3 July 2008

Another Al Qaeda terrorist freed back out into Our society

RUSI told the British government that it must make the 'Defence of the Realm' its No.1 priority.

So why have 2 Al Qaeda terrorists with direct links to Osama Bin Laden both been released back out into our society, with the good decent hard working British tax payer now footing the bill to house them, clothe them, fed them, and heal them whilst all along they want to kill us and take our Country over on behalf of their religion.

Daily Mail

A terror suspect said to have 'direct links' with Osama bin Laden has been freed on bail after spending more than seven years in jail awaiting deportation, it was announced today.

The 45-year-old Algerian, who can be identified only by the initial U, was released from Long Lartin high-security prison in Worcestershire.

A spokeswoman for the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) said: 'As of today, I can confirm he has been released.'

It came just two weeks after firebrand preacher Abu Qatada was freed on bail by Siac.

The development followed a successful appeal to the Court of Appeal, which overturned Siac's earlier ruling that U could be deported to Algeria.

The Government has claimed in court that U was a leading organiser of a major terror group.

His followers plotted to bomb the Christmas market in Strasbourg in 2000 and were also involved in an earlier plan to attack Los Angeles airport.

Siac concluded last year that there were 'credible grounds' for believing the Government's claims that U had 'direct links to Osama bin Laden' and held a 'senior position' at a mujahedin training camp in Afghanistan.

The terror group formed and led by U had links with Al Qaeda, according to Siac, and was known by one of the names the suspect used in Afghanistan.

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Anonymous said...

you think that's bad...just wait...here in canada we love to love them...there are three major terrorist trials going on and frankly my dear...I do give a damn...but it is sad, so sad, there will likely be no convictions...just the same as in the air india crash when almost 400 lives were destroyed and the perpitrators of this horendous terrorist crime live and rally their troups freely in canada..
Our record of freeing these terrorists, our record for laughing in the face of justice,our record for not putting these imbicle lunatics in jail to rot is one of the most outrageous crimes of this century...freeing terrorists is the joke of the century...for the pathetic country we have become...here is canaduckistan... P.S. have they jailed you yet for saying bad words?

Lionheart said...

Nope, they have kept the leash there but I have removed it and they will have to come get me if they want to put it back on.

What will the world say if they hunt down an English blogger just for his words?

Anonymous said...

There are three or four bloggers here that will soon be stopped...by our kangaroo tribunals...called human jokes commissions...they are already gagged for life a young christian minister...and several catholic clergy...so here...in canada people speak and think with blinders on and mostly don't use periferal vision...as the zombies move in gradually in all areas...and intimidate the ever so tolerant torontonians...into submission...sharia law was actually considered...but denied...oh well...soon I think...

Anonymous said...

you do realise that they would never release any terrorist suspect if they had even the slightest bit of evidence against them?

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