19 July 2008

Hazel Blears the Neo-Nazi Collaborator

Foreword: If this was during the times of the Second World War she would have been lined up against the wall and shot as a traitor and collaborator with the enemy. Instead she is a leader over us within our present government so there is absolutely nothing we can say or do about her TREASON, APPEASEMENT and SURRENDER to the 21st Century enemy that is now living in our midst seeking the destruction of our way of life and the conquest of our Nation, she has the full protection of the British State shielding her because she is ultimately at the top of the chain controlling the strings behind a certain area of our society, so what she says goes, with her personal army of civil servant robots underneath her bowing down to their masters will even though it is detrimental to our Nation and people.

She is one of the devils Marxist advocates sitting over the reigns of power within our Nation.

Neo-Nazi is the term used for those who uphold the ideals of Hitler in modern times and the only Neo-Nazi’s I see in today’s society are the Moslems from within the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain.

One of the biggest selling books in the Arab world now is Hitler’s Mien Kampf, the Islamic World will not acknowledge Israel as a Nation they all deny its right to exist, the whole of the Islamic World is calling for and working towards another Holocaust against the Jews, in England the Islamic community always uses Israel and the Jews as a contention when plying for public opinion, seeking to turn the gullible British sheep people away from supporting Israel and its Jewish people and converting them to their cause of Jewish extermination and the destruction of the Nation of Israel. There are Islamic preachers on the streets of Britain calling for the murder of Jews who are allowed to preach openly and freely by this present government and there are Islamic organizations like Hiz But-tahrir who advocate in their charter to kill Jews wherever you find them.

Moslems in the Islamic World believe that in the end times even the rocks will cry out ‘hey Moslem there’s a Jew behind me come and kill him’ that’s how much hatred Moslems have towards the Jews, in reality they ultimately want the total extermination of the Jewish race just like Hitler did during the Second World War.

Hitler and the Islamic World were working together during the Second World War, and the Islamic World is carrying on the agenda in modern times. Take a watch of this short video that shows you about Hitler and the Moslems: The real Neo-Nazi’s

In Great Britain we have 3+ million Moslems here in our land with the majority of that number who think and act differently to normal British citizens, they are driven by their Islamic ideology and that ideology amongst other things is a pure hatred of the Jews.

In the past there have been Neo-Nazi British political parties who have felt a resentment towards Jewish people but believe me they are tame, like little pussy cats compared to the united hatred that is alive and strong burning brightly amongst the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain.

Just like the Apostle Paul who once persecuted and killed the Jews, my belief and hope is that those British non-Moslems who used to have resentment towards Jewish people will become some of the biggest advocates for them within Britain because as a people we are one in our vision for a civilized society and world in which to live in, unlike the Islamic World who seek to enforce their dominance, supremacy and rule of Sharia Law upon us as people and the world in which we live.

Those who seek to defend Christianity must know what they are defending and the one on whose behalf they profess to be standing.

Hazel Blears like all of the other Marxist puppet masters who control the British State is working towards her political and social agenda within our society, like the rest of her Marxist puppet masters she makes policies up as she goes along, that is the power this one person has, she says it is, and with the stroke of a pen it is done, with the policy then introduced as a part of the functioning and running of our Nation.

If things were not so critical in the life and future of the Nation of Great Britain then the policies the likes of Hazel Blears pass would be acceptable, but because the Nation is in the gravest and greatest of perils like never before, the policies that are passed should be for the good of the Country at such a critical time, not detrimental to the Country, so when policy is passed that is detrimental at such a critical time, then the one passing it cannot be viewed as anything less than a TRAITOR and COLLABORATOR with our mortal enemies, our Neo-Nazi enemies who are seeking to take our Country over and destroy the Western Civilisation in which we live.

Several weeks back this COLLABORATOR introduced a new policy for her National personal army of Civil Servants to carry out for her which was to take details and build a database of all opponents across the Country of the modern HIGH TREASON that is being committed by this government. If we the people are vocal opponents of this Labour government and their political policies that effect our Country then we are ‘Enemies of the State’, so there will be a database of all ‘Enemies of the State’ just like what the Gestapo had in Nazi Germany, and it is even better if the enemies believe in religion or are joined or associated with right wing political parties because in the gullible British sheep peoples minds they will believe the lie that HIGH TREASON is not being committed, passing policies is just the normal duty of government so there is nothing you can say or do, keep your mouth shut and your eyes closed and you will keep your job and standing within society.

The sleeping hypnotized zombies still will not see the Elephant sitting in the room with them and we can mask it over by calling the opponents who are willing to stand up and disagree with our HIGH TREASON right wing racist’s, neo-Nazi’s, Islamaphobes, right wing Christian extremists, or any other name we can think of that sparks fear in modern man because of the successful indoctrination and social engineering programme that demonises anyone who the label of racist, right wing, bigot, religious nut, religious extremist can stick.

And the gullible British sheep people like the fools that they are buy it every single time, the thing is though is that many people are waking up to the madness of what is being inflicted upon them in today’s Britain because you cannot fool all the people all the time.

This Neo-Nazi COLLABORATOR Hazel Blears is now thinking of introducing another policy into the functioning of our society, she wants to force Islam upon every young mind across the Nation by making it compulsory that they learn about Islamic tradition as a part of their Education.

This Marxist puppet master passing more policy that is detrimental to our society and its future and there is nothing we can do about it because she holds the ultimate power in her hands, we are nothing more than mere mortals, the peasants of the British isles who are here for nothing more than to fill the tax paying trough with our taxes for the likes of this TRAITOR to stick her snout and build her personal family kingdom and fill her store house at our expense, and the British people go along with it like the good peasants that they are.

Why should we teach Islamic tradition as a compulsory subject within our Education system?

