3 July 2008

Christianity the Hope for Our Nation

For those of us who are Christian we know that God’s Kingdom on Earth is the only way for mankind because those who live within its boundaries are living in the World but they are not of the World, they are living in a new reality and a new Kingdom in the knowledge and under the shadow of Almighty God their Heavenly Father. The born again experience, where a life that was lost and dead walking aimlessly through life is given a new life, a new purpose and a new destiny.

I once was lost but now am found.

How can you be born again into a new life is the question, and the simple answer is to accept the Saviour of this World into your life and into your heart. Jesus came and laid His life down to give us life everlasting; a life more abundant than we could ever think or imagine was possible because our human minds cannot comprehend the truth until we open our minds and accept it in. It is then that the scales are lifted from Our spiritual eyes and we see the truth clearly about the real meaning and purpose of the life that we now live and the hereafter which has been prepared for those who are willing to accept it whilst they live the human experience.

Jesus was the perfect human sacrifice who died and shed His blood upon the Cross so that we, sinful man, could live again and be brought back into the Father son/daughter relationship with our Creator, exactly as it was in the beginning with Adam and Eve before the fall and the true relationship broken.

You must be born again before you can see the Kingdom of Heaven, then that true relationship is fixed and the relationship restored. God loved us so much that He made a way for us by sending His only son into this World to die for us, bridge the gap and mend that broken relationship through Love.

The message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved it is the Power of God unto Salvation.

The ruler of this age for those outside of Gods Kingdom on Earth is the devil who is now in control of the destruction of the World which God created.

How much longer before the End is Revealed and the final chapter on the story of creation and life on Earth as we know it is finished is the question, where there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth, Ruled by Jesus the Lion of the tribe of Judah the coming King.

Jesus said when you see the signs look up because the end draws near, and as we know when the season arrives for the harvest or what the weather will be like in the morning by the colour or the sky at night, we should also know from the signs around us the times in which we are living.

Look around you; Earthquakes, famine, Wars, rumours of Wars, disease, how much longer can creation go on and sustain life under these present conditions? Does God not cry out and weep for those who He created?

Does the blood of His Martyrs not cry out as they are butchered around the World just for believing in Him?

We now live in the Nuclear age, the most powerful destructive force known to man, that we know of at this present time, so the whole of mankind now lives under the cloud of Nuclear technology and the Nuclear War that that brings.

It is not a question of if; it is a question of when, we just live day by day with this knowledge as we walk into the future and what that future holds for us.

The coming Nuclear Apocalypse.

Death comes to each of us like a thief in the night when we least expect it, gone today with no tomorrow. Whether we drop down dead suddenly with a heart attack, die painfully with cancer or some other human ill, or we are on a train, bus or in our work place and an Islamic terrorist strikes, we don’t know the when, where, or the how but we know death is coming, as sure as the second hand ticks on your clock.

Where will you spend Eternity? In Gods Kingdom, Paradise, or in Hell, whatever and wherever the place called Hell exists.

Do you feel safe about your eternal Salvation and your standing before the Almighty God, the one who will judge the World and everyone in it?

If not today is the day of your Salvation.

Please click: The message of Salvation

This blog was set up because of the most pressing danger faced not only to myself, but my community, my Country, the Civilised World and Christendom.

If the global military wing of Islam that is led by this generations Anti-Christ Osama Bin Laden in successful in their Jihad (Holy War) to destroy our civilized peaceful Judeo/Christian Civilisation then what will that mean for our future descendents and the World in which we have brought them into?

The War has been declared against us, it is upon our shores and there are Millions of adherents to the Islamic Religion here amongst us who are carrying out their religious roles to the script that was written for them by Mohamed himself and laid down in their false holy books of the Koran and hadiths.

In War there can only be one winner, ‘them or us’ no middle ground, and in this present age of warfare we sit not in the knowledge that our enemy comes with swords and shields to fight on the battlefield, but that our enemy comes with a bomb strapped to his back with a chemical, nuclear or biological device inside.

We have the same capability, even more so, so how long before the Nuclear butterfly effect unfolds upon planet Earth?

