1 July 2008

Defence of the Realm - A Church of England Shield

Continuing on from: A modern Christian Revivalist

Foreword: As both Mary’s as women sat at Jesus’ feet throughout His life on Earth unto His Death on the Cross, and then witnessing His Resurrection, He now has another woman sitting at His feet in this generation speaking out on His behalf for His Church and people within England.

A fearless woman who knows her Master and her Masters will.

Alison Ruoff, an evangelical lay member of the Synod who is a former magistrate and member of the newly formed Anglican movement within the Anglican Church, Gafcom.

This just shows everyone looking and watching the newly formed Gafcom movement the type of people it has amongst its ranks, imparting the modern Church with a 21st Century Vision, tackling the devils evil within our society. She is a shield, defending our society from the present inescapable danger it now faces.

It is up to you whether or not you want to accept her and her words or reject her and her words, but considering her standing within society and the support she has from others of high standing, you would be a fool to reject her.

Judas and His followers have shown their liberal hands and false Vision for the Church, trying to change Jesus’ teachings so as to fit their liberal masters will’s which has finally been rejected by the true followers of Christ on Earth, but as forgiving and gracious that Jesus was so are the Gafcom members who have decided not to break away fully from Canterbury and the present Judas Archbishop who sits on the throne of Anglicanism at this present moment in time. The one put forward by the Marxist Revolutionaries to be the Queens Bishop over the Church of which she is head.

How can any Archbishop of England, ‘Defender of the Faith’ ever tell us that we must accept Islamic Law within our Christian land?

Islam has been at War with Christendom since the 7th Century, we are just in a new dangerous phase of an age old War.

Accepting Sharia Law is the first step on the road to the total Islamisation of our Christian Nation in the distance, they are already amongst us forcing their alien religious ways upon us, and this repulsive move would have given them the first State Sanctioned flag upon their newly conquered territory, and it would have been the Church that gave it.

Over our Christian dead bodies as we lay them down for Jesus and His innocent flock.

Thankfully when the Judas Bishop tried telling the English people what they must accept, there was a righteous rage amongst the people that went throughout the land of which he did not expect.

Not in our lifetimes was the message that was loud and clear from the silent majority who are being suppressed like never before within their own land by the small cabal who rule England and its people with their iron State rod with which they beat us down with if we disagree with them.

How long can you abuse, beat, suppress, strip and rob 60 million people before the lid explodes from the boiling pot?

Even the governments personal army, the police force, are rebelling from their masters over their own personal abuse with 30,000 marching on Westminster over pay. This is their land too, where their children and grandchildren reside, so what happens to us happens to them because we are one, as British people, and this is our homeland and inheritance, handed down from the generations.

What happens to each of them and their families if the Islamic Religion in the future takes over the rule of this Nation?

’Where do you stand and who do you stand with’

They are forced to carry out their Liberal masters politically correct multi culti will upon the innocent people of Great Britain so as to put food on their families table. The New Gestapo within 21st Century England.

The survival of your Nation and people makes people do extraordinary things and all it takes is for one major terrorist attack to happen somewhere in our World today and life will never be the same again. Out with the old dead dying day, and in with the new day where there is sunshine and hope in the distance. The question is; what is the likelihood of a major terrorist attack some where in the World that makes 9/11 look tame in comparison?

This present government running the affairs of the United Kingdom is a total joke, we are no longer a Great Nation, we are a banana Republic, where chaos ensues within the new asylum that is Great Britain and all of the British people know this behind closed doors. Ashamed of who they are and where they come from because it has been beaten out of them and robbed from them whilst they went out to work all day just to pay for this modern Treason against them, and those who have been able to leave the land have left for pleasant pastures somewhere else on the globe. Whilst Moslems from around the Islamic World flock to the new Western Islamic Frontier as illegal immigrants seeking asylum for the riches and spoils of War it has to offer them in the modern Global Jihad (Holy War).

Who are the only ones within Great Britain who know where they are going because this government does not lead the British people whose Country they reside over, who now have successfully achieved gaining control over the system of the State which is now working on their behalf?

The Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain and its followers because they have a mandate from their god with which they are working on subversively and overtly to enforce, there is no greater motivation and driving force in mankind than the belief you are carrying out god’s will. The functioning of the State is now in their favour and working on their behalf whilst our children sleep innocently in their beds awaiting for their day to arrive as adults and take over where we have left off, exactly as it has been for generations.

What will be left for them at this present rate?

Do a bit of research and open your eyes don’t be a gullible tax paying indoctrinated sheep person following the false prophets who fill your eyes and ears with lies, think and feel for yourself and break out of the false bubble you have been placed in. It is not racist and it doesn’t make you a bigot to say ‘enough is enough’ of the destruction of your homeland, the homeland your forefathers fought and died on the battlefields of the World for you their descendent.

We are a multi ethic society and all of us have friends with different coloured skin to our own, whether we are black, brown, yellow or white. We all want to live together in peace and harmony and enjoy the life that God has given to us, but now the Islamic Religion that is contrary to peace and harmony has grown to a size capable of forcing its will upon us, as if it is the new master of our lives. Islam cannot live under non-Islamic rule, this is against the fundamental teachings of the Religion of which Moslems must carry out their duty and place non-Moslems into second class status to Moslems, and this is called Dhimmitude, where we become Dhimmi’s.

You cannot remove the Dar al-Harb and Dar al-Islam tenents from Islam, it is a building block of the extension of the Religion and their Kingdom rule upon the Earth.

If we lose this present battle that is raging within British society for the ‘Heart and Soul’ of our Nation then what will your children say to you when they are second class citizens in their own country, subjugated by foreign masters and forced to adopt foreign religious ways under real threat and fear of death and imprisonment?

Watch this British video to see what is in store: Undercover Mosque

We all must decide where we stand and who we stand with because the future stops for no man.

For the Americans who read my blog, you must realize that you live upon a massive land mass, we in England and the United Kingdom live on a tiny tiny island in comparison, an island that is bursting, with the armies of Islam now camped the length and breadth of the Country conducting and declaring Jihad daily against the innocent Judeo/Christian society in which they live, with our government for some reason inviting as many more in as they can fit.

Jihad is an integral part of Islam because Mohamed birthed the religion through its murderous ways, so Moslems must follow his example today.

The writing is on the wall, take some time to read what it says and what that means to you.

Just because you cannot see it or understand it doesn’t mean that it is not there and not real. There are those who can see it and understand it like Alison Ruoff and Bishop Nazir Ali, its just whether or not you choose to listen and believe them.

Alison Ruoff has stated that the arguments over gay clergy and women Bishops is insignificant in comparison to the rise of Islam in our midst, because if Islam does arise to to point it aims too and then take over then there will be no Church of England left.

If a house is divided then it cannot stand.

Unless God builds the house the labours labour in vain, and it seems that God is rebuilding his Anglican mansion with the likes of those within the Gafcom movement. They are re-building the house from within, and the divisions over gay clergy and women Bishops are cracks in the mansion walls that need fixing before Jesus can start inviting His guests to sit down and eat the bread and drink the of the wine that is prepared for them.

Alison Ruoff has said that this is more of an internal movement within Anglicanism rather than an outside Revival. Jesus always starts with the judgment within His own house before He can use it to effect the World, so as that sleeping giant is awoken with the Mansion rebuilt, outside Revival will follow.

Life from where there was once death.

A pioneering Church built upon the solid ground tackling and effecting the devils hold over 21st Century society.

Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

What is the greatest threat to the 21st Century society in which we live?

Islam and everything that it brings and inflicts upon us, our children, our society and our Nation.

As Alison Ruoff has said, the British people fear speaking out against the evil of Islam in their midst because the system is no longer on our side, it is on the side of our enemies who are using the laws of our land against us as a weapon in their Jihad (Holy War) to conquer us. People fear arrest and imprisonment for speaking up and out in defence of everything they and their Country stands for because if they do they are arrested for breaching ‘community cohesion’ (which has been brought in as a cover to protect the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain) and then branded right wing racist bigots, and no one in England with their stiff upper lips want to be called those nasty names do they. They are happy to speak openly and honestly behind closed doors though where the fear is no longer there.

