21 July 2008

BBC presenter: 24% Muslims = "tiny minority"

Minimum 500,000 Moslem's who have openly admitted that they do not want to live the British way of life within Great Britain, they want Sharia!

How many behind closed doors feel the same way?

The Liberal Elite cry 'small minority' because it tastes like honey to the ears of the gullible British sheep people, when in reality its a totally different picture as this person being interviewed points out.

More BBC Propaganda.

Listen to all the Liberal words used perfectly to wrap up the subject matter in such a way that the listener is continually fooled with the consensus of the day, and if you disagree with the words that wrap up the subject matter then you are racist bigot because everybody loves the vibrant, rich, and diverse way of life Islam brings don't they.

The brain washing techniques of the Liberal Elite and their minions paid to carry out their will.

Would this radio host still have a job if she disagreed with the BBC consensus?


Anonymous said...

Trouble is, there is a split in the fight against Islam. There seems to be no real frontline focus on tackling this problem head on. It takes numbers to combat the LibLabCon agenda and people who are willing to act as well as speak out. When I say act, before someone jumps on me, I mean organise peaceful marches. Hassle parliament on a regular basis. We shold also start to harass MP's that as white indigenous citizens, we are experiencing albophobia on a daily basis. We should turn the tide with a flood of Albophobia allegations.

Back on topic...The BBC is an effective tool in spreading the Governments ideals, the more they play do what they are doing, I think your normal everyday person can start to see right through it. Plenty of people I know do not look to the BBC to get their news. The BBC is nothing more than the Government of the days mouth piece.

Its a pity that people who share our concerns do not stick together and organise a forum where action can be taken rather than spill out all our thoughts purely on the net.

I've thought about the BNP but unfortunately, you instantly get labelled as a bigot so if you are running a site, you'll get knocked down immediately. Having said that, the BNP are ever growing and I admit, I'm starting to be attracted to joining purely because there is no other real alternative than the LibLabCon parties which in there is no way I'd stick an 'x' in any of their boxes. I was a committed tory until the rise of Blair's Droid, Cameron.

Jock McDoc said...
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Jock McDoc said...

McKinstry pointed out excellently the point I was trying to make in an earlier thread that there will be convergence of the liberal/left and Islam in the near future.

Taking to the liberal agenda to the logical conclusion, where you give every minority true equal status with the hosts country majority which means giving them full rights to the customs and beliefs in law then Sharia is inevitable. As Islam is a dualistic religion that take of worldview that everything is divided between Moslems and non-Moslems then Sharia will also need to cover non-muslims as well to give them full rights. You can't accept liberalism without accept Sharia.

To me, the liberal who values intellect over reason and is always optimistic that if hoping things will get better is locked in a 'Stockholm syndrome' relationship with Islam. This has all the more heightened by the fact the liberal strips every form of identity of themselves in order to fit in with minorities and give them the sense of equality. You can see it with the liberals ridiculing religion (Christianity of course, never any other), nationhood, race, gender and so on. if they have no identity of themselves then how can they argue their point of view against somebody else who has a strong sense of identity and purpose?

If the liberal doesn't convert then they will be reduced to Dhimmi status, mostly likely given a little more respect than other Dhimmi's.

E.D. Kain said...

The Islamists will devour the Left once they have them safely on their side. Lefties will open the floodgates and (somehow!) expect that their Islamist brethren will tolerate them the same way...but they won't! They'll lop their heads off and subjugate them in ways these poor saps can't even understand.

That the Left is so blind to this is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Nothing good will come to any non-Muslim if sharia replaces British Law. In fact, most Muslims will also be harmed. Only a few mufti barrows truly benefit.

The high-visibility protesters against Islam are former-Muslim women. By reaching out to all Muslim women we can expose this doctrine of domination and hate through their own words. Even liberals will have a hard time spinning that news into something good.

There must be a lot of unhappy Muslim women out there.