Jihad (Holy War) against the infidel is as much an integral part of the Islamic Religion as Jesus dying on the Cross is for Christianity, so those who tell you otherwise like the British Home Secretary who has ordered us to call Islamic terrorism anti-Islamic activity are blatant liars, leading the gullible British sheep people into a false sense of security for her own political skin when faced with an Islamic Kingdom in our midst that at the slightest bit of offence towards them or their Religion causes murderous havoc and mayhem, who also make up the Labour governments block vote to stay in power.

I hear there is another block vote in the making though, a block vote that has the defence of all we are and all we hold dear at the core of who they are!

Is it not time the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain were put back in their place and shown who is boss in this country?

They think its them, we know its us, and they have committed murderous acts towards us, they plan and plot murderous acts towards us, they continually threaten murderous acts towards us, to tell us we are wrong and they are right.

The English Lions await their master who holds the keys to their Kingdom to open the gate so that they can run freely around their English domain, the domain they have been locked away from whilst the wolves have been allowed to run freely devouring the innocent flock.

The Lions and the sheep will sit down together in Gods Kingdom.

Those who sell us out are as much the enemy as those who they support and encourage because together they work against the innocent people of the British isles and all of our friends and Allies around the World.

The Neville Chamberlain effect.

God always raises up a Winston Churchill though because the British isles for some reason has an important place within His heart and the scheme of things upon the Earth, just like other places in the World, so we await the true leader of the British people to arise to lead us through the darkness of the coming storm and into the daylight once again.

We can rest assured that the man of integrity David Davis who walks the highest halls of Power has his place at that table, where he sits at that table is in Gods hands.

Talk of one of the worst Marxist traitors of them all David Milliband becoming Prime minister is a total joke and makes those who are looking see that we are nothing but a laughing stock within the International Community now. The only way he would become PM is if the New Kings of Europe sanctioned it for their benefit, and you would have expected that our Prime minister Gordon Brown would have known better about running the affairs of Our Nation considering his father brought him up in a Godly home where the Word was real and alive to him as he sat around the table listening to his fathers ministry.

But no, so no wonder he is the worst PM in our history with his government and the Country falling down around him. Surely God is not mocked.

Almighty God is an all forgiving and just God though, whose Love abounds continually towards those who turn back to Him no matter who they are or what they have done and ask Him for His forgiveness. Those intimate silent places where we get on our knees and open up our hearts to Him.

For all have sinned and fallen short of Gods glory.

”Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us”

This is Christ’s teaching to us His people as laid down in the Lords prayer.

Christianity is the only saving grace for the Nation at such a critical time in its life, all around us the Nation burns, falling into a state of total disrepair where anarchy and mayhem now rules the streets, with a government made up of Marxist Revolutionaries who are trying their hardest to remove the Faith that is our heritage from the fabric of Our society, and graft in an alien religion and way of life that is totally contrary to everything our society is upheld by.

Look at the devils handyman Edd Balls who has his political knives out, slicing our Christian schools to bits, trying to rip the heart and soul out of a part of Christ’s Church that is teaching future generations about the ‘good news’ as he uses his political power to enforce his devilish Marxist will upon Our Nation and society.

Our society is now so violent that London’s new Mayor Boris Johnston has publicly come out and said that if you see trouble in the street do not intervene for your own safety because daily we are witnessing horrific murders and violent attacks upon innocent people.

Article: Boris Johnston – Don’t intervene

You remove the Loving God from the fabric of your society who has been there throughout the ages then what do you have left? You have a society where the ruler of this age (the devil) has a free reign to do his utmost to destroy Gods creation.

We have the devils handy men in the embodiment of the Marxist Revolutionaries in this Labour government to thank for this.

Thank God that we have Bishop Nazir Ali and his co-workers within the State Church who see what is happening to the fabric of Our Nation and are seeking to rebuild and remould the Church of England which is the corner stone of Our society, so as to impart and impact the 21st Century life of Our land that now surrounds each of us.

The saving grace of the British Isles.

Of course there are other Churches and other denominations within England but the Anglican Church is the Church of State of which Our Sovereign Ruler Queen Elizabeth is the head.

This Church has its divine place, role and mandate within Our society, to be the vanguard and ‘defender of the faith’ and if it is not fulfilling those responsibilities then it, and our society is dead, and dying, exactly as it was yesterday when the C of E was viewed as a dead Church, but thank God a new days is here.

