10 July 2008

This British Governments way of Fighting Terror

Release Al Qaeda’s European Ambassador and allow him to live in an 800,000 ($1.6 million) house with his family and spend a further approxmately 1,000,000 ($2 million) a year in benefits and security measures to protect him so that he can further Al Qaeda’s aims within the British mainland.

Foreword: I know what the British people would do if the Americans supplied the guns, he would become the martyr he so professes to want to become over night. A 50p bullet would save a whole lot of resources for our security services who are stretched beyond breaking point protecting British society, the Realm would be that little bit safer with our enemies knowing the consequences of their actions towards us, and in turn save the tax payer who are taxed to the hill already a large chunk of that 1 million a year and give the Qatadar house to a British citizen.

Imagine ploughing that 1 million into mending broken Britain, the good that could be done with it in some of the most deprived areas of our country, instead we are giving it to our mortal Islamic enemy who wants to destroy us and take our country over in the name of Islam.

The Asylum that is modern Britain.

Is it any wonder the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain are so confident in their goals of taking our Nation over when we will not even do what is right and necessary to our sworn mortal enemies living amongst us.

This man is wanted in his home Country for committing terrorist acts there, he escaped justice by fleeing to the save haven of Britain, the Islamic Worlds paradise on Earth that gives known International Islamic terrorists protection from their exploits in foreign lands. He arrived here on false papers and was then granted asylum like every other International Islamic terrorist who arrives upon our shores. He then set up his Al Qaeda headquarters in London that is funded by the British taxpayer and then went out from here preaching Holy War in the name of Islam against us amongst his brothers and sisters in the newly formed Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain.

The Islamic Worlds Western frontier and stepping stone into the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century, the American homeland.

Is it any wonder the Russians have had enough of soft touch Britain and have their operatives here working within our society? The Russians don’t mess about they know what to do to their sworn enemies, and England protects, houses, feeds, clothes, educates and heals those who want to destroy the Russian homeland, including this man Abu Qatadar as the evidence shows – UK exports terror to Russia

Are we not bringing the righteous indignation of the International Community upon ourselves?

Why should the International Community sit back and do nothing while being put in danger by soft touch Britain and their Islamic terrorist guests?

I am sure that the Queen and her Courts do not accept this madness within her Realm, they have said that the government must make the ‘Defence of the Realm’ its No.1 priority after all which has been rejected by the Marxist Revolutionaries in power who are working to their agenda of destroying the fabric of British society so that they can enforce their totalitarian State controlled power over the people. The government have done a successful job of taking the real power of the Nation out of the hands of the British Crown, and its about time that that age old power and relationship with the people is restored.

The British people do not want this total madness within their society, they know what to do and are more than willing to do it, but they are led by a small treasonous, appeasing bunch of cowards who would prefer to give in to our enemies demands who control the power of the British State and who are using this ultimate power against the British people to enforce their agenda while allowing the medieval death cult and its followers who want to destroy our Judeo/Christian civilization arise in our midst.

Britain is burning and endangering the whole World and the patients who are in charge of the asylum are sitting back in their madness watching it and laughing, kind of like a real life psychosis were we can only think are we dreaming this stuff that is happening to our homeland. Sadly we are not this is all real and it is happening and unfolding around us.

This man Abu Qatadar is Osama Bin Laden’s European Ambassador, his sermons were found in the apartments of some of the 9/11 hijackers, he is a known recruiter, fund raiser and preacher of Holy War who is wanted in foreign lands for terrorist acts and we release him from prison and then reward him handsomely from the good decent hard working British tax payers tax paying pot.

How can anyone in their right mind say that is right?

How long before we over throw this decrepit regime, hold the traitors who have brought this madness upon the British people to account and bring some law and order back into our land?

The Americans who are fighting the War on Terror against Abu Qatadar and his followers would have locked this man up for life for even carrying an envelope with money to fund Jihad, and what do we do? We reward him for funding Jihad.

Dose this not tell those who are watching that the present cabal in the British government are not fit for purpose in the new International order of things now that our Civilisation hangs in the balance?

We are all a target from this man and his followers, America, Rome, Britain, Israel and the whole of Europe.

Who is going to help and support the regime change for the sake of all of our futures?

To win a war you must control the ground and in the United Kingdom the Islamic community well and truly control the ground because they control the streets and they control the government which protects them on the streets using their private army the police force who silence and clampdown on any resistance. Is it not about time there was a new order brought back into British life before we pass the point of NO RETURN?

