4 July 2008

British school children punished for not praying to Allah

Foreword: How much longer and how much further can the British people take this intrusion into their way of life?

How dare anyone punish school children for not wanting to kneel down and pray to Allah, and how dare anyone make school children bow down and pray to Allah in the first place.

The teacher responsible should be sacked.

Where are our childrens human rights to be protected from the dominance being inflicted upon all of us by Islam and its Moslem followers.

This case was up in Stoke, the same place the Daily Mail's Peter Osborne complains about the Far Right gaining ground. Please take a read of my rebuttal to him:
Is Post War Britain Anti-Moslem?

If you lived in Stoke what would you be thinking about the rise of Islam in your midst and all that it brings with it?
Daily Mail

Two schoolboys were given detention after refusing to kneel down and 'pray to Allah' during a religious education lesson.

Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped.

They said forcing their children to take part in the exercise at Alsager High School, near Stoke-on-Trent - which included wearing Muslim headgear - was a breach of their human rights.

One parent, Sharon Luinen, said: "This isn't right, it's taking things too far.

"I understand that they have to learn about other religions. I can live with that but it is taking it a step too far to be punished because they wouldn't join in Muslim prayer.

"Making them pray to Allah, who isn't who they worship, is wrong and what got me is that they were told they were being disrespectful.

"I don't want this to look as if I have a problem with the school because I am generally very happy with it."

Another parent Karen Williams said: "I am absolutely furious my daughter was made to take part in it and I don't find it acceptable.

"I haven't got a problem with them teaching my child other religions and a small amount of information doesn't do any harm.

"But not only did they have to pray, the teacher had gone into the class and made them watch a short film and then said 'we are now going out to pray to Allah'.

"Then two boys got detention and all the other children missed their refreshment break because of the teacher.

"Not only was it forced upon them, my daughter was told off for not doing it right.

"They'd never done it before and they were supposed to do it in another language."

"My child has been forced to pray to Allah in a school lesson." The grandfather of one of the pupils in the class said: "It's absolutely disgusting, there's no other way of putting it.

"My daughter and a lot of other mothers are furious about their children being made to kneel on the floor and pray to Islam. If they didn't do it they were given detention.

"I am not racist, I've been friendly with an Indian for 30 years. I've also been to a Muslim wedding where it was explained to me that alcohol would not be served and I respected that.

"But if Muslims were asked to go to church on Sunday and take Holy Communion there would be war."

Continue reading:
Punished for not praying to Allah

Contact details to complain:

David Black, Head Master
Alsager School
Hassall Road
Stoke On Trent

Telephone: 01270 871100
Fax: 01270 871139

Joan Feenan
Director of Children’s Services
Phone: 01244 972201 Fax: 01244 973821
Email: joan.feenan@cheshire.gov.uk
County Hall, Chester, Cheshire CH1 1SQ

Cheshire County Council
County Hall
Chester, Cheshire
Email: info@cheshire.gov.uk


Anonymous said...

VERY brave children for refusing to do what their teacher demanded at such a tender age. May God bless them. If the education authority don't admit that the practice was wrong then this one should lead to a court case. I for one will be forwarding the details to organisations likely to help.


Anonymous said...

What religion was the teacher?


Joanne said...

First off, why do the children have to learn about other religions? I have never heard of this being part of a school curriculum. If children are being forced to partake in praying to Allah, then you would think Muslim children would be kneeling and praying to God Almighty, but I'm sure they would not submit to this and there would be a public outcry. This is so disgusting! I remember my own mother having me removed from a class because it was being taught by a socialist teacher, and the principal quickly withdrew me. How far we've sunk, that children are being punished for not kneeling to Allah. This is so sick on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with all of you, this is discusting the teacher should be fired and the kids should be rewarded for standing up to her

Anonymous said...

How disgusting. Repeal gun bans now. Native British, get yourself armed! The agents of Talmudic-"Tollerance" would never attempt such "togetherness" blasphemy on an unarmed population.

Que BoredLuton to say that the muslim criminal has the backing of the state: he's right!

Anonymous said...

another fake story from the daily mail.

i wonder why you don't learn from your previous mistakes - their stories are complete guff, only written to satisfy the mentalist far right nutters who enjoy this garbage.

you are a muppet.


Anonymous said...

Fake Story? Fake Story?

I live near there and can confirm this news item..

Dickhead,,,,,,,your the muppet :)

Anonymous said...

