29 July 2008

We made frontpage on RealClearPolitics

Thanks again to Roger over at Radarsite for the Trans-Atlantic Alliance we now have and the invaluable tool his blog structure has become for getting not just my posts out there across the internet but posts from many other people who are writing about the imminent threat that we face from Islam and the modern global Holy War.

May God contnue to bless you and the works of you hand Roger.


Article: The World watches as a humble Prince becomes King


Anonymous said...

I read your piece, blooming marvellous.
The muse has your pen-hand.
Please finish your book soon, though it is tough work.
If publishers are hard to find, there is a great possibility with the new POD. Print On Demand technology.
I believe "The Dawning of a New Dark Age: a collection of essays on Islam" was first published this way.
It makes your work widely available and I got mine in local bookstore and it's available on Amazon.
Time to take the gears up a notch, you have what it takes to speak to the World at large.
One step at a time, and even the highest mountain is within reach.

Lionheart said...

Thanks anonymous.

God bless

Roger W. Gardner said...

Thanks Lionheart. You have so many friends across the pond who are pulling for you. You represent the best of that world we want to keep.
Best wishes,
Roger G.

Gary Fouse said...


Pls see my posting on you on my blog: fousesquawk.

We are with you in the us.

gary fouse