4 July 2008

Daily Mail's Peter Oborne – A rebuttal

Peter Oborne's article: Is post War Britain Anti-Moslem?

This is not a question given for us to make in informed reasoned judgment over because if you read the article, the article is a statement saying that Post War Britain IS anti-Moslem, so the title should not be asking us the question it should be making the statement “Post War Britain is anti-Moslem” in Peter Oborne’s mind.

Before I go on with my rebuttal I want to make something perfectly clear from the outset so that the reader has this in the back of their mind whilst reading and making an informed reasoned judgment over Peter Oborne’s statement and my rebuttal.

The liberal stooges within the media who work on behalf of their Marxist political masters behalf using the mainstream media as a tool for propaganda purposes to indoctrinate the masses, always make the situation sound a lot less worse than it really is so as to get their case across and lull the gullible sheep people into a false sense of security. Given the platform that they have it always works because people believe what they are told especially when reading it in a respectable mainstream newspaper.

Peter Oborne is a journalist for the Mail and in his statement he says there are 1.6 million Moslems in Britain.

The Daily Mail recently reported on the Home Secretary traveling to Pakistan and telling the audience there was now 2 million Moslems in Britain and 10% of them are millionaires.

Was Peter Oborne asleep that day or has he used the 1.6 million figure to make his case sound a lot more convincing to those who read it.

This is a blatant lie as Peter Oborne and the Mail know, so you have to ask the question; why would Peter Oborne say 1.6 million when in fact everyone knows from recent news reports that the political figure is 2 million?

Although those of us speaking about Islam in our midst believe the figure to be much higher than the 2 million mark considering the British government has no clue as to the amount of immigrants now in our Country.

Peter Oborne will call me a rightwing bigot, Islamaphobe, neo-Nazi, BNP supporter, hatemonger, racist because of my blog, and because of the success of the social engineering programme to indoctrinate the British people, those names immediately conjure up some sort of monster in the minds of those who hear it.

Ok I might lean right wing if I was involved in politics, I am an Islamaphobe because of my belief system forced upon me by Pakistani Moslems who want to kill me, I am definitely not a neo-Nazi which can be proved, I am not BNP although I agree with many of their policies, and you can call me a hatemonger because of my blog but why was my blog started and can any of it be disproved?

I would call Peter Oborne a liberal who is helping the destruction of our Country, leading the gullible sheep people into a false sense of security and so a traitor to the British homeland and our way of life.

Quote: But by exactly the same token, Muslims should be given the same protection from insults or ignorant abuse as other minority groups.

No, Moslems should be protected from violence and harm as with anyone else within our society that is the fundamental rule of law, but why should Moslem be above criticism when their community endangers our lives?

People should not be arrested over what they think and say, they should be engaged and debated because thoughts and words do not harm anyone. Then let those who are listening decide for themselves what is true and what is false. If we take your approach of arresting and imprisoning those who speak up and out against Moslems then the likes of YOU stop debate.

Who wins with that course of action?

Quote: But today, one resentment is stronger than ever. Islamophobia - prejudice against Islam - is Britain's last remaining socially respectable form of bigotry, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for it.

Placing the guilt and shame on the reader for their justified concerns about Islam and Moslems in Britain, who are you to tell US we should be ashamed of ourselves?

Based on the facts every innocent citizen within Britain has every right to be prejudiced against Islam and Moslems, but that is a whole different debate.

Quote: Mr Malik said that 'vile' people such as July 7 bomber Muhammad Siddique Khan were abhorrent to all Muslims. 'But it seems very difficult for some people to desegregate people who are evil, who have no religion.

It is easy for someone of high standing to make any comment they like to bolster their position within society, what would we think if he said “Yes Khan is our hero and we hate you”, pretty logical that his response would be what it is don’t you think?

He says that these people have no religion, so why did the bombers all travel to Madras’s in Pakistan which is the teaching and poisoned well for the Islamic religion for British Moslems to drink from?

Who knows best about the teachings of the Koran, Mr Malik a British MP or an Imam in a Pakistani Madrasa?

