6 July 2008

The coming Sharia Law in Britain

Video courtesy of Glen Jenvey

Teaching from the London School of Sharia Law - The future leaders of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, raising up the next generation of Moslems for what is unfolding within our land.

The future of Great Britain for your children and grandchildren courtesy of the Judas Archbishop, Loony Lord Phillips who is the Top judge in Britain and supported by one of the Countries leading Lawyers Stephen Hockman QC


Listen to it yourself and hear their words bcause if this is not stopped then it IS the future!

The Islamic leaders of Great Britain are putting into place the first building blocks of Sharia Law within our Nation, sanctioned by our present leaders, and these captured on video and their children are the ones who will take over the baton of seeking to enfore a total Islamic State upon the British Isles when the times comes.

Do you really think that those Islamic leaders wearing the cloak of moderation who are pushing for the legal implementation of Sharia Law in our land do not want to live in a total Islamic State, or that these steps they are taking now will not help the next generation of Moslems in their Jihad to conquer the British homeland?

The writing is being written on the wall, read it for yourself!

Great Britain, the Islamic Worlds Western Frontier and stepping stone into the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century, America.

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Findalis said...

Unless they are stopped the UK will be under Shar'ia law in a year and in full Dhimmitude in 2 years.

Anonymous said...

These boys sound barking mad to me..
Here is one of the dangers I have noticed here in Canada...in toronto the tolerant where people are mad with accomodating all the differences and still smiling and patting themselves on the back, thinking they are setting an example for the world.. while the young gangs of boys in the various immigrant ghettos shoot up everyone...the average everyday church goers have all sorts of ministers of every denomination telling all the good Christians to love their neighbors...and because the media in Canada only showed for many many years on the tube news, which is what everyone watches...young palestinian boys throwing rocks against tanks, big guns and missles,...and a few other reasons...that would take a few pages to explain...the jews got a bum rap here...they've over reacted by focusing their energies on human rights tribunals and this has limited our freedoms...So...people in canada tend to think the islamic followers are to be welcomed and loved and think they are loving and rational like the jews, although they are pissed like parents at the jews, and think Isreal is too aggressive and because the media supports this position they don't realize the islamic are multiplying like a cancer that will soon consume them.

Anonymous said...

I'd sooner worship a lipstick wearing blue elephant, than a mass murdering paedophile any day.

Anonymous said...

funny how Muslims can be offensive as they like about other faiths yet go ballistic when they find anything ofensive.

Anonymous said...

Time to rise up and say we've had enough! Forget the red tape this Government have forced apon us to keep us all quiet. They can't put us all in prison.

Our Government won't listen to words, its going to take radical action to oust this Governemnt and stop the Islamification of our land.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are crazy. In fact some of sharia law was attempted to be impelmented into canadian secular law. And guess what? it didn't work. And canadia didn't renew the trial period of sharia law imposed. Which was based on marriage, inheritence, divorce and things of this nature.

Now Germany has infused the aforementioned aspects of sharia law in to their secular law. And they are even beginning to realize that it's not working. And in the process of phazing out sharia law from their (Germany) secular law.

In the end....religious and secular laws absolutely negate one another. And if a country infuses any religious laws to their secular laws, they have two choices. To either remain secular and go back to that system. Or begin to infuse other aspect of religious law untill the law of the land is 100% under that religious law.

Hence it cannot and will not work. Yes, the UK, Canada, America, Germany, France and other nations have different laws based on different principles. But, the one thing they all have in common is being secular. And this is what will save us. Because, no one who is not of that particular religion wants to be forced to follow a law from a religion they are not affiliated with. And then those people whom are actually the majority, will end up revolting, uprising. And the religious law will not occur.

Of course I'm speak of muslims in the above references. But, what's preplexing to me. Is if the muslims want sharia law so badly. Why wouldn't they live in countries that impose sharia as the law, instead of trying to change a system that doesn't want it. There are plenty of other nations who have either partial or full sharia law. Also, there are other nations whom the majority are muslims but under secular law. You figured it would be easier to target those nations first. Then the muslims can ascertain what works and doesn't work in getting sharia law passed and develop a model in how to change other nations who might be more challenging. I can only assume these idiot muslims cannot think for themselves or have enough brain power to figure things out. The planet is large enough with enough countries for people to live that "suits" their needs.

Yes, I'm aware it's every muslims duty to spread islam and for them to have world dominence, but they should be pragmatic and realistic too and realize that in this modernize, progressive and advancing world. That their desires will not happen. Instead they will become their own worse enemy and bring conflict amongst themselves. Essentially, the muslims will be their own down fall. Never in the history of this world has just ONE organization or group dominated the entire planet. Sure, you can force or impose this or that. But, what people (mainly muslims) forget is there's one element that prevents this from happening and nothing anyone can do to stop it.....It's called "HUMAN NATURE." We all have that internal drive for Human Nature in which we want to not be told what to do. And have freedom to express ourselves or do as we desire. Humans by nature do not like being forced against their will. So, the dissenters of the world which are the majority when it comes to islam...will not surcome and definitely win. And this is why no particular entity ruled the world under one leadership per se.

Ironically, our greatest gift we possess is our intelligence, yet paradoxically it's our biggest weakness too. Just depends on HOW we use the intelligence bestowed upon outselves. Yes, the free world faces some serious challenges and very vexing problems. But, I'm extremely optimistic that we shall overcome these issues, which will make us even stronger and more united. Failure is what leads to success, you can't have one without the other. Or else we just remain stagnate and don't learn from our mistakes.

