4 July 2008

The politically correct Scottish police add

Thank you anonymous

The redesigned Moslem friendly police add, but beware we know what Moslems like doing with goats.

Following on from: Moslem fury


Anonymous said...

i'm surprised they didnt go with a piglet - they were probably more concerned about offending police officers than a few million british muslims.

Anonymous said...

At least you've got the hang of irony.

Anonymous said...

Mines a goat. But I'm a tight ass.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't put a darling black kitten instead, as Mohammed is supposed to have liked cats.

Well, the apocryphal story goes that he had a black fluffy cat (Persian type) as a food taster (those pesky Jewish women who he raped after beheading their menfolk, were suspected of trying nonstop to do him in with belladonna supplements).

M grew to really love that cat - and as a cat lover I can very well understand why.

One bright desert morning, he woke up to find pussy sleeping soundly on the sleeve of his nightgown. Not wanting to disturb it, he took a sharp knife and cut off his sleeve leaving moggy to go on sleeping till breakfast time -
when, of course, moggy was duly woken up to taste Mohammed's eggs and sheep bacon before being allowed to go back to sleep again -at least till lunchtime, then teatime and finally suppertime.

So a kitten would not have offended the sensitivities of dog-hating Moslem - unless, of course, these Moslems have never heard or read this snippet on Mohammed's daily cordon bleue routine.

Anonymious Lady

Anonymous said...

Tayside police making an ass of themselves!

Muhammad liked cats? That's a point in his favour...