Listen to the words of Khan on his video will that was left behind for all Moslems to watch after he had finished the job he set out on, on the morning of 7/7, and when you do listen, please remember that every single word he speaks has very real meaning to a Moslem that only they can fully understand and can be backed up by the teachings of the Koran.

He committed sucicide for that video after all.

Mohammed Siddique Khan: The Will

Peter Oborne picks several stories that have done the rounds and has stated that they are nothing more than grains of truth and urban myths which lead the reading to believe that all stories emanating are nothing more than stories based upon grains of truth so must be urban myths.

Lulling the reader into a false sense of security about the present danger we face based upon several stories found to be over exaggerated.

Here are 3 stories to counteract the 3 urban myths Peter Oborne has so professionally created for his readers minds.

In the North of England there are children as young as 12 being targeted by organised gangs of Pakistani Moslem men, lured into their clutches, pumped with drugs and then trafficked across the North of England as sex slaves. The media calls these men Asian so as to not upset community cohesion but in reality they are all Pakistani Moslems who condone this behavior as part of the Jihad.

Article: Mothers of Prevention

In Luton where I am from that took centre stage on the morning of 7/7 and during the ‘crevice’ anti-terror operation, the Pakistani Moslem community are conducting Jihad on a daily basis with Al Qaeda heroin that comes direct from Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Article: 4 Million drugs bust

Also in Luton there has been a report published where up to 300 children as young as 13, many from Moslem families, have been shipped of to foreign lands to wed unknown Moslem men and become nothing more than breeding machines for their male dominated families. The author of the report now clings to her career for daring to raise such questions about the ‘community’ which is what happens in today’s society if you raise questions about Moslems and their Islamic way of life that is contrary to a civilised society.

Article: 300 children forced into arranged marriages.

So just as Peter Oborne can present cases that are grains of truth and urban myths someone on the opposing side can present real life cases that cannot be denied, but given Peter Osbornes platform he is always going to lead a lot more people into his false truth than those of us sharing the real truth about Islam and Moslems in our midst.

Fair play to Jack Straw for saying what needed to be said about the veil, and considering one of the 21/7 failed bombers fled our country wearing one he was quite right to say it should be removed.

Is it not a security issue? Of course it is as the 21/7 bomber proves, and all the other examples of crimes committed against us by Moslem men dressed in the burqa.

Its just a shame that Jack Straw never stood his ground, instead he bowed down to pressure and ever since has been a subservient dhimmi, giving into ever whim of Moslem grievance.

Quote: Back in the Nineties, the multicultural think-tank, the Runnymede Trust, was warning of its dangers, and a report to this effect was endorsed by the incoming Labour Home Secretary, Jack Straw, in 1997

Every leading think tank now states that Labours multi cultural experiment has failed!

RUSI one of the most distinguished military think tanks in the world has stated that government must make the 'defence of the realm' its No.1 priority.

Things must be pretty bad don’t you think?

But not in Peter Oborne’s mind, we are all extreme right wing Islamaphobic racists to think such a thing, how dare we, we should be ASHAMED of ourselves.

Quote: This cumulative litany of condemnation became an anti-Islamic crusade. Nor is it confined to one side of the political and cultural spectrum.

It enlists militant atheists alongside Christian fundamentalists. It unites liberal progressives and curmudgeonly Tory commentators.

Maybe it crosses all divides because this is our country and when presented with something so serious and dangerous that it threatens the life of our Nation as the former home secretary John Reid said, it unites us because no matter what our political or religious persuasion this is our country and it is our families and children’s futures that are now on the line because of the Islamic religion in our midst.

So you can accuse us all you like but the survival of our people and way of life is something inherent in each of us, except the extreme liberal left wing of course who have no problem handing our country over to our enemies, the camp where Peter Oborne must be sitting.

Quote: Or this from one Conservative columnist, writing in The Independent: 'There are widespread fears that Muslim immigrants, reinforced by political pressure and, ultimately, by terrorism, will succeed where Islamic armies failed and change irrevocably the character of European civilisation.' He was in no doubt that we are fighting a remorseless war against Islam.