We await the removal of Judas the Queens Bishop who tells us that we must accept Islam’s Sharia Law as the law of Our land, as he carries out the commands of his Marxist masters.

One of the biggest ills of Our society that is separate from the War that is unfolding across our land is what the media calls ferrell youths, these are the ones who are killing one another, wounding one another and murdering innocent people in the process of terrorizing their communities and leaving an environment of fear for others within society. Children and young adults who are lost with no vision for the future, on a path to destruction that they are forcing others against their will by their actions to join them on because they have no real understanding or comprehension about life and its true meaning and purpose because they are so young to realize this, and the true irreversible consequences of their actions. Those amongst us who have had no adult guidance to teach them the right path in life, left alone to grow in a messed up Country, of which this government has created.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there on the streets where our children are growing up and its only the toughest who survive, a bit like the Lord of the Flies.

I know this from my own personal experience and thank God that He Himself chose to show me the truth and place me on the right path before it was too late and I threw my life away as a consequence of my actions like so many young people are doing today.

We are not all that fortunate to be saved from that path of destruction though but that what saved me is exactly what a Chief Constable is saying should be used to help the ferrel youths within our society.

Article: Ferrel youths should be in Church

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

The only way you can help these young people who have gone astray and have no leading and guidance is to go out to them and reach them where they are and show them that there is a different path to life and the consequences of the path that they are now on.

One mistake and it is game over for them, either dead or in prison for the rest of their lives, or someone else’s innocent life lost, taken from their family and friends who love them and miss them.

The ferrel youths of today are terrorizing British society through the murder and violence they are inflicting upon it, that much so that Boris Johnston has had to publicly tell people not to intervene if they see trouble for the sake of their own safety.

Is this not another missionary role for the Church, to reach out into Our society and find those young lost sheep who need Gods Love and help before its too late for them and others?

Ministry to the young hurt, lost and the dying within Our society who are venting their rage and anger upon others.

This Chief Constable believes so and I know for a fact that the whole of the Christian Church thinks so too, so stand completely behind her and her Vision to help Our society, its just whether or not they are talkers of the Word or doers of the Word.

Projects cost money, so who will step up to the plate and make the provision from Gods purse too which they have been entrusted through the giving of His people, and help finance this Chief Constables Vision, or set up their own project with a Vision from above.

Unless the Lord builds the house the labours labour in vain.

One of the greatest testimonies in modern times of a life changed and transformed by the ministry of Gods Love is that of Nicky Cruz. Nicky Cruz was a gang leader of one of the most notorious gangs in New York called the Mau Mau’s who along with the other street gangs in the area were terrorizing the streets of New York. This was a life completely lost and heading on a destructive path, who had turned his young pain and hurt from the World he had been placed in, into violence and anger towards others and found his place within the loyalty and family that comes with belonging to a gang. God gave a preacher man from the countryside a Vision to go and reach these young rough violent and dangerous gang members of New York with the message of Love that He had been given, so set out on a journey that was to change his life, that of the young Nicky Cruz and the lives of many more people around the World up until today, and is still going strong changing lives with the message of Love through the ministry of Teen Challenge.

Nicky Cruz reluctantly succumbed to the Power of Almighty God and had his life changed and transformed forever because once you accept Jesus into your life you become a new creation, out with the old and in with the new. He was set on a new path and journey in life and became one of the greatest testimonies within the modern Church around the World about the saving grace and power of Almighty God through Jesus Christ.

A life that was lost who was found by the preacher sent by God to find him.

Matthew 18:10 – 14 “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven. 11 For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.12 “What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them goes astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine and go to the mountains to seek the one that is straying? 13 And if he should find it, assuredly, I say to you, he rejoices more over that sheep than over the ninety-nine that did not go astray. 14 Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

I hear through what God chooses to show me that Nicky Cruz’s ministry now has a music dimension that they use to speak to the youth of today and that one of the best producers of their music ministry is a son of England living in New Jersey, famous within his sphere of music influence because of Gods grace upon his life. He has also worked with some of the best positive influential urban musicians within London like Street Politiks who are showing there is a different way for the youth of today through their own life stories that they speak through their songs amongst the Urban Music Scene of London.

Truce is the music ministry of Nicky Cruz outreach and they invade urban areas where there is a lot of young troubled youths and play their music, share their real life and very hard testimonies of how they have been set free and changed, and then give those present the opportunity to respond.

