4 July 2008



Ana Rebecca1027 said...

Happy July 4th to you Paul.

Thank you for posting this wonderful image of America's day of Independence.

We share this day with you, our brother, our Ally. We stand together strong. And we will win this fight together against Radical Islam!

God Bless you and yours on this day.


Anonymous said...

From one infidel to another, fight on, my friend. I stand with you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, opinions, and informative blogs with us all. May you have a blessed Independence Day.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart i for one am in support of what you are doing here and i think your story and your knowledge should be heard by all.

I thank you for the love and respect you have shown and do show for our country.

There are plenty here who see with open eyes.There are those who look past the obvious and walk into oblivion and they need to be shaken.

I find it shocking and appauling how you have been treated in your own country at the wishes of an invading army.it disgusts me.

Banding together,crusaders forever.

BAN ISLAM!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th July to all our American friends....


Anonymous said...

God Bless America - and may she make the correct choice for President in November. This is important not only for America, but for all her allies, big and small.

And let America not forget who her true allies really are, were and, with God's help, always will be.

Anonymous Lady