This is a gross distortion. There is, of course, no question at all that Britain, along with many other countries, finds itself in a battle with certain groups of Muslim terrorists. But that is not the same as being in a battle with Islam, and it is morally wrong, inflammatory and intellectually feeble to make that claim.

Who is Peter Osborne to tell us that we are wrong and he is right? That our perception is a gross distortion? Its good for his readers though don’t you think?

So Peter Oborne is the one on the high moral ground here and the rest of us are mere feeble people thinking we are intellectual when faced with such a literary intelectual giant such as him, how dare we think such things.

Thou says Peter Oborne, the Daily Mail columnist.

Islam has been at War with the non-Islamic World since the 7th Century, we are just in a new dangerous phase of a very old War.

Watch this video from the scholars who know: Islam what the West needs to know

Quote: But there is no social, political or cultural protection for Muslims. As far as the British political, media and literary establishment is concerned, the normal rules of engagement are suspended.
Is America and the Civilised World engaged in what has been called “The War on Terror”?

In times of War we are to use all tools at our disposal to defeat and expose our enemy, but if we took Peter Oborne’s approach we wouldn’t be able to say anything about anything, gagged from speaking because it offends our enemies feelings, and we cannot do that when they want to kill us and take our country over now could we.

Come on wake up Mr Oborne, the statement you posed as a question just exposes you for who and what you are, a weak willed liberal who is helping destroy our country.

Quote: In their arguments, all those making such sweeping dismissals of Islam interpret the Koran as a violent text and Islam itself as bloody and oppressive.

Please will someone leave in my comments section all of the texts that tell us the truth about the violence, murder and oppression within Islam for anyone who doesn’t yet know.

Quote: They ignore its overwhelming message of peace and tolerance. Paradoxically, the result is they end up sharing the same warped interpretation of a great religion as Osama bin Laden and the violent extremists they denounce.

The politically correct line too take when speaking about Islam in modern Britain, Islam is ‘peace and tolerance’.

The only time it is peace and tolerance is when Islam and Sharia law is the rule of the land, until that time Moslems live in what is called the abode of war (Dar al-Harb), they must convert the land and people through warfare (Jihad) into Islamic rule (Dar al-Islam) - The Agenda of Islam

Who knows best about Islam, Osama Bin Laden and his scholars or Peter Osborne the Daily Mail columnist?

Quote: 'All Muslims I've come across find him and what he did abhorrent,' Malik told me.

What do they say behind closed doors when they read their Koran and know what is says about us the dirty kuffar, decendents of apes and pigs?

What would we do to them if they openly supported the bombers? Even though many do openly support them in our midst and get away with it.

Quote: Much media coverage ignores moderate Muslim opinion and serves only to increase hatred and resentment. There was a shiver of horror, for example, when a poll revealed that 81 per cent of Muslims in Britain felt they were Muslim first, and just 7 per cent British first.

At least they are honest in this respect which we should all take notice of so no wonder it sent a shiver of horror through the establishment and society.

Quote: What went largely unreported was another poll with significantly different results - 46 per cent of Muslims said British first and Muslim second, just 12 per cent Muslim first and British second. Most importantly, 42 per cent said that they did not differentiate, an option that had not been offered in the previous poll.

I wonder who commissioned the second poll and it looks good adding it to Peter Oborne’s statement to bolster his case don’t you think?

Quote: People often accuse Muslims of arrogance and of refusing to engage in the British way of life, and undoubtedly there is some truth in these criticisms. But media reports tend to enhance rather than diminish this sense of separateness and confirm stereotypes, however much mistaken.

People are right in their perceptions and this is Peter Oborne’s way of turning it around for the readers whose ‘hearts and minds’ he is aiming to win for the Islamic cause within Great Britain.

Quote: Sarfraz Sarwar knows this only too well. He has lived in Basildon in Essex for 40 years. Since 9/11, pigs' trotters have been left outside his front door and the walls covered with graffiti. There was an unsuccessful fire-bomb attack.