An Invasion of London is very much needed in my mind to speak to the youth and set the Church and City ablaze with the gospel of Jesus Christ, that same gospel that changed Nicky Cruz’s life, and the same gospel that is still changing the hardest and most violent of lives today.

Revival sweeping through Our land is the only thing that is going to mend broken Britain and it will only come by Christians being doers of the Word and not just hearers of the Word.

I am sure there are many Churches who would welcome an Invasion into London by Nicky Cruz’s ministry to try and bring some light into the darkness that is engulfing Our Capital City and turning Our children into violent ferrel murderers who are then going on to terrorise the rest of society. Gun and knife crime is rampant and the youths of today need to be shown that there is another way before it is too late.

There are some good Churches in London like KICC, Kensington Temple, Hillsong London, Holy Trinity and many more, who if they really want to make a difference in the Capital City in which they are building should have no problem lending their support to a London wide invasion of the gospel of Jesus Christ through Nicky Cruz’s ministry. No one can deny the man or his message because it has stood the test of time and is still going strong.

If not, why make London your home if your not willing to help and support other ministries wanting to make an impact and bring about change within wider British society to which you now belong as you profess Jesus Christ in our midst.

The Chief Constable who has spoken out with her belief about the Church helping British society is hoping to set up a project in Wales, and as a new follower of boxing I know Wales is home to one of Britain’s sporting heroes, the ‘Pride of Wales’ Joe Calzaghe, the undisputed, undefeated pound for pound best boxer on the planet. He has just been elevated to a ‘Commander of the British Empire’ by the Queen for his service to sports and community work within Wales; this is also a man who knows the reality of Almighty God within his own life so I assume would agree with the Chief Constable’s Vision.

Boxing is a sport that is accessible to a lot of young people in some of the toughest communities across the Nation, and helps a lot of young people by taking them off of the streets and placing them into an environment where there is a sense of family and belonging amongst the other boxers who train in the same gym, an extended family, just like young people find out on the streets amongst their gangs.

Boxing although it is a very tough and challenging sport and there will be those who agree and disagree with me about it, is definitely a force for good within our society and with the likes of Joe Calzaghe and his father Enzo Calzaghe as some of the biggest names in the sport who have both been recognized as such inside and outside of the sport, boxing is there to be tapped into and used as another something to help mend broken Britain.

There is no greater example of how the sport of boxing has helped save a lost life from the perils of life’s mistakes than that of Michael Gomez. Michael Gomez has the life story that turns many young people into ferrel youths, he was born in a car, brought up on a caravan camp site, went out into the streets as a ferrel youth and ended up before the courts on a murder charge, he was then stabbed and died for 48 seconds on the operating table only to be brought back to life. He sadly was the epitome of a ferrel youth who I should imagine would not change who he was for anything because it makes him who he is. He found boxing and as a sport it saved his life from some of the greatest mistakes he could have made. He is the prime example of how the sport of boxing can help young lost wayward lives get some meaning and direction back so that they can go on and achieve whatever they want to achieve in life.

The Michael Gomez story comes out on film in November, here is a preview: The Michael Gomez story

Sadly he was robbed recently of his chance of going on to fight for a World Title when he fought Amir Khan: Amir Sham & British boxing

In today’s politically correct environment where we are bending over backwards to please Our Islamic guests its not hard to see why.

You cant fool all the people all the time.

Please pray for the Chief Constable in Wales and pray that God will birth her Vision throughout the land, and not just in Wales.


Anonymous said...

michael gomez? why do all your heroes/martyrs look like chavs who have just been released from a prison sentence?

Findalis said...

Also remember your Celtic heritage. Those old barbarians would have given these "Asians" a scare that would have sent them back to their own lands.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiring post LH.

For anybody who is willing to open their eyes to what is happening, the present situation that is happening in our society is pretty bleak with not much alternative to prevent it is in sight.

There is no doubt any good man or woman who is worth their salt will stand fast and do the right thing when the times comes but there has to be a way to stop it from getting to this point.

While I'm not an out and out Christian, I do a bit of praying and if Christian groups can raise the expectations of folk to what they rightly deserve rather than dictated by the policies of this marxist government that is currently in power then it can't be a bad thing.

