14 July 2008

Islamic Terrorists freed from prison early

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Foreword: Millions of tax payers money goes into the Security Services to protect the public and ‘Defend the Realm’ from the military wing of Islam that is seeking to destroy our Nation, take our Country over and enforce Sharia Law across the land.

They openly preach this TREASON unhindered upon our shores so it is not as if their intentions towards us are a secret.

When the British State eventually decides to act against these bloodthirsty Islamic murderers in our midst, most of them are handed down pathetically lenient prison sentences or appeal and get their sentences reduced.

Now it has been revealed that Islamic terrorists who are hell bent on our murder and destruction within Great Britain are going to be released from prison early because of the prison over crowding crisis.

What is the point of pouring in these vast resources to fight this War only to have the enemy freed back into our society to continue where they left off?

Allowing 21st Century soldiers who are conducting a guerilla war in our midst, free from prison to continue that War that is the idiocy within Great Britain now. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried and history will always remember the TREASON and SURRENDER of this generations leaders, each and everyone of them and the part they have each played in destroying the ‘Realm’ in which we live.

So the British public ARE NOT going to be protected from those who want to murder and destroy us and the ‘Realm’ in which we live will not be given the support it needs from the British State to defend itself from all those outside of it who want to remove it from history.

They will have to murder each and everyone of us because the ‘Realm’ is a part of us, and within us, and we will defend it with ever last drop of blood in our English bodies, and our children and grandchildren will do the same just as it has been from generation to generation.

The Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain and their State facilitators are on course to achieving their aims within the United Kingdom because they are using the overwhelming force of the power structure of the Nation against the British people whose land they reside over. The only thing that will stop them is the ordinary men and women of these Isles uniting against them in ‘Defence of their Realm’, and they have not even stood up yet.

When they do there will be nothing that can stop them because there are no places in the prison system to put hundreds of thousands of innocent British citizens who are united in the ‘Defence of their Realm’.

What are the people of the British Isles to do, just accept the destruction and take over of everything they are by an invading alien death cult and their State sponsors?

Holy War is here upon our beautiful green shores and ‘no surrender’ is our motto.

Decide where you stand, who you stand with and what future you want for your children and grandchildren.

This Marxist Labour controlled British State will not protect us from our mortal enemies living amongst us so we will have to protect ourselves, that is just a basic natural instinct inherent in each and everyone of us when our survival is at stake.

These Islamics can return to their ancestral home lands where they came from if they dislike us and our ways so much, we are not forcing them to stay. We on the other hand cannot return anywhere because this is our ancestral home, and how dare they invade our house and take over with the backing of the State.

Who is going to lead us is the question or do we lead ourselves?

I do not see a gatekeeper with the keys to the Kingdom, I did see a big green Chinook flying around London though.

Do we have Allies from around the World as we fight this Holy War against the military wing of Islam or are we on our own here in the United Kingdom as we stand before Almighty God in ‘Defence of our Realm’?

The British State does not represent the British people, they represent themselves, a small group of Marxist Revolutionaries who after many years, and generational input, have successfully taken over the reigns of power of what once was one of the Greatest Nations on Earth and have systematically destroyed it for their own personal ill gotten gains, filling their personal store houses from the wealth of our Nation, and to force through their evil Marxist political agenda – A powerful brotherhood of thieves

Third World dictators presiding over what once was a First World Nation, trying to show the World a face of Democracy when on the ground there is nothing but Tyranny, covered over and blinded from the gullible tax paying British sheep people with the propaganda tools of the 21st Century – TV, Radio, Newspapers and the Internet

Do the people stand behind the ‘Crown’ or are they on their own because as RUSI have publicly stated, the survival of the ‘Realm’ is now at stake, and if left too long, then it will be better for us to die free than to live as slaves.

Only God knows what future is to befall these Isles but before we reach there we are all going to pass through the passage of time together, just like before the last 2 Great Wars of the 20th Century.

My trust is in Almighty God, the Lord God of Israel who will not fail us as we embark on the ‘Defence of the Real’ and everything that is enshrined within it. Our history, our identity, our culture, our way of life, and our presiding Faith, the light of the World Christianity.

Daily Telegraph

Dozens of inmates convicted of terrorism offences will be released after serving half their sentences under rules introduced by the Government.
Those released early are likely to include family members who knew about the July 21 bombings but failed to tell the police and others who helped the bombers escape.

One radical cleric, Abdullah el-Faisal, who influenced both the July 7 and July 21 bombers, has already been released, deported back to his native Jamaica, and is now preaching in South Africa.

The most recent Criminal Justice Act brought in rules which mean prisoners serving determinate sentences are automatically eligible for release midway through their jail terms.

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Anonymous said...

Releasing them early is not a bad thing...providing they get immediately deported, as Abdullah el-Faisal was. If they were British born then the full sentence should be served.

The problem is the Human Rights Act. All one of these terrorists (or their imprisoned supporters) have to do is claim that they would be persecuted back in their own country and they get to stay here, at the tax payers expense.

I believe that these Islamic criminals waived the right to any "human rights" when they committed / attempted crimes against this nation and it's people.