4 July 2008

MP Shahid Malik rebuttal

We Moslems are the new Jews is his claim.

Article: Moslems are the new Jews

Quote: Measured Muslim leader and Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik feels Muslims are an easy target for Islamophobia

I wonder why?

Maybe because it has something to do with your religion and what it makes its followers do to others, and how it makes it view others.

We are the kuffar after all, as with the Jewish people we are descendents of apes and pigs, I think that is what your holy books say isn’t it.

Or ‘Am I taking it out of context’ which is usually the line Moslems use when challenged on something in their faith that speaks negatively about others outside of the religion.

Quote: Muslims have become the target of prejudice in the way Jews were once persecuted, a minister declared yesterday.

I think you will find that any prejudice society has towards Moslems has been brought about by those amongst your own community, those who are threatening and terrorizing our society in the name of Jihad (Holy War) and Islam that is taken from your holy books and based on the example that your child molesting paedophile prophet set.

I don’t remember Jewish people in Nazi Germany blowing themselves up killing innocent people, chopping peoples heads off, planning to chop peoples heads off, planning to blow up shopping centers and night clubs, planning to detonate dirty bombs to cause a black day in British history, raping little girls and pumping the surrounding communities where they lived with heroin, all in the name of their religion do you?

The military wing of the Islamic religion to which you and every other Moslem belongs has declared war against us, what did you expect our response would be?

You can’t start crying now you feel the backlash from your brothers actions.

To use the comparison with the Jews is abhorrent because it does not add up under scrutiny, it’s a good ploy though to try and tap into the horrors of what the Jewish people faced for your own evil purposes. Moslems will try everything they can to dominate society whether that is through terror or the professed victimhood card which this MP is now using to gain sympathy for the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain and its Moslem inhabitants.

Anything in the name of Jihad to further the cause of Islam against the lesser beings in the embodiment of infidels to which all those outside of the Islamic religion belong.

Quote: But he added: 'In the way that it was and still is in some parts, almost legitimate to target Jews, many Muslims would say we feel the exact same way - that somehow there is a message out there that it is OK to target people as long as they are Muslims.'

The only ones who find it legitimate to target Jews are Moslems, your brothers and sisters who openly advocate it, look at Hiz but Tahrir for example who state in their manifesto to kill the Jews wherever you find them.

This organization that is banned in some Islamic Countries is allowed a free reign within the United Kingdom.

You are in our land seeking to force your alien Islamic religion upon the Nation, what did you expect the British peoples response would be? Sit back and let you take over.

The Moslem community is desecrating and destroying the fabric of our once safe and secure homeland in the name of Jihad, raping and pillaging our society in the process with the ultimate aim of converting Great Britain into an Islamic State.

The military wing of your Kingdom and Religion are the ones wanting war with the British people so don’t complain when they get what they are asking for.

The safety of our women, children, homeland and way of life is at stake after all.

Quote: The complaint by the Dewsbury MP will carry added weight because Mr Malik is regarded as one of the most measured of Muslim leaders, regularly attacking Islamist extremism and suggesting that those who want to live under sharia law could emigrate to do it.

It is easy to put on a public face and say what everyone expects you to say don’t you think?

If this MP is a Moslem then his ultimate desire is to live under Sharia Law, if not why call yourself a Moslem?

Each individual Moslem has his/her part to play in fulfilling the mandate of the Islamic religion, if not they are not Moslem.

So where does this MP stand, is he a Moslem or is he not?

Quote: But he added that many feel it legitimate to pick on Muslims 'and you don't have to worry about the facts... people will turn a blind eye.'

I think you will find that the British State has bent over backwards to protect British Moslems within every single sphere of our society, that much so that they have brought the righteous indignation of the British people upon themselves, and endangered the British homeland so don’t say people will ‘turn a blind eye’.

Those who pick on Moslems as you put it, have a legitimate right based upon the facts.

Quote: The Burnley-born MP, interviewed for Channel 4's Dispatches programme by Mail writer Peter Oborne, told how his car has been firebombed in a petrol station and he receives regular hate mail.

He said: 'I have been the victim of Islamophobia and hatred on many occasions. My family car from years ago was firebombed. Somebody did a hit-and-run while I was walking in a petrol station some years ago.

'They saw me, they went for me, they caught my leg. I, fortunately, was not seriously injured but the CCTV wasn't working and so we were not able to apprehend individuals.'

A consequence of the times we are living in and in my opinion based on the present facts within our society things are only going to get a whole lot worse, and you have your fellow brothers and sisters to blame for that, like those who duped a mentally ill man to try and blow himself up in a shopping centre, or the NHS doctors who tried blowing up a nightclub full of women and then went on to try and hit Glasgow airport.

You can condemn them all you like for their actions but you still uphold the same religion as these bloodthirsty murderers that teaches them to carry out these types of heinous murderous acts against us in the name of your god, and don’t say it is anti-Islamic activity, just look at the example your false prophet set if you haven’t already.