This is sinister; -it borders on attempted indoctrination. The teacher should be sacked and deported!

Guess Allah didn't forsee you bringing this to everyone's attention!

Great post. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

it's as fake as the story of the bus driver forcing his passengers off so he could pray.

sounds like a roleplay where some little islamaphobic sprogs decided to mess about and where rightly punished - the truth will come out after the investigation but this blog will never publish a correction.

anyway, you should be happy your children are being educated in the ways of their future overlords, lol.


Anonymous said...


Really, why is the story currently on ITV teletext Page 312?


Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail carries many pages of in-depth news and comment.
It does not flinch from presenting uncomfortable truths.
The Daily Mail has a long history of employing good and sometimes brlliant writers that stimulate reactions to their observations.
Compare this with the other news-rags and what do you find.
The Mirror, The Sun, both full of celebs showing their knickers, pages and pages of adverts for mobile phones, some sport, some pop "musick" and that's about it.
The Guardian employs only jelly mould Liberals and chooses it's stories to match, same goes for the Independent, with only the Telegraph getting into some real news discussion. The Times is for reading on the train to work and doing the crossword.
The Daily Mail may have some faults, but it's readers are bright enough to make their own minds up.
So I take the fact that LH refers to the Mail as an indication of his integrity.
He often quotes the BBC as well, hardly a right-wing set up.
The mind set of LH's critics come in different guises.
Some call him a fascist, or a racist. These are the standard labels that the lazy Liberal and their friends (they think) the "moderates" choose because they carry such a turn-off value in our pathetically emasculated society.
Others poo-poo his words and if that does not work, his sources, such as the Daily Mail, in the hope they will turn off some other would be readers.
There have been a few genuinely moderate religious Muslims visit as well, who have chosen to focus on only the "good" bits of their religion .
I an sure they are well meaning and believe in what they say, that Islam is a religion of peace.
Unfortunately they are in the minority, the majority being merely passive, whereas the radical or active believers concentrate on the warring aspect of their faith and in the end, all moderates will have to knuckle down and accept the extreme interpretation of Islam.
Take a look at Afghanistan.
A wonderfully tough independently minded people with a long history.
They were totally controlled by a few thousand Taliban, trained in the Maddrassas of Pakistan, and who revealed the nature of the other side to Islam.
They were not doing anything out of charachter when they be-heade women and stoned them for supposed misdemeanours.
Theuy were following the strict Law of Islam.
Called Sharia.
The very same Law that both the Archbishop of Islam, oops, mistake, of the Church of England and Britain's top Twit, oops, mistake, Judge, have given their approval to.
On whose behalf I ask?
The majority of Britons who are content to have British Law based on ancient tradition and development?
NO, but yet another attempt to abase the British People and grovel at the bootheels of terrorists and usurpers.
Maybe the moderates will convert to Christianity in the fullness of time, if they are brave enough, as their ways fit more easily with the notion of a forgiving God rather than the vengeful one who is oft quoted as having prepared the flames of Hell especially for the Kuffar or non-believer.
Enough of this capitulation to intimidation.
Get up off your knees you British and stand firm against the traitors who sell your freedom to the enemies at the gates, and the pedlars of platitudes who seek to conquer your soul.

Anonymous said...

Dear BoredLuton

You call it another fake story from the Daily Mail.

On what grounds?


Anonymous said...

The reason of such problems are not exactly because of muslims, it's because the europeans themselves allow such acts of disloyalty. Europe is a weak, hedonistic, addicted to fun and pleasures, lack of selfresponsability for their own lives (welfare state, my ass!!!). You gots what you deserve.
P.D. I do not like muslims as I do not like jews.

Anonymous said...

comment @ 04-Jul-2008 21:24:00

For non-UK viewers, the teletext system is a text information system broadcoast over TV networks (I believe there is a similar system over in the US and other countries).


As per my previous commment, this article was shown on a teletext page on ITV network which is the biggest commercial TV network in the UK and a rival to the BBC. They also provide a web version of this service which is where I got the link from.

If this story was false then why would the UK's biggest commercial TV network display it on it's pages?

There isn't a word of this on the BBC which isn't surprising due to the left wing which can be seen with this link:


You have to realise is that censorship is also about not reporting information rather than amending information to present it in a different light.

It also has to be remembered that the media in the UK is very politically biased and there is a culture of editors having a lot more control into what it published.

