2 July 2008

British child sex slaves

Organised gangs of Pakistani Moslem men are targeting children as young as 12, pumping them with drugs and then trafficking them across the North of England as sex slaves.

Moslem War booty from the Jihad in England.

Excerpt from the article below: The Home Office highlighted a previous case in Sheffield where local girls had been groomed and recruited by young men in public places, then sexually abused and taken further a field to other towns and cities for further sexual exploitation.

Now read this: Mothers of Prevention and when reading it remember that Asian is the politically correct name for Moslem.

I hope your as disgusted and outraged as I was.

Video's on this subject will be added in due course.

Daily mail

British-born girls as young as 14 are being trafficked for sex within the UK, according to police.

Officers involved in a project which targeted human trafficking said it was a mistake to believe that all children targeted by pimps had been brought in from other countries.

A Government report said there was an 'emerging issue' of British children, usually teenage girls, being trafficked within the UK.

It also emerged that new measures are under way to tackle the problem of children being forced into criminal activities such as working in cannabis farms and street crime gangs.

Further measures are under way to combat the trafficking of children into Britain to make fraudulent welfare claims.

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British child sex slaves


Ducky's here said...

No native born pimps in England. Seems unlikely.

Telling me you skinheads don't manage a couple of strings?

Anonymous said...

i doubt there is much coercion going on - british teenage girls are promiscuous enough to actively decide to make a living out of prostitution rather than taking the other popular choice of sponging benefits as a young single mother.

none of this is the fault of 'asians' or whichever ethnic group currently controls the local criminal underworld - the real blame lies with their morally bankrupt white (and supposedly christian) parents.

Anonymous said...

boredluton 02-Jul-2008 19:47:00

Glad to see you've shown your true colours and your moral colours.


Anonymous said...


Glad to see you've shown your true colours and your moral compass.


Anonymous said...

These girls are hanging out in gangs on the streets when they are young teenagers. At that age they are easy prey for men of evil, and we must demand that the police hit those men hard and not tiptoe round them for any politically correct reason. But the parents of these girls should take a hard look at the way they have brought up their chidren. If you had let loose five times the number of aspiring pimps on our streets 50 years ago, this still could not have happened, because young girls were living family life at home.

Weep for lost innocence.


Anonymous said...

"british teenage girls are promiscuous enough "
So says boredluton.
This typical of the Muslim males view of other races and shows what a bunch of racists they are in the true sense of the word.
The majority of young girls and women do not behave in this fashion.
A male from the background of boringluton sees only what he wants to see and subconsciously lusts after what his beliefs prohibit him from indulging in.
These vulnerable young girls are betrayed by their pathetic parents sometimes no doubt. If this is the case, remove the children from their parents.
Comments from a male of the background of Boredlunchpack show the disdain that these types have, and again betrays the lies peddled here by other so called moderates.
Either he is as devoid of religious and moral instruction as these girls are, or he is typical of the two faces of these believers.
If you cannot succeed with the book and the word, then turn to any means possible.
Are we to suppose that the moral standards of those adult males that take their little girls away to Pakistan and marry them at an infant age, is any better than the parents who let their children get out of control?
These kids, are taken from their schools to a backward place where they will not receive a broad education as they would here. They are turned into breeding machines for the pleasure of men.
Often this is against the will of the female parents and definitely against the law of this land, and without care for the child's rights and needs.
Doctor heal thyself.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when Islamic beliefs allow the rape of children, condones sexual acts with animals, just as long as you don't feed your tribe the animal after if you have ejaculated in to it, then Islamic law forbids such a disgusting act.

Anonymous said...

moral outrage? from the likes of you? lol

i'm just a holding up a mirror - it's not my fault you have so much trouble accepting the reflection that you end up denying it and projecting it onto others.

strange how your sort go on about respecting previous generations of 'heroes' and 'saints' whilst you choose to ignore the disdain that the native pensioner generation hold the current young generation (and their parents) in.

what? the pensioners are in cahoots with the muslims?! oh no, best put them in a old person's home and nick their property before they go completely doolally, right?


Findalis said...

Why should the government worry? After all pedophilia is protected in Islam. Muhammad practiced it and it is sanctioned by the religion.