Quote: Exaggerated stories about high-handed behaviour by Muslims are having a damaging effect and hampering the fight against extremism, added 40-year-old Mr Malik.

I do believe that there was a gang of Moslem wannabe terrorists who planned to blow up several planes going across the Atlantic, another gang that planned to kidnap a British soldier and behead him on video and put it up on the internet, Diren Barots gang that planned to rupture the river Thames, the fertilizer plot who planned to blow up Bluewater shopping centre and the ministry of sound nightclub.

I could go on and on with examples so don’t talk about exaggerated stories.

These smaller stories you speak of are just the every day wearing down of our society so that it falls in line with you and your religion.

It’s called the Islamification process.

Quote: Mr Malik said that 'vile' people such as July 7 bomber Muhammad Siddique Khan were abhorrent to all Muslims. 'But it seems very difficult for some people to desegregate people who are evil, who have no religion.'

I am pretty certain that amongst the Moslem youth throughout the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, a very very large proportion of them hold Khan and his followers in the highest regard behind closed doors, but when out in the open they know what to say to the infidel who at present outnumbers them 10 – 20 to 1.

No Moslem can deny the truth that Khan speaks of in his will because it is the truth from your religion.

Taqiyya is where Moslems are allowed to lie to the infidel as a part of the Jihad, and no one who knows anything about what is unfolding in our Country can deny that the Islamic Kingdom is conducting Jihad against us.

Quote: The minister's view won support from an opinion poll carried out for the programme.
The survey of 1,006 people by ICM Omnibus found 70 per cent believe there is more prejudice against Muslims since the July 2005 bombings and that 52 per cent think Muslims face unjustified criticism.

Most of the British population have been treated to a systematic campaign of propaganda and indoctrination where we they are told ‘Islam means peace’ like plastered all over our London buses, that it’s a small minority of Moslems which is the political consensus, or that it is anti-Islamic activity.

But the facts say something different to those who are awake to the threat in our midst, so those poled I should imagine are the indoctrinated Liberal Labour voting arm of the British public who believe what they are told about Islam and Moslems.

Please watch this important video: Obsession

And watch the video below to see what they really think of you and me behind closed doors with their British Mosques and what they have in store for us and our Country.

Listen for this near the end of the video: ”You have to live like a State within a State until you take over

Not one person captured on video was arrested for their incitement to murder, racial religious hatred, glorifying of terrorist acts, planned treason and condoning sex with children because Mohamed did it.

There is nothing you can say Mr Malik, the line is the sand has been drawn and the writing is being written on the wall daily.

Reject Islam and the evil at the core that it contains and embrace the Love of Jesus Christ or you are just a different branch of the same tree with Mohamed and the Koran as your root.

There can only be one winner in war so decide whose side you are on because the global military wing of your religion has declared war against us and our civilization.

What type of world do you want to live in, an Islamic one or a free one?


Anonymous said...

This idiot blabbing his nonsense on a world forum is testament to Islamic power; he's right, he is as whiny as jew; as time goes on we will see more Muslims, yes Muslims, identifying with Israel, the headquarters drug dealing, white slavery and other vices made virtues as the white "red-neck" loses influence in his nation. The Muslim has an ally in the jew in destroying Britian. One destroys society, one censors speech decrying that destruction as "hate-speech".

Justice / Valor, are a exclusively white gentile traits. We can't expect non-whites to have a sense of them.

When has anti-zionist nativism, the natural order of the European people, been given a world forum?

Anonymous said...

lol, you're a racist moron and proud of it.

Lionheart said...

within 10 minutes of me posting this i have you 2 cmmenting on it.

You mjst be drooling over this blog.

I must be doing something right!

Anonymous said...

What a devastatingly fine piece of analytical comment.
Your writing is fast getting to a more incisive and conclusive level.
The fact you have so many detractors only proves that the truth hurts.
I know you would probably rather write about God and the Bible, but the challenges we face as a Nation are now so great that we need voices such as yours to re-present actual news in a context that has relevance and meaning far into the future , beyond what we all can see as annoying and less than British.
There is a most definite plan of conquest at the heart of Islam.
It is stated so many times in the Koran, Hadith and Sunnah.
The words, actions and observations of Muhammed and the followers of that religion.
Britain has passed through many years of battles and civil-war in our history.
The wounds of Northern Ireland are not yet healed
We do not need or want any more religious strife.
Yet, that is exactly where we are heading.
That is what you consistently point to.
It is plain that war was declared on Britain, both secular and Christian, by the army of radical Muslims that are just one cohort of this monstrous legion
When two opposing forces are compelled to co-exist, some reaction must take place.
It is the Law of Nature, and a fact of physics.
Because our leaders are so devoid of backbone, and actually believe we should have all sense of Nationhood and identity removed from our lives, relegated to the soccer field and sports, we see them conspiring to indoctrinate our children to accept what is not acceptable. We see then change laws to suit their purpose, and even the anti-terror laws are thinly disguised and are now being used in a totalitarian way by Local Councils to control intimate aspects of our lives.
The great E.U. project has tempted us with the benefits of easy travel and foreign goods, and left us with an ache in our bellies and a pain in our hearts.
We are a Nation.
We are British.
We will survive and win.
We will depose the stranglers of Freedom and we will rebuild Jerusalem here on our green and pleasant land.