You breach community cohesion and are branded those names then you risk losing everything, your livelihood, your standing in the community and the way of life you were accustomed, so it is easier and better to keep your mouth shut and say nothing, keep your head down and go with the flow that is destroying and killing the Nation.

This liberal Marxist government have successfully silenced any public revolt from their political agenda, and closed down any debate by enforcing and instilling a climate of fear upon the people using their personal army the police force, their stooges who reside over the power of the British justice system and the main stream media who have no problem sacrificing people upon the public Marxist alter of racism.

The enemy within.

People forget that those out their in British society like me who are the silent majority are the children and heirs of the greatest leader in modern times Sir Winston Churchill, and these are some of the words that he left behind for us his children never to forget: If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

God bless you Alison Ruoff and may Almighty God bless the works of your hands and protect you from all evil.
In service of the King – Jesus – The Lion of the tribe of Judah


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Daily Telegraph

Islam is real threat to church, says Synod member

Divisions in the Church of England over homosexuality and women bishops are nothing compared with the threat it faces from Islam, a prominent member of its governing body has warned.

More than 1,000 conservative Anglicans have been meeting in Jerusalem this week to develop a new movement within the worldwide Communion, in order to combat liberals who they say are departing from the Bible's teaching by supporting gay clergy.

Next week the General Synod, the Church of England's parliament, gathers in York to discuss the introduction of women bishops without provisions for those who oppose the historic move, which could see dozens of conservative clergy leave the church and claim millions in compensation.

But Alison Ruoff, an evangelical lay member of the Synod and a former magistrate who is at the Gafcon summit in Jerusalem, told The Daily Telegraph that the church needs to get past these divisions and concentrate on fighting the rise of Islam in Britain.

Continue reading: Islam the real threat


Findalis said...

All the indigenous peoples of the UK have to do is riot for about a week or two. Make it long, bloody, and very violent. Then the government will give into your demands to stop the rioting.

Then every time the government gives into the demands of the Islamists, you riot. Again a long, bloody violent riot. A few weeks of that and the government will cave in again.

Pretty soon, just the threat of a riot will get the government crawling on their knees.

After all this is the tactic that the Muslim uses.

Anonymous said...

Brits don't riot even when their cause is most righteous; even when their cause is most unrighteous! Except, perhaps, when they've imbibed too much local liquid at football matches in foreign countries....!

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Lionheart It makes me sad to see this the people will not unite and stand for there country and fight this evil.I always have envisioned the people as brave sacrificing strong,proud,enduring,stubborn God fearing people who love there country and freedom.We have fought for 100s of years against the unjust evils be it army's from a far away lands or a wicked king. the past generations have put full faith in God to deliver them victorious and he has done so time & time again... have we forgotten God is with us and no longer put our faith him as the one who will deliver us ?I mean no disrespect to you or your country! My family and my country came from your loins and I do not forget this. and we are next in line for the same plague that is spreading across the world.I am just questioning the common factors here in the USA things have been on a steady decline ever since we allowed God to be taken out of most every thing. some may try to differ but history speaks for it's self! your friend Miles.

Anonymous said...

Support GAFCON: they are the faithful in the Anglican Communion and deserve better leadership. Christ can solve every problem facing this country if we only let him.


Anonymous said...

the church of england has no relevance in modern britain so they can can have all the summits they like but it's not going to change anything.

Anonymous said...

Findalis & Anonymous Lady

Rioting will never happen due to the fact this would require organisation which is non-existent and if there was it would soon be made impotent by left-wing agitators and the government security services.

boredluton @ 01-Jul-2008 19:30:00

Maybe if all of Britain's churches took a stand and speaks out against the left-wing politically correct madness in this country and the declining standards and morals rather than the liberally accepted ones then they will become more relevant.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anonymous lady?