If the UK would stop this, there would be riots from the "Asian" community. And you don't want riots.

Anonymous said...


I actually think you are a plant and I mean that in both terms. You are probably not Islamic at all and probably don't even live in Luton. You could be working with the authorities trying to spark off violent rhetoric from this blog.

I've looked at most of your postings and find you provoking and repulsive. If however I am wrong and you are an ethnic in Luton, I'd watch what you post as you represent your cult. I won't call it a religion because it's not, it's a cult made up by a kiddy fiddling, woman abusing, cowardly prophet you call Mohammed.

I would not like to be a radical islamist when this country does stand up and say enough is enough, it will come and as history repeats itself time and time again, the islamic cult and its filthy beliefs will be banished back to the wilderness.

Its not the likes of you I'm concerned about, the type that spurts of its bile for anything 'west', it's the muslim Doctors, Lawyers, Police and other professions that your sleepers think they can hide amongst whilst deep in their hearts they think their Jihad will come. The so called 'Moderate Muslim' are the ones I study more. There is no such thing as Moderate in the Islamic teachings.

God help you all when the up rising does come, and it will when you least expect it.

Each pathetic out cry your breed makes, just like the one today about the new police poster featuring a dog, the indiginous population depises your breed more and more.

Anonymous said...

MagnaCarta @ 03-Jul-2008 00:09:00

Who will rid me of this turbulent troll?

Boredluton's intentions do need to be questioned.

I would say he/she is not islamic due to the first comment made, moslems would not slip up so easily due to taqyiya.

This is some lefty agitator as can be seen by the obvious diversions and the old trick of the left by trying to wind people up in the heat of moment and then turn it back on them that they are reactionary.

The best thing to do with this troll is to ignore it.

Anonymous said...

taqiyya? not sure which is worse: accused of being a troll or being confused with a shia, lol.

Anonymous said...

Paid by the State to make this blog look bad. (Even if he just claims the Social!)
Hoping against hope that they will provoke the reactions they need to present a case in court against Lionheart.
They are wasting their time.
He says he's not a Shia?
Like that matters when it comes to telling porkers.

Anonymous said...

magnacarta, Superb analysis.

Anonymous said...

Sunni or Shia doesn't matter to me...they're all filthy muslims. Even though the sunni's don't believe the shia's are real muslims. Muslims worldwide are divided over the different sects of their cult. And they really think they can rule the world. That's a huge laugh...more muslims killing muslims than the west killing muslims. This cult is nothing but a blood thristy cult and nothing more. They can't even get along with their own kind. All I know is it's ridiculous for muslims to complain over a poster.

If muslims dislike dogs then to fucking bad. Who are they to demand for the poster to be modified...i.e. remove the dog or use another cute animal. The thing is when muslims move to another country. They are obligate to assimilate to the hosting nations culture and not the other way around. If they don't like a particular nations culture...then don't move there. And go somewhere that has sharia law and their culture. I could go on and on about this. Hopefully the police agency doesn't give in and says too bad the poster is being used.

Funny how muslims believe what mohammed said about dogs. When science has dis-spelled what mohammed claims in dogs being unclean. It's a scientific fact that a dogs mouth is actually cleaner than a humans. Just unbelievable how these morons think. Has to be all that inbreeding that happens. It's not good for the genetic pool to marry family members. Just too many things can happen. Though muslims will claim nothing happens. Just look at their thought process, logic and slow rate of learning. Most of the muslim nations are the poorest and have terrible health problems. Yeah the ruling families and few of the elitest are wealthy. But, the majority of the people are poor. The average family in Saudi Arabia doesnt even have funiture. There use pillows on carpeted floors. Now go the well off families in SA and they have funiture.

These people need to be eradicated. I posted a comment below which goes into further detail about the muslims. And what I said isn't my opinion but facts.

Anonymous said...

Europe is condemned for its deicide behavior...may be the real hope is in Saturn in Gold, as Nostradamus said five hundred years ago.

Anonymous said...

Well, these articles look more based on prejudice and part of media war fare instead of based on reality.

most porbably the writer is indian who is always mis-guiding the world. I know Pakistan is a country where all types of illegal sex is almost minimum in the world.