Anonymous said...

When I watch this documentry I feel broken inside and my body cringes in anxiety for the impending doom...sort of the same feeling as walking through ghettos or barrios or deserts of dying bodies...and knowing NOTHING I do will make any difference...they will all die...
This movement is insane...They are so insane...and they have so much influence...What is wrong with us that we allow this to happen...We are the Jews because we behave in rational reasonable loving kind ways and don't pay attention to the real motives of this movement of islam...They couldn't believe what was happening around them and to them...It was impossible for someone to be so evil and no one stop them...but rather like a force of darkness that attracts like glue the vampires...it is growing and is there anyone with the guts to arm his sling shot.
You know many years ago I was shocked to learn that a beautiful historic hotel in Banff Alberta, near where I lived had been bought by a Saudi prince...No one seemed to care...just business. God help us...

Anonymous said...

LH, neocons and boredluton may be the same.
Ducky is a long standing US troll who has a home from home on thebeakspeaks.
There he is tolerated by the readers as the pet commie.
He seems to have really got pissed off here though.
He just cannot get a grip on what you talk about being factual.

Findalis said...

Funny how Muslims cry they are victims just like the Jews were, yet the government of Great Britain bends over backwards for them and apologizes for every thing they find insulting. No other people get this treatment in the UK.

It is the Muslims who are behind each and every act of anti-Semitism in the UK, not the native British. It is the Muslims who demand special rights. And maybe it will be the Muslim who will get kick out of the UK right on their little asses.

For the record I do not have Islamophobia, just a deep hatred for those who follow the Great Pedophile (May he rot in Hell forever)!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 05-Jul-2008 00:55:00

They are the same, anything over a sentence is a cut and paste job and what they write isn't constructive or making any sense. Even if they aren't the same person, they're cut from the same cloth. The only way to deal with these types is to mock them.

Findalis @ 05-Jul-2008 06:29:00

The question I've asked myself is what exactly is Islamophobia? The definition of it seems to be getting longer and longer as the time goes on.Islamophobia, the literal meaning of it is the irrational fear of Islam but the way the word is bandied about is the total censorship of anything criticism of anything Islamic.

How can you have an irrational fear of Islam when you are making valid criticism of comments made by a muslim?

It is a mad mad world we are living in.

Anonymous said...

Great writing - keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

You know it's funny that the muslims liken their so called 'unfair treatment' to that of the persecution of the jews because in doing so they are creating for themselves a paradox. What do I mean by that ? Well, given that most muslims (particularly those in the middle east) beleive that the Holocaust never happend that fact that they are now likening their 'treatment' (whatever that means) to the persecution of the Jews under the Nazi's means that they must admit the the Holocaust did take place, surely logic would prevail, but of course we are talking about a cult here that sees nothing wrong in peodophilia, mass murder etc,etc.

By the way Lionheart, fantastic site. The truth will set you free

Anonymous said...

firefly007 @ 05-Jul-2008 20:57:00

It's might not so much a paradox as the dualistic logic that is at the heart of Islamic religion.


They can say that and still believe both to be true.

Anonymous said...

Lets get the facts straight on this concerning the attacks on the minister and on moslems in general.

Firstly, he is not the only MP who has been attacked. A Labour MP was recently attacked and robbed while out jogging.


Secondly, if the government whom he is a part of wasn't so soft on crime then there would be less attacks by these mindless thugs on ordinary moslems.

Don't think for a minute that these attacks are carried out by individuals who are specifically targeting moslems. They are feral scum are looking for an excuse to target someone whether it is looking at them the wrong way or 'dissing them'. The media is full of reports of people being beaten, stabbed and killed.

To say that the whole of society is responsible for the actions of a few individuals is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

MP Shahid (you all must know by now what 'shahid' means) Malik is considered a 'moderate' Moslem. As we all know by now,fundamentalist Moslems (Islamic Jihadists) despise such Moslems almost as much as they despise us dhimmis so maybe, just maybe those attacks were perpetrated by Islamists and not 'racist' white dhimmis.

Remember how Salman Rushdie had to be protected for years after a death Fatwa was pronounced on him because of his heretical writings on Mohammed and the Koran? It wasn't racist whiteys after his head, now was it? It was fundamentalist Islamist preachers and their brainwashed followers who sought his death.

On the other hand, neoNazi, boringLuton & Duck'sTail might be using Malik the Shahid as a guinea pig for future attacks on their real and preferred enemy - the eternal scapegoat for the brain-damaged, retarded ones..Der horned and tailed Zhids.

Anonymous Lady