The Judas Archbishop, Loony Lord Phillips and Stephen Hockman QC are already trying to take the British people through the threshold of No Return.

What do the British people do? Sit back and take it or rise up and repel their enemies from within.

We are the subjects of the Crown not this Labour government so it would be good to know where the Crown stands within today’s British society.

Sovereign Ruler’s with ultimate Rule and Authority over the people and Nation or Glitzy figure heads for the tourists?

Daily Mail

The picture is an affront to all victims of terrorism and their families.
Abu Qatada, Al Qaeda's ambassador in Europe, strolls along a busy London street fondling his prayer beads.

This is the first photograph of the greying 47-year-old - said to be one of the world's most dangerous terrorist suspects - since he was released on bail from a high-security prison after the courts ordered that he could not be sent home to Jordan because his human rights would have been breached.

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Anonymous said...

This self proclaimed enemy of Britain and her allies, has been released through the machinations off a Leftist cabal of so called human-rights lawyers, on legal aid, paid for by the British taxpayer.
The justification is that to deny him special treatment and send him back to Jordan or elsewhere, where he is wanted for serious crimes, would be to show support for torture, and hands the terrorist a "home-goal."
Total bull shine.
Jordan is a long standing middle-east friend of Britain, at least until recently, and we should trust them to take care of legal process.
The pernicious influence of this creature is a millstone round the public's neck and a recipe for creating further home-baked terrorist acts upon UK mainland.
Let us hope that soon we will see a government sufficiently sincere to expel these poisonous vipers.
The Labour government makes all the tough talking sounds of dismay at the judicial decisions and appeals, but shows no interest in using existing powers to rid us of this puke-making liar, this scurrilous apologist for the jihad against Britain and her allies.
Shame on the cowards of Whitehall.
May Allah curse his beard with maggots and lice.

Anonymous said...

The Ultra-Left goons who feel so sorry, and work so hard for ensuring the 'human rights' of Islamist Jihadists even while they openly boast of destroying, and taking over, the entire 'infidel' world, might feel differently about such 'rights' were they to feel on their own flesh the agonies of Islamic violence.

Then they might,just might, change their treacherous,dangerous views.

But with that wimpy, whiney lot you never know. As they lie dying, their severed heads might still be mouthing - that it's all 'our' fault (or Israel's...!!!) and that they forgive those who struck them down and wish them luck in their struggle against the perfidious west.

And I know of what I speak. A 17- yr old hippy girl was blown to pieces (with other innocent victims) in Jerusalem some years ago by a 'palestinian' homicide bomber. Her mother, a well-known
'professor', member of a notorious Communist family, seemed unfazed about the tragedy as she lambasted Israel for its alleged 'crimes' against the poor 'palestinians.'

Even today she shows no particular concern for her daughter's death (or the many, many other Israelis killed or wounded by those poor homicide bombers...!) continueing to blast Israel at every opportunity and on every forum, as we (the people who have been suffering from Arab terror at least since the 1920's) pay her wages at the university she
'teaches' in via our taxes.

People like that have no right to have children. Everyone else felt more pity for that poor child than did her mother. I felt pity, not only for her being blown up, but for having been born to such a callous, politically indecent, mother.

There is a saying that we choose our parents while we are still in heaven. If so, that young girl made a very bad choice and I just hope she'll make a better choice the next time round.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, with apologies, I am posting this comment from another site on this same story.
This comment is from an Eastern observer and made my eyes water with it's hard hitting truths and analysis of Britain's plight.
With thanks and apologies also to the author.

[[Lawyers successfully argued in the Court of Appeal that Qatada could stay because evidence used against him in any prosecution in Jordan might have been obtained by torture - a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.]]

All night partying and dancing by Leftists, Liberals and the Politically Correct led by Tony Blair and his NuLabour. What victory!

[[Neighbours who came forward soon after Qatada was freed spoke of their outrage over having such a man in the area while British soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq]]

If 100, 000 Koreans joined by hundreds of Roman Catholic nuns, hundreds of Buddhist monks can march against mad cow disease US beef, why isn't the whole of Britain organising marches nationwide against the potential mass murderer Qatada? NuLabour throw millions of their countrymen into prison? Or back down?
Storm the bastille, as it were, for godsake! Or are you waiting for Big Ben , Whitehall, Westminister Abbey, Buck's Place to go up in smoke with thousands dead?
Abu Hamza had those buildings in sight for detonation only he was apprehended before he could carry out his mission to "strike terror in the hearts of the infidels" and bring you lot into submission, on your crawling knees, to islam.

