12 July 2008

War booty from the Jihad - British child sex slaves


Read this extremely important article: Mothers of Prevention

Go Keith Hellawell, a voice of sanity in the asylum!

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Jock McDoc said...

A point to make at the end of the clip it is mentioned 'BBC Liverpool'.

It has to be noted to non-UK viewers of this website that the BBC as well as the biggest UK commercial broadcaster ITV are made of of a number of regional broadcast companies. While they are part of the same network they are semi-autonomous.

The reason why I bring this up is that there has been accusations that in the reporting of news, particulary by the BBC, there is a bias towards London and the South East of England. It means that articles like this coming from the North of England does not get reported to the rest of the UK and for most of the people they are unaware of this.

If you want to google more please use the keyword London Bias BBC, I have provied an article as reference: