10 July 2008

War with Iran is closer than we think

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The clock of inevitability before Iran's Nuclear programme is destroyed has been ticking for a while now, and all the signs say that the inevitable is just around the corner, with those hands ticking towards the alarm bell when it happens.

For the State of Israel and its innocent population - Its them or us, no middle ground!

The day is soon to arrive when Iran will be bombed and then hell is going to be unleashed upon the Earth.

The true Axis of Evil, a United Islamic World against the rest of mankind.

We are damned if we do and damned if we dont.

The Samson effect.

Lets get it on and get it over and done with I say.

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Daily Mail

Israel hinted last night that it is ready to strike Iran's nuclear programme after Tehran escalated tensions in the Middle East with a new round of missile tests.

And America vowed to defend Israel, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warning the U.S. wouldn't hesitate to strike back if Iran attacked the Jewish state.

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said his country didn't balk before 'when its vital security interests' were at stake, referring to Israel's 1981 air-strike on an unfinished nuclear reactor in Iraq.

Although Barak tempered his remarks, saying 'the reactions of enemies need to be taken into consideration as well', the thinly-veiled warning highlighted the tinderbox relations between the two countries.

The warning from Miss Rice was strident in tone. 'We take very, very strongly our obligation to help our allies defend themselves and no one should be confused about that,' she said.

She was speaking hours after the Iranians fired more long-range missiles in night-time tests aimed at brandishing their military might amid growing fears of a confrontation with Israel.

Last week, Iranian officials said Tel Aviv would be 'set on fire' if Israel attacked Iran.

Iran released a video clip yesterday showing two missiles 'with special capabilities' being launched simultaneously in darkness a day after nine test missiles were fired in the Strait of Hormuz, a busy waterway at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

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Findalis said...

The first rounds of the war with Islam was fought in 2006. Contrary to Hezbollah's views, Israel is stronger now than it was then. The next round will come soon. It will either come with Israel attacking Iran, or Hezbollah attacking Israel.

What Israel has learned from 2006 is that to ignore international (European) protests since they are under the Dhimmitude. To ignore the UN and go after UNIFIL (they were providing Hezbollah with arms and intelligence). And to do a massive attack upon the villages and towns that Hezbollah has been using. The collateral damage will be great, but that is the price of war.

All depends on who is the next President of the US. If Obama wins, Islam wins. He is in their pockets now. If McCain wins, Islam can be defeated.

On an interesting note:

There was something strange in the missile firing yesterday. The missiles didn't carry the full weight of a warhead. To get the range that they wanted to hit Israel, they would have to have a very skimpy warhead (even if it had some radioactive material, it would be of a small quantity. Too small to do much true damage, but big enough to anger the Israelis into a massive retaliation.).

This was the same problem Saddam Hussein had with his Scud missiles. To get the range to hit Israel, his payload had to be very small.

One thing that has to be stressed. If Israel finds that she will be defeated she will launch her nukes. Not at her own land, but at Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Dubai, The Gulf States and the targets of Mecca and Medina. Israel will take out as much of the Muslim world as she can. And to tell the truth, 10 MT would do wonders for the cities of Mecca and Medina. A big improvement on the place.

Anonymous said...

You "Christians" can fight your pathetic war.

White European gentiles who care for their survival who are Christian (no quotes) once war breaks out should run to the saftey of the hill.

For they'd be turned to saltrock to see the even further wiggerdom God has planned to cast on the lot of the citydwellers and chavs.

A true Christian herds his flock away from this modern nationalist madness.

Years later, once Christians descend the mountains safe from various Cobalt isotopes, they'll find a light-brown kinky haired naked savage yelling "kunta burunta! kunta burunta!"; the Christian will be full of a monumentous laughter.

Your line of thought is that of the pre-savage, something that will be even less evolved than the meanest modern New Guinean, lionheart.

Joanne said...

There is some controversy over the pictures of missiles being fired by Iran; it is being stated that they are not current pictures.

It is better to challenge Iran now while she can be easily beat, than later when our enemies rally about her in support.

Jock McDoc said...
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Jock McDoc said...

It has to be remembered that Israel is a small country with a large population relative to its size.

By this wiki link:


Israel has a population density that is far higher than the UK which by this link is the second most overpopulated country in Europe.


If you could please put your mind back to the Chernobyl disaster in the 80's, radioactive particles from that nuclear plant in the then USSR was carried by wind currents to the UK. With a brief google I found this article which explains it:


I've never been to Israel but from this link the country has varied weather patterns which in some parts would be able to spread toxic materials.


With all this in mind, even with missles that have a small payload of nuclear material would be enough in a small densely populated countries to cause damage far in excess of it's size.

It is morally offensive to criticise a country to do whatever means necessary to avert such a catastrophic event.

If the UK was threatened with weapons of a nuclear nature by a ruthless dictator who has proven to carry out mindless atrocities and is ideologically hell-bent on the destruction of your country and has shown to have the capability to do this would you strike first to eradicate them?

If you try to use the moral cop-up by pointing to the Cold war where the US and the USSR where in the same position then read this link on Mutual assured destruction:


This was universally accepted by all and the threat never materialised. With the world's opinion of Israel's right to defend herself divided, don't you think it is inevitable it will bolden Iran to launch a nuclear attack?

Anonymous said...

Whatever the Arab world has in terms of nuclear arsenal is tiny, if it exists.
It is likely to be not fully functional, as even rogue Soviet scientists that may have sold them old nuke-crap are likely to have ensured it is as effective as a damp squib. Fizzle fizzle splut!
The real arsenal is in Pakisatan, but their support of Arabs or Iranians is not guaranteed, as they fear the capability of nearby India.
Their will be no radioactive overspill outside of a few kilometres if Iran's nuke facilities are blown away.
If Israel is at a point so desperate that it would consider using it's deterrent arsenal, then I am afraid we will be at the point of no return, as it will mean there is a complete breakdown in world-order, and all the balls will be up in the air.
It will not be a few Christians taking to the hills, but millions of city dwellers.
They will nearly all perish as their is not a country in Europe, certainly not UK, that has enough food resources to last more than a couple of weeks.
If it kicks off in winter, then no chance.
There will be herding of survivors into barbed wire military camps, and bands of survivors wandering the ruins.
It does not any longer require a full nuclear hit on a modern country to disable it.
We all rely so heavily on imported food etc. for our bloated populations, that the ensuing effects on trade and shipping in the aftermath of any exchange, will be enough to starve 3/4's of the population within a month.
This is why UK should return to it's roots, and re-establish it's independence.