The Daily Mail is the only newspaper that represents true British values and is not afraid to report them. It is out of tune with today's liberal multicultral society but since it has a readership of 6 million so it isn't that out of touch as to what the people of the UK think.


Anonymous said...

even though the dailymail publish the story as fact, it is only based on allegations which have not been substantiated.

unfortunately, the racist morons who lap up this kind of story wouldn't know the difference even if it was explained to them.


Anonymous said...

Dear BoredLuton

*You* called it a fake story. When I ask you to prove that it is fake you simply say that it is based on unsubstantiated allegations. Are you not backpedalling?

Where is your evidence showing that it is fake? And why has the school and education authority not denied it? In a story of this sensitivity you can bet they would have been contacted by the Mail and the reporting service used by Teletext.


Anonymous said...

Parents said that their children were made to bend down on their knees on prayer mats which the RE teacher had got out of her cupboard and they were also told to wear Islamic headgear during the lesson on Tuesday afternoon.br/>>

What religion was the female RE teacher?

Anonymous said...

crusader1119 @ 05-Jul-2008 19:52:00

Considering the traditional hard left are dominant in the teaching professions and the extent that Common Purpose is infected in our society with their barmy liberal schemes it's no doubt that this is a role-play exercise to make the children less 'islamaphobic' and turn them into culturally flexible citizens for the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

It still doesnt retract from the fact that children were punished for not "pretending" to pray to allah.

As for culturally flexible, we have bent over backwards to accomodate islam, and all it wants is for us to bend too far that we snap.

That day is coming my friend....

Anonymous said...

crusader1119 @ 05-Jul-2008 20:35:00

Apologies. My quote was to say that I think the teacher was politically rather than religiously motivated. I wasn't in any way trying to justify it.

boredluton @ 05-Jul-2008 17:15:00

If this is not 'substantiated' then why hasn't there been a media storm by the politically correct obsessed MSM to deny it or to print what you say?

The politically correct media in this country is only too happy to attack anybody who rocks the boat and would do anything to deny the likes of the BNP they hate with a passion any ammunition.

As can be seen it is on the BNP's site.


The problem is that we are only too aware of the tricks of the MSM and silence says a lot more than what is being said.

Anonymous said...

np anon,
i mis-understood,
my opinion is that teachers should be non-political in their views and teachings.

Also the msm point is spot on.

Anonymous said...

crusader1119 @ 05-Jul-2008 20:57:00

Unfortunately there is too much political interference in our education system as can be seen by this link:


To quote parts of article:

'An updated secondary school curriculum, offering skills and languages relevant to modern learners, has been announced.

It will give pupils "social and cultural flexibility" and a "feeling for justice and fairness", says the QCA curriculum watchdog. '


'The QCA's curriculum director, Mick Waters, writing for the BBC News website, highlighted the need for the curriculum to promote such citizenship skills as "an ability to tolerate difference" and "the capacity to cope with change". '

This roleplay exercise if that is what it is sounds like on of these citizenship skills mentioned.

Anonymous said...

What is funny is that any teachers and/or pupils who try to pray in the Christian manner in schools (also in America) are forbidden to do so. If caught praying (or even wearing a cross) they would be sent home or even expelled.

Here it's the other way round ---Christian children are being FORCED to bend down and pray to Allay and if they object, they're persecuted.

From the teacher's very English name, she's not a Muslim at all (unless she has converted like the nutcase journalist Yvonne Ridley)

Can anyone make head or tails of this? I can't.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Lady?

Have you heard of the TV programme "The League of Gentleman" that was shown a few years back?

It involved a theatre company called Legs Akimbo, that did embarrassingly politically correct shows in effort to try and educate children about things like homosexuality and disabled people. Rather than educate they actually offended and patronised the groups they were trying to create tolerance for.

This looks like the same thing where reality is stranger than fiction.

RG said...

My email to the people destroying the future of Britian starting with the children.

This hideous news is all over the world about you forcing children to pray in a class room to the alter ego (Allah) of a pedophile who called himself a prophet. The age of children this monster molested in the 7th century.

Everyone of you should be removed immediately!

Anonymous said...

Is there any more information on this incident? What about the 'teacher'who threatened & forced these children to bow down to Allah? Has she been arrested? Is it possible to arrest & indict her in such a case? At least for
'cruelty towards children' if nothing else?

Please keep us up to date if possible.

Anonymous Lady