The Centre for Social Cohesion has put up on its website partial transcripts of some of abu Qatada’s jihadi rants in Britain, delivered in Arabic and obtained by the Centre from an extremist website. Its press release reveals for example that in one lecture ‘Wajib al-Muslim’ (‘The Duty of Muslims’) obtained by the CSC, Abu Qatada explicitly calls on Muslims to murder non-Muslims, saying that: ‘Our countries have been infiltrated by kaffirs [non-Muslims]. It is farid [duty] for us to turn our swords on to them and kill them.’
He adds: ‘We must fight the kaffirs. We can't reason with them. We can't reach a compromise and we can't be friends.’ In another recorded speech entitled ‘Seerah’(‘The Path’) he launches a tirade against Christians and Jews while outlining his apocalyptic visions of the future, describing Christianity and Judaism as ‘devil worshipping’ and saying: ‘There will be a great battle against the wathaniyah [Jews and Christians] where the saviour will come back to this earth, the king with an army in the sky, killing the Jews, wipe them out, and rid of the planet of the Jews.

Hours after he walked out free he released a book in which he urges Muslims to commit terrorist attacks upon the west.
In the 71-page tract, published in English translation on the internet, he repeatedly claims that fighting jihad, holy war, is obligatory for all muslims and urges them to 'terrorise' non-believers. Security sources say his clear incitement to violence makes a mockery of the decision to set him free.

And the West is telling the world that you are serious about combatting terrorism? Go tell your toddlers, guys. It is we in the East, methinks, who will be left fighting muslims along with the Russia, the Vatican and Germany, with China and Russia leading the war. CHINA has already given a preview of what she will do when she razed a mosque in Xinjiang because the Uighurs were not supporting Beijing's Olympics.
WORLD REACTION: Middle East: Mum, not a peep. Pakistan: Mum, US: Mum, EU: Mum, The sick deranged minds helming Amnesty Int'l : Mum, India's muslims: Mum. Sssshhhhh, don't criticise Fatherland China. Not a single medium in any Arab/muslim country even acknowledged the demolition act heinous. The ENTIRE UMMAH has delivered the most merciless cut with its -----SILENCE.

With the Vatican right behind it, Italy razed a mosque to build a library or something for Oriani Fallaci, the anti-jihadist, anti- muslim fighter to her last breath while the eunuchs ran for cover.

[[The decision to free Qatada has left Britain's anti-terror laws in tatters and the taxpayer facing a bill of tens of thousands of pounds to keep the preacher under surveillance by the security services.]]]

What tatters? Tony Blair and his NuLabour and his gang of traitors meant for this to happen. And they are absolutely delighted its working fine.
More "terrorism" laws to be enacted against the indigents, so simple, so easy.

[[Of the five children, only those aged 17,14, nine and six are eligible for the child benefit payments. Their oldest, who is 19, is not entitled to a handout.]]

Work your ass off harder Brits. Keep 'em muslim parasites in luxury while you have Heinz beans on toast 4 times/week, watered down mulk for your babies, and the worst of food while you are taxed to the hilt to keep 'em privileged muslim vermin you permit because you refuse to stand up and face with courage . Price for cowardliness. Plain and simple. When are you going to shed your tutus?

As for Abu Qatada, with Tony Blair having made it legitimate that native Brits have to pay for the darling muslim's polygamy, all he has to do is take another three more wives, breed like rats, and he and his family live in luxury while you the native Brit die homeless and hungry. It'll come your way, soon enough.

[[Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has appealed against the decision not to deport Qatada to Jordan while the Conservatives have said it is 'offensive' that he cannot be thrown out.]]

Don't believe this whore. She is right behind the muslims, supporting them at every turn while plotting your life on bended knees.

[[[The rulings mean that - despite Tony Blair's promise in the aftermath of the 7/7 attacks that the 'rules of the game have changed'............... ]]

Re: Blair's promise. Undercover Mosque showed Blair's government has appeased leading muslim apologists by inviting them to join "commissions" to investigate the 7/7 attacks, thus awarding them credibility well beyond their deserts. The very sinister individual named Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain and a man with a public record of support for Osama bin Laden, was made a convener of Blair's task force on extremism despite his stated belief that the BBC and the rest of the media are "Zionist controlled."

