11 July 2008


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The Pakistan terror connection

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American children freed from Pakistan Madrassa

Thursday, July 10


(Atlanta, GA) - Imran Raza, the director and executive producer of the documentary "Karachi Kids" who discovered up to 80 American children in a Taliban-backed madrassa in Pakistan released the following statement regarding the return of two American children to Atlanta:

I am grateful for the safe return of the two American children from Atlanta from a Taliban- backed madrassa but the mullah claims to have up to 78 more in his institution. The headmaster comes to the United States once a year and personally recruits American children to enroll in his madrassa.

The remaining 78 children must be returned to the United States. This pipeline to jihad must be closed.

Let me be clear - these children do not learn math, or science, or liberal arts. They learn one thing - they memorize over the course of seven years every verse of the Koran coupled with the radical interpretation of their teachers.

This is just the first step in integrating these children back to American society. I am proud we did our part so we could say 'Welcome Home."

It is imperative that Members of Congress and the State Department undertake an accounting of just how many Americans are in the other 20,000 madrassas in Pakistan. Hundreds remain behind.

The Karachi Kids is a documentary about American children in the Jamia Binoria madrassa in Karachi Pakistan. A trailer of the film is available at www.karachikids.com.

Facts About the Binoria Madrassa:

Located in Karachi, Pakistan, the Jamia Binoria madrassa was founded by Mufti Muhammed Naeem and espouses Deobandism -- the religion of the Taliban.

The institution houses over 3,000 students including children from the United States and Canada.

Selig Harrison, the Director of the Asian Program for the Center for International Policy recently gave a speech reafng the link between the Jamia Binoria and the Taliban: "In Karachi, the Jamia Binoria, withsome 10,000 students enrolled in eight afted madrassas, displays a banner at its main gate urging Muslims to join the Taliban."

A large number of graduates from the Binoria have become senior es in the Taliban.
Right before 9/11, Osama bin Laden addressed the students emphasizing the importance of jihad.

Mufti claims to have graduated over 100 Americans from his institution and asked what they teach the children, Mufti relied, "Islam, not math or anything else, only Islam."


Anonymous said...

All I can say is once this information becomes public knowledge to the masses in America. I can guarantee that this Headmaster or any representive from his mosque or other mosques in Pakistan will no longer be granted a visa to come here. That's how we usually deal with these sort of things. The public will be in outrage. Enough, so that the politicians will have nothing to do but respond. Not sure how this problem would be handled in the UK. Based on what I know and observe. The UK would stop the headmaster unless a direct link to a terrorist attack occurred there. The UK is way to liberal with those Human Right laws.

At least when a person is caught funneling money to a terrorist organization. That person is arrested, convicted, sentence, upon completion of sentence they're deported. Or sometimes just deported immediately. No hearings or appeals or human right violations per se. Simple done as I mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, you and your friends are the kind of guys we need. Visit our website and join us!

Anonymous said...

LH, on you thread (July 10) you have an article at the bottom you wrote call "Armageddon: Response to an email." You stated that america's founding fathers founded america on christian beliefs. I advise you to do a bit of research since that comment isn't true at all. As the years went on christian/judeo beliefs were instilled or adopted into america. But never founded on these religious beliefs.

You should see what the founding fathers (Adams, Paine, Jefferson and etc) wrote and said about religion. And remember our constitution came 11 years after the declaration of independency was subsequently written.
In fact the founding fathers were out right against any religion. But, do your home work and you will see I'm correct. If you want I will be more than happy to post the founding fathers quotes on what they said regarding religion.

Lionheart said...

If you can Hellzbellz and then ill correct my statement.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Please visit SIOE UK site Two videos first explains there are NO moderate muslims.
Muslim explains why!
Second important to feel anger and sorrow at what we did to the Serbian people by defending former NAZIS.
Join Sioe wer'e on our own in a country dominated by the Marxist Fabians and islamic allies.
For 100 years in the year 1984 Fabians have dominated our politics and politicians.
Orwell used the title 1984 to celebrate their 100 years he'd intended the title to be 2000.
He himself was a fabian but departed the org, he wrote the book as a warning to England he was an insider.
The surveilance society he wrote of we can now see all around therefore we must take all he said seriously!
Lionheart...It was a Fabian that taught the Queen our constitution.
Fabians were used by PM Asquith to push through laws in 1910, Laws that in reality are illegal.
We have an illegal and corrupt westminster and under English common laws and constitution it is our duty not to aid traitors in any way at all.
Fabian coat of arms...Wolves in Sheeps clothing.
Gradualism their practise gradually removing all we hold dear.
Infiltrated into all parties therefore best to keep our own council.


American's Fabians there also under different names which are easy to trace, for sure in The White House.
God-Bless us all!

Anonymous said...

Paul, a few of the 910 group are meeting up in London next sat. Why not come over to our chatroom on tuesday and arrange to meet?

Anonymous said...

The forefather respected that religion due to since the 1600's when people began arriving in america to practice religion without the fear of persecution. But, "No Where" in the Constitution is god mentioned. It was until 1957 that "In God We Trust."

James Madison - "Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble." During almost 15 centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What have been its fruits? MOre or less in all places, pride and indolence in the Clergy, ignorance and servility in the laty, in both, superstition, bigotry and presecution.

John Adams - " This world be the best of all possible worlds, if there is NO RELIGION in it."

Ethan Allen - That Jesus Christ was not God is evidence enough from his own words. Which is a reality I never disputed, being conscious that I am no Christian."

Ben Franklin - I think the system of morals and his religion (jesus) has received various corrupting Changes, and I have, with most of the present dissenter from england have my doubts as to his Divinity."

Thomas Jefferson - The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artifical constructions into a contrivance of filth, wealth and power themselves. While this is true based on fact. It's hard to be trust in religion."

I could on and on with others but this posting would be too long. As if you want more proof. Then you can easily google it if not convinced. Below is an example of a peace accord which was adopted by the founding fathers. Per our history after the revolution war the contitnential-colonial cam before the bill rights (1st ten amendments of the constitution).

11/04/1796-The agreement's 11th Article (out of 12) reads: As the government of the United States of America is not in Any sense Founded on the Christian Religion,-as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws or religions.

Anonymous said...

anon at 17.47, there are so many wise and informative commenters here. Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

"there are so many wise and informative commenters here. Thankyou."

Yes wise indeed


Go to the website and enlighten yourselves

This is that Binori Town Madrassa, just across the street. The ICG report says it is the fountainhead of Deobandi militancy countrywide. It also boasts close ties to the Taliban. Intelligence sources tell CNN that is the school where Osama bin Laden spoke before 9/11, it’s not the school the boys went to.

Did the documentary filmmaker spend three years working on his film at the wrong madrassa? We asked the U.S. State Department what it knows about the school the boys attended, the answer, it is known to U.S. officials as a moderate institution, favored by Pakistani- Americans for its moderate and tolerant Islamic instruction.

Anonymous said...

Go it, Paul! Your friends in the BNP are with you all the way!
We look forward to seeing you on 27th!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant 17th! Bring all your family and friends to the RWB in Codnor!