Some people have finally had enough and are venting that anger and resentment on others, right or wrong it is a consequence of today’s society because of all of the factors.

Its good to add to Peter Oborne’s piece though as he tries to create a picture of us being a Nation of racists Islamaphobes who hate Moslems and place us all on a guilt trip.

Quote: Among the incidents we came across in our research was one in Bolton this year, when a group of young people chased Muslim men, shouting racial and religious abuse and wielding a chainsaw

Big deal, what about the case of young Kris Mcdonald in Scotland who was kidnapped and horrifically tortured by a gang of Moslems just for being white and in the wrong place at the wrong time, you cannot even find this horrific racist attack on the internet to read about it. or the case more recently of Henry Webster who was attacked with a hammer and had his skull smashed in by a gang of Moslems including an Imam’s son. The mainstream media would not report this as a racist attack because it was carried out by Moslems on a white British citizen.

Article: 76 year old battered to the brink of death.

Quote: And wherever there are tensions between Muslims and the local community, you can bet the BNP will be there, fanning discontent. In Stoke on Trent, where it has nine elected councillors, it has made progress by falsely linking the town's high unemployment in the wake of the collapse of the pottery industry to Muslim immigration.

A member of the BNP in Stoke on Trent was brutally murdered by his Moslem neighbours who were stealing land from his property. How would you feel if your son, brother, father, friend, relative or neighbour was murdered in this way by aggressive and violent Moslems who were intimidating people in the street?

The Moslem murderer pretty much got off scott free for this offence and will only serve a couple of years for killing somone with a knife.

British justice for British people, no matter what you think about the BNP, is the law of the land not there to protect all of us no matter who we are?

Is it any wonder the BNP are gaining ground in Stoke, go read the story for yourself: BNP

Further reading: Stoke - Children punished for not praying to Allah

Quote: Barely reported was the story in Cornwall, at a Methodist chapel being converted into an Asian community centre, where the words 'F*** off you Asian bastards' were written on a table and a pig's head nailed to the door.

This is what is going to happen because people do not want their communities taken over by Islam and Moslems.

Look at what Abu Izzadeen stated about an area of London that is now Moslem.

Article: Abu Izzadeen.

Quote: Herein lies a growing danger: Islamophobia, inflamed by media reports, is being hijacked and exploited by the far Right in politics.

No, the far right are the only ones willing to address this issue that threatens the very future survival of our homeland because politicians now are crippled by political correctness and see the Islamic Kingdom as a block vote that must be tapped into so as to stay in power no matter what the cost.

Quote: Because if we continue to demonise Muslims, we make it all the easier for Al Qaeda to find recruits from within those communities. Islamophobia will backfire on us - and simply magnify the very threat it presumes to address.

Wake up!

Al Qaeda doesn’t need our help they have their own recruitment programme within Great Britain that works just fine.

The internet is such a wonderful weapon in today’s 21st Cenutury War.


Joanne said...

Lionheart, I know you do not really think of yourself as a politician, but it is people such as yourself that should run for positions in the government so that you can be in a position to stop and reverse Britain's fall into lunacy.

One thing is for sure, you love your country, and that is exactly what Britain needs.

Anonymous said...

there are plenty of his sort in politics.... they usual hold daytime jobs as local councillors for deprived wards which they fit into their hectic schedules of posting dog dirt through letterboxes and defacing mosques.

bnp stands for british nitwit party.


Anonymous said...

Why is it wrong to love Britain and to have a Party to represent it especially?
Muslims do not believe in Democratic Politics in general, or they would have a Muslim Party?
Instead they join the Nu-Labour and get promoted quickly for their partisan status, or even the Liberal Democrats who polish their egos by being so culturally bland.
Liking a good curry does not equate to understanding Islam.

Anonymous said...

I read the idiot's article in full.He shows no understanding at all of islam. The sort of berk that had he been around in the 1930's would have called Churchill a warmonger.

Lionheart said...

Thank you for your kind words Joanne, but polotics isnt my realm, that is the realm of the likes of David Davis.

Also i appreciate you being here and all of your comments.

God bless you