So much for Tony Blair's promise. The Taliban now controls 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques and 80 percent of its home-trained clerics, according to an investigation by the Times. The seminary in Bury bans art, television, music and chess, and labels soccer as “a cancer that has infected our youth” (Times Online, September 7.). It preaches the destruction of the West and runs seminaries training adherents to do just that.The most influential scholar in this sect will soon be Riyadh ul Haq, a man who has lived in Britain nearly all his life and preaches that muslims must shun non-believers and that they must not be afraid to kill for allah.
And during Blair's watch Hizb ut tahrir , thrown out of Germany because it is a recognised terrorist organisation, were employed in Britain's Home Office, and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Foreign Office.

This is what Tony Blair said at a conferece where he pledged to spend one million pounds to improve the teaching of Islamic studies in Britain’s universities.
“The voices of extremism,” he told the conference, “are no more representative of Islam than the use in times gone by of torture to force conversions to Christianity represented the teachings of Christians.”

Under Tony Blair and NuLabour's governance:

“Schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a Government backed study has revealed.
“It found some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students (filthy muslims) whose beliefs include Holocaust denial.
(((Under Gordon Brown, Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist' The National Children's Bureau, which receives £12 million a year, mainly from Government funded organisations advises nursery teachers to be on the alert for childish abuse such as: "blackie", "Pakis", "those people" or "they smell". )))

“There is also resistance to tackling the 11th century Crusades - where Christians fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem - because lessons often contradict what is taught in local mosques..." They prefer appeasing and grovelling to muslims. Very feasilble.

The BRAVERY emerges when British Intelligentsia and Academia go ballistic calling for Boycott of Jewish Professors and Jewish Goods. Such courage on display.

In Machiavelli Tony Blair's and NuLabour's terminology and ideology, simply allowing muslims "free opinion" in calling for Britain's destruction, calling for "death" "behed those who insult islam" "as long as they don't do a violent crime" means hundreds of thousands of these muslim vermin to be propagandized, recruited and from that 1 in 100 or one in 70 primed for Jihadi butchery becomes inevitable. The vast majority of nazis were also "moderate" "peaceful" and "non-violent".
Just like the filth called muslims inhabiting your country.

Britain burns up its own heritage before the idol of political correctness and multiculturalism, while the leftists/liberals dance gleefully around the pyre.
British police are now in fact just too afraid to enforce laws against muslims for fear of being accused of 'racism', a 'disproportionate response', etc. They frequently don't even want to accept reports of crime in which the perpetrators are identified as being from the 'wrong' groups.

Every single muslim of note is a terrorist with links to terrorist organisations worldwide. Where is the resistance to this? When Britons voted NuLabour in they accepted the consensus imposed by political correctness where such threats are not discussed. In other words, dissenting voices are censored.
Political Correctness is an insidious form of propaganda warfare promulgated by socialist faculty in colleges to undermine values and cannot exist when brutal reality is required to protect. The muslim snake was always mollycoddled, pampered, in the name of peace, is taking its "jihad" on Brit indigents daily.

And you, the ordinary Briton, is responsible for all that's rotten to the core, and a sickness in Britain's heart. You allowed it to happen. You allowed Britain, with the heart of a Lion to be enslaved by the worst of the worst. ""


Anonymous said...

This part of that comment is horrifying.

"The Centre for Social Cohesion has put up on its website partial transcripts of some of abu Qatada’s jihadi rants in Britain, delivered in Arabic and obtained by the Centre from an extremist website. Its press release reveals for example that in one lecture ‘Wajib al-Muslim’ (‘The Duty of Muslims’) obtained by the CSC, Abu Qatada explicitly calls on Muslims to murder non-Muslims, saying that: ‘Our countries have been infiltrated by kaffirs [non-Muslims]. It is farid [duty] for us to turn our swords on to them and kill them.’
He adds: ‘We must fight the kaffirs. We can't reason with them. We can't reach a compromise and we can't be friends.’ In another recorded speech entitled ‘Seerah’(‘The Path’) he launches a tirade against Christians and Jews while outlining his apocalyptic visions of the future, describing Christianity and Judaism as ‘devil worshipping’ and saying: ‘There will be a great battle against the wathaniyah [Jews and Christians] where the saviour will come back to this earth, the king with an army in the sky, killing the Jews, wipe them out, and rid of the planet of the Jews."

The most terrifying indication of this man's wickedness is this part and shows why he should be bumped off out of Britain to Jordan.
Anyone know where this creep lives.
If the little people left a bucket of poo on his doorstep, it would be an apt reminder to him of what he is, as he obviously does not own a mirror to see what he has become.

Findalis said...

In December of 2005 the OIC issued the Mecca Summit. It states:

Whereas the purport of the lofty essence of Islam was to ultimately bring the world out of the darkness of ignorance, oppression, and tyranny and into the light of truth, justice, developing sciences and knowledge, and peaceful co-existence, we find ourselves today at an age of muddled concepts, misguided values, and pervasive ignorance, as diseases and epidemics gain ever-greater grounds, injustice takes hold, and man’s environment grows despoiled by the day. More than ever before, we stand in dire need of a fresh vision to turn the tide and the Ummah, as Almighty Allah has rightfully ordained, into a guiding beacon and source of light that radiates forth science, knowledge, and morality for the benefit of all humanity.

Even so, all the governments and peoples of the Ummah are unanimous in their conviction that reform and development are the priority to which all efforts should be channeled within a framework that is intimately molded in our Islamic social make-up. At the same time this framework needs to remain in harmony with the achievements of human civilization and steeped in the principles of consultation, justice, and equality in its drive to achieve good governance, widen political participation, establish the rule of law, protect human rights, apply social justice, transparency, and accountability, fight corruption, and build civil society institutions.

Indeed, the Islamic civilization is an integral part of human civilization, based on the ideals of dialogue, moderation, justice, righteousness, and tolerance as noble human values that counteract bigotry, isolationism, tyranny, and exclusion. It is therefore of paramount importance to celebrate and consecrate these magnanimous values in our Muslim discourse inside and outside our societies.

Muslims make it clear in this document that the total domination and subjugation of Europe is their goal. And they are using the threat of riots and oil boycotts to blackmail the EU into this.

Unless Europe and the UK rise up in full protest, taking to the streets in anger, taking to the ballot box in anger and kicking the SOB's out of their lands, they will be Dhimmis within a few years.

Anonymous said...

Find the address of this creature! How much more of this islamic sh*t do we have to take. How much more money will this government spend on supporting these evil scum bags. Isn't it about time Britain was put on the American axis of evil list, after all, this country is allowing them to thrive and is now surely a huge threat to the US.

I'm afraid we have already passed the threshold, it seems the indiginous poplution are fixed on today's celebrity culture and are more interested in cheap brain numbing reality TV. The muslim's must be laughing at us on a daily basis.

If the US did put this country on a threat list, I would not think twice in abandoning this God forsaken country and take up arms with the yanks. I don't blame the muslims for the state of this pathetic land, I blame our Government and the trash that voted them in.

I'm prepared to fight for my son's future and here and now, my son's future is not in this evil land.

I'm convinced it's all too late for this country, Jihad is winning, you've just got to look around, especially in the east of london where I am from.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable how a country would back this terrorist human rights. What about the human rights of this terrorist victims. Why not send him back to jordan and let their government handle it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gospeller in another thread made an interesting observation that a concept like human rights is that it suggests something that is granted by someone about you. is bizarre that this concept is favoured by the liberal/left movement whose who purpose is the equality of all.

I think that that the liberal/left movement is so full of contradictions and no solid foundation of ideals that it is so easy to be infilitrated and courupted by Machiavellian elements, if it hasn't already, like Islamism.

I think this corruption has already been done and can be seen with the apathy we have in this country where we don't witness mass demonstrations like the post Norman Wisdom suggests. How did this happen? Well it is well known that academic circles have been a hotbed of left wing radicalism since the 60's and how teaches children who subsequently grow up and form today's society?

Joanne said...

The authorities should just detonate his electronic tag - heh heh heh.

Anonymous said...

How much longer must we wait before a group of patriots take up the fight and start taking our country back by force? Surely this scumbag could be assassinated, whilst any attempt to find the executioners would be anothe r nail in this governments coffin. I'm sure the Russians, Americans and Israelis would be queuing up to arm and train us.

Anonymous said...

Where's Michael Ryan when you need him?