The Islamic religion is alien to our civilized society and true Islam from the pages of the Koran teaches that it is a Moslems duty to convert non-Moslem society into an Islamic society. This indoctrination programme aimed at our children will show the nice peaceful sparkly outer clothes of the religion but not the true heart, soul and mind.

This is the British governments way of indoctrinating our children to accept the new State religion that they are tirelessly working towards implementing within our society. The collusion between the British State and our Islamic enemies to destroy the British people, and this by Hazel Blears is one of the worst because she has the power to play about with our children’s minds who should be protected at all costs and is exercising that power.

They are our future and the future of our Nation.

What would Sir Winston Churchill have said and done if he had a Nazi Collaborator within his War time government?

Now our whole government is run by Neo-Nazi Collaborators and APPEASERS

What better way to Islamise the whole Nation or to prepare the people to live as Dhimmi’s in an Islamic State, than to teach the children who are the next generation about the new soon to be masters and their way of life so that when it happens they will be prepared.

The next generation of sleep walking British zombies.

Maybe this government wants Great Britain to become an Islamic State, with those New Kings of Europe in Brussels willing to sacrifice our tiny little island to the Islamic World for a bit of peace and quiet for a time, but the people of the land like me do not want it and we are willing to give up our lives and shed our blood for it.

The Islamification of Great Britain is happening now, unfolding in the real world outside your front door, it is in the background of reality because the British government do not want the British people to know true reality they get to see what the government wants them to see. The truth is out there and forcing the teaching of Islam and Islamic tradition upon our children, introducing Sharia Law into our legal system, and all other acts of TREASON that goes to further the growth of Islam upon our shores and the ultimate Islamification of our Nation is the writing on the wall to read today in this generation about what is happening now and what is to come in the future.

How can you be so stupid not to see it?

The building blocks of the future Islamic State of Great Britain are being put in place now, and it is not racist, Islamaphobic, bigoted, extremist or Christian extremist to raise these points.

It is reality and it does not matter what political persuasion you are, or what religious belief you carry, reality and truth is the same for all of us so decide what future you want for your children? An Islamic one ruled by Sharia Law or a Civilised one that is underpinned by our Judeo/Christian heritage and tradition.

The longer this modern HIGH TREASON, APPEASEMENT and SURRENDER goes on then the further we go as a Nation and people into the darkness of an Islamic State.

This government does not serve the people of the British Isles, they control them like Third World Dictators, and serve the interests above all others, of their pet project the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain and its ‘religion of peace’ that they are seeking to introduce as the new State religion.

These Marxists Revolutionaries in power have no faith or religion so they do not care about religion in society, to them its all a fairy tale with no real power other than the power to control mans mind so they don’t care about using it for their purposes while it suits them. They are using religion in today’s society for their agenda of removing the true light that has burnt brightly upon these shores within the fabric of our society for generations, the Christian faith.

The more they try and the more they are allowed by those who should be defending the faith then the darker the Nation gets and the further we sink into he swamp of an Islamic State. The Living God has placed it in each of our hands those who believe in Him, to stand on His behalf upon the Earth, and if we are not doing that, what will He say once we stand before Him.

Now is the time to make our lives upon this Earth amount to something, our rewards are in Heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy nor thieves break in and steal.

The 7th Century death cult has no place within British society, and how dare our godless democratic leaders try forcing it upon our children.

If people want to worship the death cult and its child molesting warmongering bloodthirsty paedophile false prophet then let them do it in the privacy of their own homes behind closed doors where it is out of sight and out of mind.

Why should we have it enforced upon us against our will?

The leaders of the British Isles should not be worshipping foreign gods and they are the ones who are bringing the destruction and degradation the our Nation, where lawlessness and anarchy now rules the streets

Daily Mail

State school pupils are set to be taught Islamic traditions and values in compulsory citizenship lessons.

The move - part of a package of initiatives announced by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears yesterday - is designed to curb extremism.

Education campaigners warned however against giving Islam a privileged position over other faiths.

Other plans announced by Miss Blears also drew criticism - including a state-funded panel of Islamic scholars and theologians to provide community leadership.

Prominent Muslims said this scheme was naive because Government endorsement would erode the credibility of those taking part, especially among the young and disaffected.

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Neo-Nazi collaborator


Anonymous said...

Bleear!! The noise you make when being sick.

Anonymous said...

Labotomy is recommended for this histerical cow.

Joanne said...

"The leaders of the British Isles should not be worshipping foreign gods and they are the ones who are bringing the destruction and degradation the our Nation, where lawlessness and anarchy now rules the streets."

This is true Lionheart, but it is the people of Britain that must put an end to their part in all this. When people sin against God's laws, it is everyone that suffers for their transgressions.

Parents must object and threaten to withdraw their children if "state school pupils are set to be taught Islamic traditions and values in compulsory citizenship lessons." I would never tolerate this in a million years. A child's mind is putty in the hands of teachers, especially if these children are void of any or lax religious upbringing at home. People must wake up and see what is going on here. It is near impossible to get a rise out of the British people as it is to stand up for their rights and their country, but get into the minds of children at an early age is doom for Britain within the next decade or two when these children become of age.

We should all ask ourselves why is Islam getting a free ride in Britain? It sounds more to me like the British are the ones being accused of being or becoming potential extremists and not the Islamic extremists themselves? If this was not so, then why aren't Muslim students being taught the British traditions and values in compulsory citizenship lessons. Isn't this the natural order of things? Who are the citizens anyhow - the British natives or the Muslims?

It is the British public the leaders of the British Isles fear. They fear the British people are going to wake up and everything they have done to totally destroy Britain will all be in vain.

Britain please wake up I pray.

Anonymous said...

joanne, your words are clear and truthful.
The must come a time soon when the worm will turn, before it is trodden into the mud.