If anybody thinks the current government is not partly responsible for the troubles we see today in society then look at this clip with includes a clip of a former Labour MP (be warned, it contains strong language)


It also contains a link which details systematic bullying and persecution in the Labour party yet is ignored by its leadership.

The Labour party in it's effort to modernise and become electable has gained new values by moving to the right but in the process has lost its moral compass. It is unfit to govern and will do anything to hang onto power.

It has a control-freak nanny state mentality that thinks it knows best and anybody who has an alternative that conflicts with their agenda is deemed dangerous.

Something needs to be done as the alternative is unthinkable. As the quality of people's everyday lives falls with increased crime and anti-social behaviour that will cause a vacuum where any solution at hand is acceptable and that includes Sharia law.

We can't let that happen.

Anonymous said...

cont from 03-Jul-2008 21:14:00

If I could please expand further why I think the Labour party has lost it's moral compass by gaining new values.

I think LH's personal experience is relevant. When you leave an old life and accept new truths, you leave the old 'truths' behind and accept the mistakes you made in the past. In doing this you spiritually grow and mature.

IMHO, the Labour party has not done this. They have gained new values but have gotten rid of those who disagree with them and surround themselves with those who are only too willing to say the right things for reward. They have also surrounded themselves in a cloak of spin and fancy sound-bites.

While outwardly they appear to have changed to be more liberal, inside they are still the same and when in power for a long time they revert to their old ways of marxist-stalinst control freak mentality which confirms the stories of the present leader Gordon Brown shouting and bawling at secretaries.

While they may seem progressive but are spiritually bankrupt and immature which can be seen in the above clip where the person they expect everything and throw tantrums when they can't understand why they are not getting it.

We definitely need a change of government but I fear the Tory party has followed the same route as the Old Labour party to become electable that they will turn out to be the same.

From this article, it doesn't bode well.


Anonymous said...

Good work that you do. Keep it going and good luck.

Anonymous said...

What a shame it is, that the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire does not have as much spunk as this good lady from Wales.
Our own Chief Constable seems more like a chinless wonder, totally over-educated (indoctrinated) with political correctness and always ready to bend over backwards to receive the praise (two fingers up) of the minority community (army) that has set it's face against British traditional values, encouraged by the rag-taggle band of pikey-perverts of the Labour Party(enemies of the people.)

A great cheer will go up in the Nation's heart when the next elections give us the chance to kick their fat backsides out of public office.
Good riddance to them.
David Cameron's Conservatives may not be the perfect answer to all our ills, but it will be a foundation that could revive more understanding of a way forward for Britain ridded of that poison that has been circulating in the veins of Society, in much the same way as Pakistan/Afghan heroin has been pumping through the veins of our young kids and some adults who need to be kicked out of their desperate habit.
Time to tackle crime head on, and end the nanny-state where we give terrorist's "human-rights" precedence over the rights of the majority.
Time to rid Britain of the criminal gangs that exploit women and children in suburban house-brothels run from the internet, and all the other crime that brings.
Time to kick out those who have come to Britain under false pretences to exploit the NHS and our Labour Party inspired give away society.
Time to repeal the crazy laws that have set the rottenness above the good.
Time to tell EU super-state to go, and to renew our old friendships with our cousins in Australasia, to give us resource security for the future.
Time to rebuild and reinvigorate our military to give us protection and especially as we are an island-race, dependant on the sea-routes for survival.
Time to take back the North Sea fishing grounds from the EU, and allow our fishing industry to rebuild itself.
Time to foster new alliances in the World, and to take Britain out of the doldrums we have sailed into.
And for those who would not sail with us on this ship,.. cast them adrift.

Anonymous said...

I have been told what a bullying bunch the Labour Party can be.
Especially to their own.
They remind me so much of the way Hitler got started in Germany.
I think we've rumbled their game though.
Watch out for dirty tricks in extremis as they approach their comeuppance in 18 months time.
I wouldn't put anything past Nu Labour, including crashing the economy and going begging from Europe as we are forced to accept the Euro.
They are scum, you can see it bobbing about like turds at a sewage pipe outlet.

James Atticus Bowden said...

I've been writing much the same.


see the archives and the blog Deo Vindice

From the U.S.A.