory towers, they will be subservient Dhimmi’s, slaves to their new Moslem masters.

I wonder whether they ever sit back and think about the ‘what if’ question.

What is the consequence in the future if we lose this War that has been declared against us by the military wing of Islam?

This is a very real question that our world faces as the global potentially chemical, nuclear and biological Jihad unfolds upon the Earth.

’We all must decide where we stand and who we stand with’

Those who have children should look at them, and then look at the society around them and think about what future you want for them.

Those in the ultimate positions of power over us have completely lost touch with reality, or are we the ones who have lost touch who are sounding the alarm because we cannot both be right?

For those who have any doubt about what the alien Islamic Kingdom’s intentions are towards us that you know nothing about because you don’t know anything about Islam and Moslems other than what the government tells you through the TV, please watch this important video: Undercover Mosque

The writing is being written on the wall daily.

Daily Mail

The most senior judge in England yesterday gave his blessing to the use of sharia law to resolve disputes among Muslims.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips said that Islamic legal principles could be employed to deal with family and marital arguments and to regulate finance.

He declared: 'Those entering into a contractual agreement can agree that the agreement shall be governed by a law other than English law.'

In his speech at an East London mosque, Lord Phillips signalled approval of sharia principles as long as punishments - and divorce rulings - complied with the law of the land.

But his remarks, which back the informal sharia courts operated by numerous mosques, provoked a barrage of criticism.

Lawyers warned that family and marital disputes settled by sharia could disadvantage women or the vulnerable.

Tories said that legal equality must be respected and that rulings incompatible with English law should never be enforceable.

Lord Phillips spoke five months after Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams suggested Islamic law could govern marital law, financial transactions and arbitration in disputes.

The Lord Chief Justice said yesterday of the Archbishop's views: 'It was not very radical to advocate embracing sharia law in the context of family disputes'.

He added there is 'widespread misunderstanding as to the nature of sharia law'.

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We must accept Sharia law


Anonymous said...

As a matter of common sense, any two or more people can agree to be bound by statements of their own choosing, provided that nothing they do or say violates English Law. Lord Phillips and the Archbishop of Canterbury have not yet gone beyond saying this, but suppose that:

1. Muslims committed to Shari'a law, probably in areas of high Islamic population density, seek to drag others before Shari'a courts.

2. A non-Muslim takes a Muslim to court about a a civil matter over which Shari'a differs from English law.

3. Someone who dislikes a ruling made in a Shari'a court has the courage to contend that ruling in the courts of the land.

Then what?

It is impossible to believe that a top judge has not thought these issues through. That is why I profoundly regret Lord Phillips' statement when he could have said nothing, or broadcast a reminder that English Civil Law is available to all and that English Criminal Law applies to all in England.


Anonymous said...

His last comment that people do not really understand Sharia is so true.
He bloody-well does not.
You can't blame the Muslims for taking the piss with idiots like this in jobs like his.
He should stick to his day job and keep out of politics, along with the Archbishop, who thinks himself an expert on Islam as well.
Do they know what a joke they look?

Joanne said...

Any man who believes the people in Britain should be governed by Sharia must truly hate women because Sharia consists of laws that virtually strip women of their rights as human beings who should be treated equal amongst their male counterparts. This judge obviously must be compensating for something.

Anonymous said...

I think this judge, and others with the same strange mindset, would really like to be able to sentence the 'guilty' to (1) getting 50+ lashes with a cat-o-nine-tails or a bamboo cane; (2) pickpockets having their hands chopped off; (3) adulteresses (but not adulterers) being stoned, or beheaded; (4) ditto for women who are raped; (5)legalizing marriages between old geezers to girls from the age of 4 up; (6) legalizing multiple marriages all at the same time for men, but not for women;
(7)legalizing female circumcision; (8) legalizing 'honour' killings;
(9) legalizing castration of infidel dhimmis if demanded by more than 2 Islamists; (10) all women, including dhimmis, must wear the complete black chador, or burkha, showing only their eyes, from the age of 12, winter, spring, autumn & summer & if one strand of hair ever manages to escape from the prison-tent, the offending female must be imprisoned for at least a year to undergo 're-education' which, of course, includes being raped by prison staff whenever the urge takes them.

And that's just for a start.

Yep, bring in Sharia for the enjoyment of those judges whose latent urges are worse than even those of that infamous 'Hanging Judge' active in the 18th century.

Happy nightmares to one and all..

Anonymous Lady