5 July 2008

The Anglican Church seeks help from Rome

Senior Anglican Bishops can no longer be led by a Judas Archbishop so have sought the wisdom and guidance of Rome before it is too late.

When your leader strays that far away from the 'Faith' you have to make serious decisions and take serious steps.

Is it not time the Queen excersised her God given authority and removed Judas from the head of the flock?

This is a part of Christ's Church on Earth, the bride He longs to return for, and look at what Judas is doing to it, and what he is using his standing within our Nation to force upon the British people and their Judeo/Christian society on behalf of his new masters, the Marxist Revolutionaries who placed him in power.

You cannot serve 2 masters!

How can any leader of Christ's Church say that it is acceptable to introduce an alien religious way of life into the fabric of our society, especially one as hatefilled and murderous towards Christians as what Islam the death cult that is led by a child molesting paedophile prophet is.

Thank God for those taking these steps for the sake of their innocent flocks.


Daily Telegraph

Senior Church of England bishops have held secret talks with Vatican officials to discuss the crisis in the Anglican communion over gays and women bishops.

They met senior advisers of the Pope in an attempt to build closer ties with the Roman Catholic Church, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was not told of the talks and the disclosure will be a fresh blow to his efforts to prevent a major split in the Church of England.

In highly confidential discussions, a group of conservative bishops expressed their dismay at the liberal direction of the Church of England and their fear for its future.

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Anglicans seek help from Rome


Anonymous said...

I've long suspected that the solution to the current crisis might be the establishment of a formal Anglican Rite within the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Help me out here Lionheart,

The Catholic Church represents the whore of Babylon, the brothel guarded by eunuchs and a heaven you cannot get to until you've hailed Virgin Mary as the Mother of God.
Then you have the King's religion, of yes-men and a broadening church of sodomy and divorce while Saved by Jesus.
I can't find a Jesus among them. So how can one run to the other?

Who actually does ascribe to the beatitude and The Way? The teachers don't.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kinderling

This is Gospeller; I think I can help you. The notion that there is only Catholic and Protestant=Anglican is too simplistic. I can see three groupings: Roman Catholic, Anglican and Independent. From its beginning in schism from Rome by Henry VIII, Anglicanism has inherited too many of the features of Catholicism, particularly links with local political powers. Politics is by nature coercive whereas apostolic Christianity was a voluntary opt-in faith. A church cannot serve two masters, God and State! Another unscriptural feature that Canterbury inherited from Rome is an officer class of Christians set apart by "ordination". St Peter himself said that all Christians are priests (1 Peter 2:9), a word which simply means someone who represents God to people. The apostolic-era church comprised one congregation in each town, and each congregation ran itself before God - there was no hierarchy above congregations. (In the New Testament the word translated as "bishop" was one of the council of leaders of a congregation, but it has reversed in meaning so that there are now many congregations per bishop - by what authority?) Rival church hierarchies are the main impediment to church unity today. Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox and other church buildings in a row down our high streets is a disgrace which causes secular people to deride our claims to love one another, but it could not have happened on God's original church management system. The rot started when the leaders of the congregation in Rome, hitherto persecuted for their faith, accepted Emperor Constantine's authority to meddle with the church. Constantine's actual beliefs are not clear, but this was the start of the perversion of Christianity by politics. It is good for individual Christians to be in politics, where they serve Christ by standing for righteousness, but the church as an organisation was never meant to be like this.

Even in mediaeval Catholic Europe there were small independent congregations, such as the Waldensians in northern Italy. They wished only to study the Bible and pray their own liturgy rather than Rome's - for which Rome persecuted them. The faithful church will always be a small minority (Matt 22:14), and true believers will always be persecuted (John 15:18-20, 2 Tim 3:12). So, by Christ's own criteria, which of the Waldensians and Rome was the world, and which was the church? I believe there were many such groups throughout Europe, but most were so small that they are under the radar of conventional church historians, who write the history of politicised church hierarchies. Three church histories that take the view I hold (and available from Amazon) are Torch of the Testimony by John Kennedy, The Pilgrim Church by E.H. Broadbent, and Lost Heritage by Kim Tan.

In the 17th century, the Act of Uniformity (1662) made the Established church the only legal church, and independents like John Bunyan were thrown in jail for their love of Christ. In the 18th century, John Wesley was deeply unpopular with the Church of England hierarchy but he brought revival. The Church of England refused to preach to the British Empire's slaves and even owned some, whereas the "non-conformists" evangelised them, which was a big aid to Wilberforce in getting abolition through Parliament.

I have Anglican and Catholic friends who have personal faith in Jesus Christ and I do not doubt that they are saved. But I think their church systems are a hindrance to their faith rather than a help. I also note that persecution would lop off church hierarchies and restore the structure God intended.

Kinderling, I suggest you find a congregation with no hierarchy between itself and God, that was born out of prayer rather than schism, and that is open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit but understands the need for discipline by scripture. Pray about it, visit various congregations, ask the leaders searching questions, and look for love among the congregation. May God bless your search.


Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to tie the one with the other or say they are one and the same which IIRC was mentioned in this blog before but Rome and the EU are both European orientated monolithic powers. Why join them?

We need to look away from Europe and embrace the Anglosphere and particularly America.

Anonymous said...

Kinderling, I suggest you find a congregation with no hierarchy between itself and God
I did, it's me. And I go every day and I live by every word of conscience.

Thank you Gospeller. The Apostles, who should have been living examples of humanity instead of being like the Mohammedans coming with miraculous stories of the Prophet. The definition of a cult is the worship of a man. Ergo Christians do not know what to do with Islam.
Jesus said his words will set you free. They do. As yours do.

On the banks of the Jordan, Jesus Christ asked His hearers a "strange question." It embarrassed them. ...
Heckled by Pharisees and Herodians, Jesus countered: "Why call me with your mouth, master, when ye hear not what I say?""

Anonymous said...

Dear Kinderling

Totally agree that the Christian must live by his Christ-informed conscience. But St Paul repeatedly makes the point that believers are parts of the body of Christ who must work cooperatively in congregation. We are not meant to be spiritual hermits. My words were about what sort of congregation to find - there is a wider (and more godly) choice than Catholic or Anglican.

Every blessing


Gary Fouse said...

Cute eyebrows. Is he looking up at Allah?

gary fouse

Anonymous said...

Hi Gospeller,

The path is to discover your own conscience and not be led sleeply by another's.

I liked the Matrix story of Neo a lot, I really did, it pulled on every heartstring I would like to believe the world ought to be for mankind: A physical and transcendental experience.

It was a similar blockbuster then 2000 years ago. Making Constantine and the Wachowski brothers very, very rich. Hell, there was even a sequel hundreds of years later, where Mother Mary got a prominent role, from Vatican Productions.

The movie is nice. But are you really going to live out your life playing the part of Luke Skywalker?
You are worth more than that.
There is more to discover from Jesus' teachings than a movie prepared for you. Read the Gospel of Thomas and other sources. Find the man, and you will then have found yourself again.

Anonymous said...

Gary... post hoc ergo propter hoc

Anonymous said...

Dear Kinderling

I believe the Bible is the word of the God who created man and the world - making him supreme - and that Jesus Christ is a man who fully shares that divinity. I'm on Lionheart's blog mainly to discuss Islam rather than the gospel, but in brief: the four gospels in the Bible were written within a few decades of the events they describe, at first or only second hand from those events, by men who believed they were dealing with a holy God whose doings they dared not misdescribe.

The gospel of Thomas is theologically incompatible with the four canonical gospels. Thomas' gospel does not have that same pedigree, which is why I opt for the conventional four and not Thomas.

Every blessing


Anonymous said...

I have never met this man but he looks very very weird in the photo...In this photo he looks satanic and evil..perhaps it is the bizarre eyebrows...He definately needs a facial, a beard trim and eyebrow trim and waxing...He may have a nice energy, I don't know, but because of his idea about having even some aspects of sharia law incorporated he should be sent for Christain Counselling and be removed from his position. I saw this quote somewhere during my surfing and loved it...
Tolerance of intolerance is Cowardice...

Anonymous said...

Hi Gospeller,

to know someone you have never met, is to speak to their many friends and acquaintances. For their different ways of filtering and prejudices are revealed by cross-examination.

I know nothing but of human ego and nature. Therefore to freely share this discourse in a time of PC paranoia is a pleasure.

Rowan Williams is leading the Hare Krishnas to ruin. If they cannot see being your brother's keeper makes him a lackey, putting homosexuals in charge of children exposes them to severe emotional trauma, making a man into God is idolatry, well... they're Christians 2008, products of their own environment.

The big picture is... you discover for yourself.

Bless you.

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago, hundreds of Anglican bishops (mainly from Africa) assembled in Jerusalem to protest the new 'liberal' Leftwing politically-correct Anglican church under the 'guidance' of Rowan Williams and his ilk.

The main subjects in hand were their objections to the direction the church was taking concerning same-sex marriage and gay priests, which they warned will lead to a schism within the church.

They even threatened to break away from the main church because of those issues - and others which may also include the stand on Sharia law being taken by the Archbishop and some other bishops.

We'll have to wait and see what happens during the synod in London sometime in the near future.

Maybe Archbishop Williams will find himself facing demands to resign so that another, more traditional, Anglican bishop can replace him. Maybe that will be the only path to prevent a schism.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

In my view, the sooner the apostate Church of England hierarchy dissolves, liberating the many faithful Christians in its pews to follow Christ, the better.


Joanne said...

Egads! Anglicans seek help from Rome? Do I ask Satan's help in understanding the Word of God? Hell no....literally. If Anglicans need help, they should seek help from God Almighty himself. Twits.

I know the Pope holds to many things I actually agree with in regards to abortion, homosexuality, etc., but there are a few deal breakers the RC Church commits that would keep me from being within the range of any blessing from the Pope or one of his priests.