Therefore, I ask all the good people who love their freedoms. To remain patient and take a stand instead of sitting on the sidelines. People like LH is taking a stand simply by generating this blog and he might lose his freedom...to me he's a true patriot. So, please take a moment when you can and think of how you can contribute to combat the enemy from within. It might be a long and hard battle but worth fighting for. Maybe this is something we have to fight for. Since our forefathers fought for theirs and our freedoms. Some have become complacent and just custodians of the freedoms given to us. Now, this is a time for us to fight for our freedoms and for future generations. And this is the reminder we all need to ensure our way of life stays in tack. Would it be nice if other countries enjoyed these freedoms? sure. But, for now we must concentrate on not losing ours before we can spread the good word to other nations. God Bless you ALL.

Anonymous said...

Some above commented that muslims get offended over every little thing and then resort to riots, violence and usage of the media...and so forth. Well, the writer is correct. But, when the muslims do something that's offensive to other...what happens? Nothing, no one comes out and says what the muslims just did or are doing is offensive to ME.

This is where people must use the same tactic the muslims use. And due to europes human right laws. People are scared to comeforth because they might get arrested and/or prosecuted. Well, you have to ask yourself what price are you willing to pay for your freedoms. Also, there has to be some equality in which you can establish a precedence. Simply stating when the muslims protested known of them were subsequently arrested. Due to law enforcement is afraid the muzzies would start to riot and cause violence. Well, that's a cop-out and excuse the police use. So if they riot...the police should use all their powers and resources to stop it. And once the muslims realize that the police will not tolerate these actions they will stop. The muzzies will have no choice. And old saying fight fire with fire and this how the muslims must be dealt with, since they cannot be reasoned with. Europeans need to start using the very laws the muslims are using against you. You should do exactly what they do to counter their actions.

It's crazy to think the police would pasify the muslims just because they're scared of a riot and destruction. Now the muslims know they have the upper hand and leverage in these matters. Your police organizations must take the control back. So what if the media reports it as police being over zealous. Their job is to maintain law and order...it's the back bone of a civilized society.

There is nothing wrong with peacefully assembly. But, if muslims are shouting out death to europe and blood shed will spill in the streets of the UK. Then it's a police offices duty to arrest those people under the human rights and hate crime laws you have over there. And if a riot ensues...so what. Let the police stop that too. Only then will muslims know they cannot get away with this kind of action. And who cares what the muslims say in the aftermath of an incident like I described above. The police were doing their jobs and civil duty. If your governments don't like the actions of the police. Then they need to get rid of the laws that they happen to approve and pass.

Anonymous said...

To the British Legal System - including the police, lawyers, judges, juries - and the legislators in parliament:

Isn't it a 'crime' in Britain to indulge in incitement to violence, racism, hatred, the destruction of democracy, and encouragement to rebellion against the traditions, customs and Laws of the country wherein you live?

If not, then you must let these guys go ahead without any protest towards the realization (even if violent) of their imperialistic, theocratic, anti-democratic aims.

If yes.....why the Hell don't you get your wimpy, fat (and possibly masochistic..) asses of your comfy sofas and finally put a FullStop to this satanic, dangerous and constantly accelerating attempt to 'take over' your country and turn you into these Islamic-Nazis' infidel eunuchs and male & female slaves, etc ?????

What are you waiting for?

Anonymous Lady - trying not to vomit after watching the sickening video from sawtulislam.com

Anonymous said...

"Essentially, the muslims will be their own down fall. Never in the history of this world has just ONE organization or group dominated the entire planet."
hellzbellz, your observation is born out by history.
The shame is, all the trouble and strife we must endure to rid us of this attack on every other way of life.
This ongoing reluctance of the Establishment to challenge Islam and defend Western values on the home-shores, must have a political significance. The caving in of secular politicians and religious leaders alike, cannot be just co-incidence.
Joseph Goebells said,..cleverly deceive the masses, and they will do your bidding, for they will think they have made the choices themselves.
The political classes are involved in a conspiracy that we cannot easily comprehend.
For what motive?
Who can guess at that.

Anonymous said...

Sickening video. The muslims themselves say they will never stand with the filthy kuffar.

I have never hated anything in my life as much as I hate islam.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart

Re: "Judas Archbishop and Loony Lord Phillips"

While I totally agree with you that neither is fit for his office in view of their comments on Shari'a, Judas was paid, and (publicly) calling someone a fool endangers your own soul (Matt 5:22). Please be careful as I want to meet you in heaven someday.


Anonymous said...

This is SO sick! It's hard to watch something this sinister an devil. Hannibal Lector looks like a choir boy compared to these people!

What nerve for them to comment on life in England or elsewhere!

They need to be SHIPPED OUT!!

If we all reverted back to WW2 form and turned on islam rather than against each other we'd be rid of this evil in less than one week!

We all need to rid our lands of this scourge!

Then we need a new Crusade!

We must march on mecca (the world capital of fascism) and capture the evil stone!

I would love to donate the stone to be made into latrines for a pig sty!

I'm TIRED of our guvmints allowing this crap inside our countries!

Alla [pig] = SATAN!

Anonymous said...

Key points:

They can't jail all of us.

If we opposed Islam as we opposed Nazi-ism, it would be quickly demolished in the West.

Do not elect traitors.