Get real, the english football fans of today are not the same as 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

" "..the British people fear speaking out against the evil of Islam in their midst because the system is no longer on our side, it is on the side of our enemies who are using the laws of our land against us as a weapon in their Jihad (Holy War) to conquer us. People fear arrest and imprisonment for speaking up and out in defence of everything they and their Country stands for because if they do they are arrested for breaching ‘community cohesion’ (which has been brought in as a cover to protect the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain) and then branded right wing racist bigots, and no one in England with their stiff upper lips want to be called those nasty names do they. They are happy to speak openly and honestly behind closed doors though where the fear is no longer there." "
So very well put, Lionheart.
Nothing remains the same. All is change.
We will not slumber forever, the rolling thunder will wake us.

Anonymous said...

Bored Luton, you live in Britain a country founded on the Churh of England, foire all it's faults.
Moslems have no better allie than the present leadership of the Anglican church.
Your passport carries the Queens Arms. She is head of the Church of England.
The crescent moon will never adorn the British passport, yet a million lives be given in the struggle.

("shame upon him who thinks evil of it")

Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.
It is written in the blood of our ancestors, and the deeds of heroes.
Scoff all you like, ye shall never know the depth of it.
Like chaff you are before the storm, blown this way, then that, never knowing when the time shall come.

Anonymous said...

britons are already slaves to capitalism - your bloodless ancestors turn in their graves whilst your brethren look up to footballers and pop stars as their morally ambiguous heroes.

i'll scoff alright and the sound my laughter will be like a deafening bell that pains those who listen for false whispers of a renaissance that will never come.

like the queen, the church of england is just part of cluttered background furniture of britain's past - and a spring clean is long overdue, lol.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart provides no solutions behind his whining.

The first stage of Christian reawakening is culture-war, spreading propaganda exalting Christian society and catching the interest of the young people through art and music. Christianity must be seen as "hip" and "cool", while not sacrificing any of it's core. (for an example of losing it's core, look at the Anglican church, particularly the dominate and mainstreme American Lesbian priest branch)

None of this is concurrent with "tollerance" / jewish crap. Listen to the jews, they hate Christianity and decry it as unhip, and instead spread "tollerance" for multiculturalism, our current age.

Lionheart is a fake.

What the Christian can do is use jew-logic and jew derived revisionism, moral-equivlence, and moral relativity against the dominate jew-culture. The jew has for 50 years attacked our old Christian institutions as stupid, immoral, pointless, and meaningless. But their ideology of doubt (culture of critique) has turned around and bit them in the ass. So you say our old institutions were wrong; but what made yours better? "Tollerance" has bankrupted the west; so that Christianity (or Islam) has a chance to rise. Lionheart, a product of that "tollerance", will not be leading the way.

Anonymous said...

Without Lionheart, neither the Muslim scoffer "boredluton", nor the radical right-winger "neocons" who would kill him, would have this place to sound off their views.

Anonymous said...

boredluton, you think you are not a slave to capitalism? Take a look at your life and see just how much a slave you are, not to Allah or his messenger, but to all the things you have come to rely on, given to you by the British, and our Royal heritage.
The blood referred to, is the blood of the spiritual realm, which manifests magically in the hearts of heroes.
Scoff all you like, hypocrites who drinks from two cups.
The Royal Chalice you will never be worthy of.
Cocksure fools suck at the bosom to find it runs dry.

Anonymous said...

boredluton @ 01-Jul-2008 22:34:00

Just keep thinking that.

You think the Kaffir are those falling about the street in a drunken stupor or stuffing their faces in diners.

You may think they represent the majority of us as they are plastered over the media and everywhere where yu walk down the street.

They are not, We, the majority, keep our heads down and get on with the trials of day to day life with no complaints but we are silent, we watch and listen and we know what's what.

Read this and scoff although deep down you know it's true.

Anonymous said...

i will continue to scoff your scones without buying into tea and there's nothing you bosom suckers can do about it.


Anonymous said...

But how much do you get paid for licking the cream out the scones?