8 July 2008

Children punished for not praying to Allah UPDATE

Article: Children punished for not praying to Allah

I took 2 minutes out of my day to show my disgust at the actions of the teacher responsible for punishing British school children for not bowing down and praying to Allah by sending an email to each of the departments responsible for the care and well being of the children in the locality where this obscene
event took place.

Below is the email response courtesy of Cheshire County Council.

Those children who stood their ground carry the weight of the British people upon their shoulders, may Almighty God make them strong leaders of the next generation and may they recieve a hansom reward for their troubles and turmoil so that no one will dare touch our innocent children again.


Thank you for your email. Please see below a statement issued in response to concerns re: Alsager School.

Cheshire County Council today (Monday) suspended a teacher at Alsager High School whilst inquiries into allegations of unprofessional and inappropriate teaching practice take place.

The inquiries will involve parental complaints about methods of education on the Islamic faith and also ongoing inquiries centred around other practice issues.

It should be stressed that suspension is not in itself a disciplinary measure.

Children’s Services Director Joan Feenan said: "This authority is naturally concerned about complaints we have received from parents.

"Together with the school, we will be thoroughly investigating those complaints, in a careful and considered manner, and informing parents of the conclusions reached.

"Educating children in Christian and other religious beliefs is part of the national curriculum in secular schools and I’m sure that the great majority of our parents welcome any efforts to further mutual understanding.

"Having said that this authority also accepts without question that such teaching should be carried out with awareness, sensitivity and sound common sense.

Added Mrs Feenan: "Alsager is a high performing school with very supportive parents. I am confident that this matter will be resolved equitably. "

Joan Feenan
Director of Children’s Services
Cheshire County Council


Anonymous said...

May God bless you for that Lionheart. Their reply is OK but we Christians must keep holding them accountable, continually asking them questions and demanding to know their timescales so that they cannot dhimmi their way out of this one.


Findalis said...

It is time to bring back some old punishments to these people. The stocks, public and a great way to get rid of rotten veggies.

The hangman would be useful when these "Asians" decide to commit murder (dishonor killings).

And Her Majesty could always banish from the land the whole Muslim community. I do believe that this was done quite frequently in the past.

Anonymous said...

It was a standard reply, I got exactly the same one :(

Still, at least something has been done about this sorry episode. I wonder, had the parents not gone to the press, would the school have done anything?

Resistance is never futile. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Well one thing I have noticed Paul is that there are more and more people complaining about the muslims controlling the English culture with more laws being passed to protect them from Christians and these people who are complaining want to know who is protecting them? With these complaints comes the response from your government of more laws against Christian rights and more protections for the Muslims. I hope to see more complaints and hopefully demonstrations by non-muslims for the regaining of your country and I also hope your people VOTE these traitors you have in office out of office next time around, so you can start to get your country back...Best of luck...


Celtic Crusader said...

hello Gospeller

i have answered on one part of the debate we are having concerning pro action & physical defence of christianity & will answer in due course some more. I apologise for the delay.

the answer comment is on the 'lord ahmeds... 28th may 2008 topic


Celtic Crusader said...

1 thing i have noticed is that when the ante is upped in the host country then the muslim vibe and tone is one of keeping the head down again and trotting out the islam means peace line.

they become very quiet and polite and meek and display the tone of the guest in a foreign country or minority who is vulnerable chestnut.

they are a sly and cunning foe able to change their skin to suit the tone of the host population just like a chameleon or no scratch that in fact much more like a parasite that reacts appropriately so that it keeps its host alive just long enough to suck the life out of it.

when the heat comes down the muslims chnge their tone and start the plaintive, woe is me, i'm a peaceful cheery chappie shite.

when they get the numbers they start getting brash and cheeky.

more numbers again and more of the liberal population backing them up and you get outright demos on streets, intimidation of the working class clash points of towns and even intimidation of the police and complaints nationally of racism.

we are deaaling with a cult that teaches its adherents to adapt its ways to overcome the host at all costs and win over liberals to champion them and make out christians to be nutters. look at the reaction you get when you say to middle-class people you are a christian ...the next time you are on hols. I know i got a reaction as if i had 10 heads. No.... but a beast with 10 may be on the horizon....or was it 7?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Muslims will be more compliant when they get the Christian sensitivity training.

Anonymous said...

"It should be stressed that suspension is not in itself a disciplinary measure."

I wonder if you have enough 'courage' to update your blog when the results of the investigation are released?

Lionheart said...

Stay tuned boredluton your the one who is going to look stupid like usual.

Gary Fouse said...

Pls see my follow-up to your story about the school in Stoke-on-Trent.

gary fouse
Calif (usa)

Anonymous said...

Celtic Crusader, very, very sound comments on the nature of the enemy we face, as a People and as inheritors of our Christian heritage.